Clodius Albinus

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Clodius Albinus. Governor of Roman Britain 192–7 and claimant to the imperial throne. Probably from Hadrumetum (now Sousse) in north Africa, Albinus' career before his appointment to Britain is lost, nor do we know anything of his activities as governor. He came to prominence after the assassination of Commodus on 31 December 192, when he put himself forward as a successor. His chief rival was Septimius Severus supported by the garrison of Pannonia Superior and the Senate. At first relations were outwardly cordial and Severus accorded Albinus the title of Caesar (junior partner). But in 195 Albinus crossed to Gaul, where the large army of Britain proclaimed him Augustus. After initial successes in 196 including the capture of Lugdunum (Lyons), he was defeated and killed by Severus outside that city on 19 February 197.

Alan Simon Esmonde Cleary