Murray, Sir Andrew

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Murray, Sir Andrew (1298–1338). Guardian of Scotland, 1332 and 1335–8. A member of the powerful family of de Moravia, he became prominent in 1326 when he married the sister of Robert I. After the death of the earl of Mar at the battle of Dupplin (1332) Murray succeeded as guardian, but was captured by the English towards the end of the year. Released and returned to office in 1335, he rapidly showed his ability by relieving Kildrummy castle and defeating and killing David of Strathbogie at the battle of Culblean (30 November 1335); recovering Gowrie and the Mearns in 1336; and recapturing his ancestral castle of Bothwell in 1337. His leadership put heart into the Scottish resistance, which was somewhat demoralized by his early death in 1338. He was a guerrilla leader of genius, though criticized for the destruction inevitable in this kind of warfare.

Bruce Webster

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Murray, Sir Andrew

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