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gath·er / ˈga[voicedth]ər/ • v. 1. [intr.] come together; assemble or accumulate: a crowd gathered in the square.2. [tr.] bring together and take in from scattered places or sources: we have gathered the information. ∎  pick up from the ground or a surface: they gathered up the dirty plates and cups. ∎  collect (grain or other crops) as a harvest. ∎  collect (plants, fruits, etc.) for food. ∎  draw together or toward oneself: she gathered the child in her arms. ∎  draw and hold together (fabric or a part of a garment) by running thread through it: the front is gathered at the waist.3. [tr.] infer; understand: her clients were, I gathered, a prosperous group.4. [tr.] develop a higher degree of: the green movement is gathering pace.5. [tr.] summon up (a mental or physical attribute such as one's thoughts or strength) for a purpose: he lay gathering his thoughts together he gathered himself for a tremendous leap.PHRASES: gather way (of a ship) begin to move.DERIVATIVES: gath·er·er n.