Gattey, Charles Neilson

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GATTEY, Charles Neilson

GATTEY, Charles Neilson. British, b. 1921. Genres: Novels, Romance/Historical, Plays/Screenplays, Social commentary, Biography. Career: Society of Civil Service Authors, London, president, 1981-. Publications: The Bloomer Girls, 1967; Gauguin's Astonishing Grandmother, 1970; A Bird of Curious Plumage, 1971; The Incredible Mrs. Van Der Elst, 1973; They Saw Tomorrow, 1977; Queens of Song, 1979; The Elephant That Swallowed a Nightingale, 1981; Peacocks on the Podium, 1982; Great Dining Disasters, 1984; Foie Gras and Trumpets, 1984; "Farmer" George's Black Sheep, 1986; Excess in Food, Drink and Sex, 1986; Visionaries and Seers, 1988; In Bed with an Elephant, 1989; Luisa Tetrazzini: A Tiger at the Tailor's, 1989; Prophecy and Prediction in the Twentieth Century, 1989; The Florentine Nightingale, 1995; Crowning Glory: Merits of the Monarchy, 2002. WITH J. LAWRENCE: The White Falcon, 1952; Queen's Night, 1953; The Birth of Elizabeth, 1954; Queen of a Thousand Dresses, 1955. WITH Z. BRAMLEY-MOORE: The Eleventh Hour, 1952; In the Maze, 1953; Tidings of Canute, 1954; A Spell of Virtue, 1955; The Birth of the Bloomer, 1955; Mightier than the Sword, 1955; Mrs. Adams and Eve, 1955; Treasure from France, 1956; Man in a Million, 1956; Farewell, Pots and Pans, 1956; True Love or The Bloomer, 1958; By a Hand Unknown, 1958; Life with Alfredo, 1958; The Cloak of Courage, 1959; The Landlady's Brother, 1959; The Colour of Anger, 1963; Fair Cops, 1965; The King Who Could not Stay the Tide, 1971. Address: 15 St Lawrence Dr, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 2RL, England.