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Bastille a fortress in Paris built in the 14th century and used in the 17th–18th centuries as a state prison. Its storming by the mob on 14 July 1789 marked the start of the French Revolution; the anniversary of this event (Bastille Day) is kept as a national holiday in France.

The name comes (via Old French) from Provençal bastida, from bastir ‘build’.


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Bastille Fortress and prison in Paris, built in the late 14th century and destroyed during the French Revolution. Political prisoners were incarcerated here, and it became a symbol of royal oppression. On July 14, 1789, now a national holiday in France, a revolutionary mob stormed it, captured the ammunition store and released its seven prisoners. The Bastille was pulled down soon afterwards.


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1. As bastion (1).

2. Fortified tower.

3. Small fortress.

4. Name of the C14 Parisian prison-fortress destroyed in 1789, so synonymous with a gaol.