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hydro-, before a vowel hydr- comb. form of Gr. húdōr WATER in many terms, of which some came from L. adoptions of Gr. words either direct or through F. but many are of mod. orig.; (in gen. terms) hydrographer, hydrography, hydrophobia XVI, hydroponics (Gr. pónos labour) XX; (path.) denoting accumulation of fluid, as hydrocele XVI, hydrocephalus (Gr. hudroképhalon; kephalé head) XVII; (chem.) denoting combination with water, and (hence) with HYDROGEN (of which it functions as comb. form), as hydrobromic, hydrocarbon, hydrochloric, hydroxide XIX; (physics) concerned with liquids, as hydrodynamics XVIII, hydromechanics XIX, hydrostatics XVII.

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