Yama, Michael

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Yama, Michael



Agent—Sutton, Barth & Vennari, 145 South Fairfax Ave., Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA 90036.


Actor. East Los Angeles College, Monterey Park, CA, artist in residence.


Film Appearances:

Usher, The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (also known as Die Baeren sind nicht mehr zu bremsen and Gli orsi vanno in Giappone), Paramount, 1978.

Masaggi's second aide, Deal of the Century (also known as Das Bombengeschaeft, El contrato del siglo, L'affare del secolo, La passe du siecle, Le coup du siecle, O negocio do seculo, Oss fifflare emellan, Transakcja stulecia, Uma tacada da pesada, and Vuosisadan kauppa), Warner Bros., 1983.

Mr. Russell, My Tutor (also known as Kiss Games, Die Klassenfete, Maisteri ensilempi, and Moja nauczycielka), Crown International Pictures, 1983.

Chinese copilot, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (also known as Indiana Jones, The Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones a Chram zkazy, Indiana Jones e il tempio maledetto, Indiana Jones e o templo da perdicao, Indiana Jones e o templo perdido, Indiana Jones en de tempel der vervloeking, Indiana Jones en de tempel des doods, Indiana Jones es a vegzet temploma, Indiana Jones et le temple maudit, Indiana Jones i el temple maleiet, Indiana Jones ja tuomion temppeli, Indiana Jones och de foerdoemdas tempel, Indiana Jones og templets forbandelse, Indiana Jones und der Tempel des Todes, Indiana Jones V'Ha-Mikdash Ha-Aroor, Indiana Jones y el templo da la perdicion, Indiana Jones y el templo maldito, and Indijana Dzouns i ukleti hram), Paramount, 1984.

Japanese businessperson, Bachelor Party (also known as A ultima festa de solteiro, Agglegeny parti, Bachelor Party—Addio al celibato, Despedida de soltero, Le palace en delire, Party gia ergenides, Polttarit, Solteiros e tarados, Svensexan, and Wieczor kawalerski), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.

Nagamichi, Down and Out in Beverly Hills (also known as Jerry Saved from Drowning, Beverly Hillsin pummi, Le clochard de Beverly Hills, Paa luffen i Beverly Hills, Su e giu per Beverly Hills, Um vagabundo na alta roda, Un loco suelto en Hollywood, W te i z powrotem po Beverly Hills, and Zoff in Beverly Hills), Buena Vista, 1986.

Japanese representative, Winners Take All (also known as Cross Riders—Teufelskerle auf heissen Maschinen and Taistelu voitosta), Apollo Pictures, 1987.

Sketch artist, The Hidden (also known as Hidden, A rejtoezkoedoe, Dodsruten, Hidden: Lo oculto, The Hidden—Das unsagbar Boese, L'alieno, Pahan naamio, and Prikriven), New Line Cinema, 1987.

Tai chi Charlie, Number One with a Bullet (also known as Alvos humanos, Bersaglio numero uno, Der Berserker, Luoti luodista, Med ryggen mot veggen, and Tiras especiais), Cannon, 1987.

Sanzaki, Stand and Deliver (also known as Aelae anna periksi, Envers et contre tous, La forza della volonta, Lecciones inolvidables, and Vinna eller foersvinna), Warner Bros., 1988.

Art technician, Catchfire (also known as Backtrack and Do It the Hard Way), Vestron Pictures, 1990.

Curious sushi man, It's Pat (also known as It's Pat: The Movie, Es Pat, and Was ist Pat?), Buena Vista, 1994.

Quan, Bloodfist V: Human Target (also known as Bersaglio umano and Golpe por golpe), Universal, 1994.

Asian client, Molly, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1999.

Chairman Tzu, Chain of Command, New City Releasing, 2000.

Deputy consul, Now Chinatown, Pathfinder Pictures, 2000.

Old Charlie, Partners, 2000.

Wing Chen, Hold the Rice (short film), Blonde Rice Productions/PAIA Pictures, 2004.

Mas Nakagawa, The Chessmen (short film), 2005.

Mr. Cho, All Babes Want to Kill Me (also known as Kill Me Blonde), High Cotton Films, 2005.

Mr. Shimada, Sailing for Madagascar (short film), 2005.

Voice of Taro, Red Eden (animated short film), University of Southern California, 2005.

Grandpa, Joy in the Mourning (short film), 168 Hour Film Project & Festival, 2006.

Kichiro Miyamoto, One of Many (short film), Florida State University, 2006.

Mr. Ozu, Big Dreams, Little Tokyo, Brainwave/Beagledorp Productions, 2006.

Mr. Sakamoto, Speechless, Samson Entertainment, 2006.

