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crys·tal·lize / ˈkristəˌlīz/ • v. [intr.] form or cause to form crystals: when most liquids freeze they crystallize. ∎ fig. make or become definite and clear: vague feelings of unrest crystallized into something more concrete [tr.] writing can help to crystallize your thoughts. ∎  [usu. as adj.] (crystallized) coat and impregnate (fruit or petals) with sugar as a means of preserving them: crystallized fruits.DERIVATIVES: crys·tal·liz·a·ble / ˈkristəˌlīzəbəl; ˌkristəˈlīzəbəl/ adj.crys·tal·li·za·tion / ˌkristələˈzāshən/ n.