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cross-coun·try • adj. 1. across fields or countryside, as opposed to on roads or tracks: cross-country walking. ∎  of, relating to, or denoting the sport of running, riding, or driving along a course in the countryside, as opposed to around a track. ∎  of, relating to, or denoting skiing over relatively flat or mountainous terrain, as opposed to skiing only downhill.2. across a region or country, in particular: ∎  not keeping to main or direct roads, routes, or railroad lines: cross-country hiker [as adv.] if you are traveling cross-country, choose where you walk with care. ∎  traveling to many different parts of a country: a whirlwind cross-country tour.• n. a cross-country race or competition. ∎  the sport of cross-country running, riding, skiing, or driving.