Watsuhita head executive, Click (also known as Cambia la tua vita con un click, Clic, Click, i zoi se fast forward, Click—perdiendo el control, Click—telecommandez votre vie, Klick, and Klik!), Sony Pictures Releasing, 2006.

Yori Nakano, The Sensei, Heitmann Enterprises/Zen Mountain, 2006.

Very wise man, The Caress of the Creature (short film), 2007.

Film Work; Other:

Some sources state that Yama provided an automated dialogue replacement voice for Supercop, Dimension Films, 1992; and state that he was a stunt performer for Snow Falling on Cedars (also known as La neige tombait sur les cedres, La neve cade sui cedri, Lumi peittaeae setripuut, Meintras nieva sobre los cedros, Neve sobre os cedros, Schnee, der auf Zedern faellt, Sneen faller paa sedertraerne, Sneen paa cedertraeerne, and Snoe faller paa cedertraeden), MCA/Universal, 1999.

Television Appearances; Series:

Kimo, General Hospital (also known as Hopital central and Hospital general), ABC, 1981.

Kei, Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1984-88.

Voice of Torpedo (Chief warrant officer Edward W. Leialoha), G.I. Joe (animated; also known as Action Force and Chijo saikyo no Expert Team G.I. Joe), syndicated, c. 1985-86.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Voice of Torpedo (Chief warrant officer Edward W. Leialoha), G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (animated; also known as G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe: The M.A.S.S. Device, and The M.A.S.S. Device), syndicated, 1983.

Voice of Torpedo (Chief warrant officer Edward W. Leialoha), G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra (animated; also known as G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe: The Weather Dominator, and The Weather Dominator), syndicated, 1984.

Operations officer Akagi, War and Remembrance (also known as Feuersturm und Asche, Krig och haagkomst, Recuerdos de guerra, and Sodan muisto), ABC, 1988.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Purser, A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story (also known as Le dernier match), NBC, 1978.

Hirata, Listen to Your Heart (also known as A Change of Heart, Beziehung, nein danke, and Ecoute ton coeur), CBS, 1983.

Waiter, I Take These Men (also known as Surprise, Surprise!), ABC, 1983.

Baccarat croupier, The Seduction of Gina (also known as Another High Roller), CBS, 1984.

Dr. Lee, Easy Come, Easy Go, a segment of Christine Cromwell, broadcast as part of The ABC Mystery Movie (also known as The Mystery Movie, The ABC Monday Mystery Movie, and The ABC Saturday Mystery Movie), ABC, 1989.

Dr. Sada, Jericho Fever (also known as Febbre mortale, Jerikon kuume, and Un nemico invisible), USA Network, 1993.

Tourist, Murder Live! (also known as Muerte en directo and Todliches Gestaendnis), NBC, 1997.

Born into Exile (also known as Durchgebrannt—Hilfeschrei aus L.A., La route du cauchemar, and Vidas em fuga), NBC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Japanese plotter, "A Little Bit of England," Black Sheep Squadron (also known as Baa Baa Black Sheep), NBC, 1978.

Second Japanese pilot, "Wolves in the Sheep Pen," Black Sheep Squadron (also known as Baa Baa Black Sheep), NBC, 1978.

First anesthesiologist, "Abby's Choice," Knots Landing, CBS, 1982.

Karauna guard, "The Travels of Marco … and Friends," Voyagers! (also known as Die Zeitreisenden), NBC, 1982.

Sergeant, "License to Kill: Part 1," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1982.

Croupier, "Now You See It, Now You Don't," Three's Company (also known as Herzbube mit zwei Damen, Tre cuori in affitto, and Un hombre en casa), ABC, 1983.

Guard, "Reunion in Singapore," Dynasty, ABC, 1983.

Maitre d', "One Fresh Batch of Lemonade: Part 1," Highway to Heaven, NBC, 1984.

Newscaster, "The Georgia Street Motors," Hardcastle and McCormick, ABC, 1984.

Mr. Lee, "You'll Never Get Rich," The Jeffersons, CBS, 1985.

"Super Bull Sunday," 1st & Ten (also known as 1st & Ten: The Bulls Mean Business, 1st and Ten: TheChampionship, 1st & Ten: Do It Again, 1st & Ten: Going for Broke, 1st & Ten: In Your Face?, and 1st & Ten, Training Camp: The Bulls Are Back), HBO, 1985.

Japanese gardener, "Four O'Clock," Alfred Hitchcock Presents (also known as Alfred Hitchcock esittaeae, Alfred Hitchcock presenta, Alfred Hitchcock presente, and Alfred Hitchcock zeigt), NBC, 1986.

Takahomo, "Suburban Steele," Remington Steele, NBC, 1986.

