New Orleans Riots

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NEW ORLEANS RIOTS (1873–1874), clash of political factions led by Louisiana gubernatorial rivals Republican W. P. Kellogg and Democrat John McEnery. The disorder began 5 March 1873, when McEnery's partisans attacked two police stations. On 6 March the members of McEnery's legislature were arrested and jailed. In response to the violence, federal troops were ordered into Louisiana to protect Republican officials, which angered the McEneryites. In response, McEnery's supporters formed the White League in the spring of 1874. On 14 September 1874, the league launched a successful attack on Kellogg's forces; twenty-seven people were killed in the melee. McEnery took over the state government the following day, but U.S. troops hurried into the city and restored Kellogg on 17 September. The uprising paved the way for the overthrow of the Republican regime in Louisiana three years later.


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New Orleans Riots

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