In today’s job market, having some form of continued education is necessary. There are several jobs that require a bachelor’s degree to simply receive an entry level position. However, there are still certain 2-year degrees that prove to be the exceptions. Below are eight 2-year degree careers that could provide you with a higher salary.

1) Air Traffic Control

For those with an affinity for flight plans and management, air traffic control could be an excellent career choice. According to Peterson’s College Quest, it is the top high paying job with an associate’s degree, with an average wage of around $121K per year.

2) Radiation Therapy

If you have a passion for helping to heal sick people, then radiation therapy may prove to be both professionally and financially rewarding. Radiation therapists have an average salary of about $79K per year, plus benefits and a flexible schedule in some situations.

3) Nuclear Technology

Nuclear technology is a great option for individuals who enjoy research and analysis, as well as advanced technologies. Such a degree and position can earn you close to $72.5K yearly, on average.

4) Computer Engineering

Individuals with a keen understanding of technology and a knack for building things could find computer engineering to be an excellent career fit. rates computer engineering as a top paying 2-year degree with a $40K salary starting. It increases to around $77K mid-career and only grows with experience.

5) Medical Imaging or Radiologic Technology

Jobs as radiation technologists, medical technologists and diagnostic medical sonographers are growing in demand and offer high pay in the $70K range with an associate’s degree. Though bachelor’s degrees are offered, they are not considered necessary because one must still pursue necessary certifications. According to U.S. News & World Report, “…students with associate’s degrees can enter the field and pursue additional degrees and certifications to move up the career ladder.”

6) Nursing

Nursing has and always will be an in-demand field. As a registered nurse you can expect to receive around $66K annually. Along with helping to treat patients, those with an associate’s degree in nursing could consider positions educating the community or serving individual’s privately in home or special facilities. Such positions can pay substantially more, depending upon which one you choose.

7) Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Similar to computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering both offer chances for longevity and growth potential. Though the beginning salary starts off a bit lower than the rest, around $58.5K, the mid career salary grows to between $71.5-77K per year.

8) Web Development

In today’s technologically advanced world, web development is not only a growing field, but it is also extremely secure and versatile. As technologies become more advanced, web developers will stay in high demand. As such, you can work for a company or as a contractor making around $63K per year, on average. Go into business for yourself and you could increase that amount.

For those looking to enter career fields that will provide a higher income and afford a comfortable lifestyle, the aforementioned degrees are definitely worth considering. With a little research and initiative, you could be on your way to a better paycheck in as little as two years.