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Æd (d. 878), ‘king of the Picts’ (876–8), anachronistically regarded as 4th king of Scotland. Son of Kenneth I, he succeeded his brother Constantine I. This was the worst period of Scandinavian devastation, and defeat and occupation in 875–6 must have left the kingdom shattered, affording an opportunity for those who wished to challenge the dominance of Æd's family, which had monopolized the kingship for more than three decades. Two rivals on record are the obscure Giric and Æd's nephew Eochaid, son of Rhun of Strathclyde. Either of these may have been Æd's final opponent in battle at Strathallan (7 miles north of Stirling), which left Æd fatally wounded. A debatable source says that he was buried on Iona.

Dauvit Broun

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AED advanced electronics design
• Computing Algol Extended for Design (programming language)
• Association of Engineering Distributors
• automated engineering design
• Doctor of Fine Arts (Latin Artium Elegantium Doctor)

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AEd Associate in Education

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