Shintogo Natsuo, "Opposites Attack," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1987.

Takahama, "Across the Bridge," Falcon Crest, CBS, 1987.

Takahama, "Lovers and Friends," Falcon Crest, CBS, 1987.

"Missed Connections," Falcon Crest, CBS, 1987.

George Wong, "Back to Oakland," Highway to Heaven, NBC, 1988.

Fooey, "Thanks," Sons and Daughters, CBS, 1991.

Iko, "The Reporter," Hunter, NBC, 1991.

Tashiro Rondan, "One to Grow On," Sisters, NBC, 1991.

Chinese father, "Chi of Steel," Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1995.

Doctor, "Rash Behavior," The George Wendt Show, CBS, 1995.

Dr. Key, "976 Ways to Say I Love You," Baywatch Nights (also known as Detectives on the Beach, Malibu Club, Mitch Buchannon, Baywatch—A remuelet ejszakai, Los vigilantes de la noche, and Un prive a Malibu), syndicated, 1995.

First Japanese man, "Chicago Hope," Home Improvement, ABC, 1995.

The dealer, "Hot & Cold," Mad about You (also known as Loved by You), NBC, 1996.

Shuyang Hsin, "Hell Money," The X-Files, Fox, 1996.

Gardener, "Columbus Day," Gun (also known as Robert Altman's "Gun"), ABC, 1997.

Mr. Chan, "The Lucky Bar," Women: Stories of Passion (also known as Night Affairs), Showtime, 1997.

Voice of Otaku, "Love Is a Download," Spicy City (animated), HBO, 1997.

Wataru Yamaguchi, "Nina's Birthday," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 1997.

Mr. Hayashi, "Exposing Johnson," Brooklyn South (also known as A esquadra de Brooklyn and Brooklyn Sud), CBS, 1998.

Second croupier, "Dealer's Choice," Beverly Hills 90210, Fox, 1998.

Wataru Yamaguchi, "Nina's Bikini," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 1998.

Grandfather, "Mr. Lee," The Pretender, NBC, 1999.

Mr. Roboto, "Choose Your Own Evil," GvsE (also known as G vs. E), USA Network, 1999, later Good versus Evil, Sci-Fi Channel.

Frank Leaves for the Orient, Comedy Central, 1999.

First Japanese businessperson, "Guise Will Be Guise," Angel (also known as Angel: The Series, Angel—Jaeger der Finsternis, and Skoteinos angelos), The WB, 2000.

Judge Furuya, "People v. Gunny," JAG, CBS, 2000.

Mr. Kim, "A Routine Case," Gideon's Crossing, ABC, 2000.

Epidemiologist, "Chaos Theory," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 2002.

Chinese agent, "Second Double," Alias, ABC, 2003.

Chinese agent, "The Telling," Alias, ABC, 2003.

Mr. Kim, "Honor Bound," Without a Trace (also known as Vanished and W.A.T.), CBS, 2005.

Voices of Seyu and others, "Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice: Part 2," Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated; also known as Avatar—Der Herr der Elemente), Nickelodeon, 2005.

Mr. Yamamoto, "Bride of Ida," Malcolm in the Middle (also known as Fighting in Underpants), Fox, 2006.

Appeared in other programs, including an appearance as Hiro Tanaka, Burke's Law, CBS; and as Mr. Takamine, Jack's Place, ABC.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

The photographer, The Legend of the Golden Gun, NBC, 1979.

Photographer, Death Ray (also known as T. R. Sloane), NBC, 1981.

Surgeon, Doorways (also known as Die 4. Dimension, Mundos diferentes, and Passagi in un'altra dimensione), 1993.

Television Additional Voices; Animated Series:

Spawn (also known as Spawn: The Animated Series, Spawn 2, Spawn 3: Ultimate Battle, and Todd McFarlane's "Spawn"), HBO, 1997-99.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (also known as Avatar—Der Herr der Elemente), Nickelodeon, beginning 2004.

Stage Appearances:

Gumsimao, Playwrights' Arena, Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, c. 2002.

Shig, The Nisei Widows Club, East West Players, David Henry Hwang Theater, Los Angeles, 2003.

Comrade Chang, Mr. D., Lama, and Sherpa hunter, Climbing Everest, Colony Theatre Company, Burbank, CA, c. 2005.

Appeared in other productions, including The Lower Depths, Nagasaki Dust, and The White Devil.


Video Games:

Voice for English version, Tenchu san (also known as Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven), Activision, 2003.

Voice, Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour, EA Games, 2003.

Voices of Wong Ho and Chang, Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines, Activision, 2004.

Voice, True Crime: New York City, Activision, 2005.

Voice of Larry Chiang, Dead Rising, Capcom Entertainment, 2006.