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lip / lip/ • n. 1. either of the two fleshy parts that form the upper and lower edges of the opening of the mouth: he kissed her on the lips. ∎  (lips) used to refer to a person's speech or to current topics of conversation: downsizing is on everyone's lips at the moment. ∎ another term for labium (senses 1 and 2). ∎ another term for labellum.2. the edge of a hollow container or an opening: drawing her finger around the lip of the cup. ∎  a rounded, raised, or extended piece along an edge.3. inf. impudent talk: don't give me any of your lip!• v. (lipped, lip·ping) [tr.] (of water) lap against: beaches lipped by the surf rimming the Pacific. ∎  Golf hit the rim of (a hole) but fail to go in.PHRASES: bite one's lip repress an emotion; stifle laughter or a retort: she bit her lip to stop the rush of bitter words.curl one's lip raise a corner of one's upper lip to show contempt; sneer.lick (or smack) one's lips look forward to something with relish; show one's (or his, etc.) lips are sealedsee seal1 .pass one's lips be eaten, drunk, or lip service to express approval of or support for (something) without taking any significant action.DERIVATIVES: lip·less adj.lip·like / -līk/ adj.lipped adj. her pale-lipped mouth.

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