Mansel, John

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Mansel, John (d. 1265). Mansel was a clerical counsellor to Henry III and greatly employed as administrator, diplomat, and soldier. In exchange he was given a large number of benefices. He began with a post in the Exchequer in 1234 and held the great seal 1246–7 and 1248–9. He represented the king's interest on the committee and council set up under the Provisions of Oxford in 1258 and under pressure the king was obliged to dismiss him in 1261. When the civil war began in 1263, Mansel took refuge in the Tower before escaping to France to try to raise troops. He was again a royal representative at the mise of Amiens in January 1264, which led to civil war, but died before the great royal victory at Evesham in 1265. Defending him in 1262, Henry wrote: ‘he was trained under my wing. I have tested his ability, his character and merits since his boyhood.’

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Mansel, John

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