Stocker, John 1948(?)–

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Stocker, John 1948(?)–

(John Stockers)


Born August 12, 1948 (some sources cite August 13 or 1947), in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; married, wife's name Tara; children: Bailey (daughter). Avocational Interests: Landscaping.

Addresses: Agent—Fountainhead Talent, Inc., 22 Pardee Ave., Suite 204, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 3H5.

Career: Actor and voice artist. Zoo Factory, member of comedy group, 1973; voice for commercials and industrial films; voice director for animated programs and video games.


Film Appearances:

Herman, The Kidnapping of the President, Crown International, 1980.

George Miller, Joy, 1983.

UBS editor, Finders Keepers, Warner Bros., 1984.

Mr. Stock, Concrete Angels, 1987.

Voices of Dim and Cheshire cat, The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (animated), Cineplex Odeon, 1987.

Murray, The Dream Team, Universal, 1989.

Voice of Zephir, Babar: The Movie (animated; also known as Le triomphe de Babar), New Line Cinema, 1989.

Sol, Look Who's Talking Now, TriStar, 1993.

Sid Mussberger, The Big Hit (also known as Warheads), TriStar, 1998.

Reporter, The White Raven, New City Releasing, 1998.

Also performed voice of John Forrester, Scanner II; and voice of the tin man, The Wizard of Oz (animated).

Television Appearances; Series:

Member of Zoo Factory, Music Machine (also known as Keith Hampshire's "Music Machine"), 1973.

Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins, CBC, 1974.

Dwayne Kramer, Coming Up Rosie, CBC, 1975.

Voices of Gun Grinner and Monster Minds, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (animated; also known as Jayce et les conquerants de la lumiere), syndicated, 1985.

Voices, Droids (animated; also known as Droids: The Adventures of R2D2 and C3PO and Star Wars: Droids), ABC, 1985.

Voice of Mr. Beastly, The Care Bears Family (animated), ABC, 1986.

Voice of Mr. Beastly, The Care Bears (animated), 1986–88.

My Pet Monster (also known as P'tit monstre), ABC, 1987.

Starcom: The U.S. Space Force (also known as Starcom), 1987.

Voice of Mr. Garcia, Maxie's World, 1987.

Voices of Gator Possum and Grampa Wildwood, Sylvanian Families, 1987.

Voice of Basil, Babar (animated), 1989.

Voices of Toad, Mouser, Koopa Troopa, Beezo, and Flurry, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (animated; also known as Club Mario), syndicated, 1989–91.

Voice of Benny the Ball, Wake, Rattle & Roll (live– action and animated; also known as Jump, Rattle & Roll), 1990.

Voices of Toad and Oogtar, Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (animated; also known as The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Captain N and the New Super Mario World, and Super Mario Bros. 3), syndicated, 1991.

Voice, Hammerman (animated), ABC, 1991.

Voice of Bugsy Vile, Dog City (animated; also known as Jim Henson's "Dog City"), Fox, 1992.

Voice of Richard P. Fungus, Stunt Dawgs (animated), 1992.

Voices of Dr. Zub and Horst, The Incredible Crash Dummies, 1993.

Voices of Greydon Creed, Leech of the Morlocks, and others, X–Men (animated), Fox, 1993–94.

Voices of Eric Pig, John Cat, and others, The Busy World of Richard Scarry (animated), Showtime, 1994.

Voice of Gluckuk, The Never Ending Story (animated; also known as L'histoire sans fin and Die Unendliche geschichte), 1995.

Voices of Sir Burnevere and second evil knight, Blazing Dragons (animated; also known as Sacres dragons), syndicated, 1996.

Voice, Bad Dog, Fox Family Channel, 1998.

Voices of Charlemagne and Pamplemouse, Anatole, CBS, 1998.

Voices of Zetes, Polemius, and others, Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend, 1998–99.

Voice of Mayor Rosenbaum, Mona the Vampire (animated), YTV, 1999.

Voice of Brother Alf/Cheesethief, Redwall (also known as Brian Jacques' "Redwall"), PBS, 1999.

Voices of Tom and Vicky, It's Itsy Bitsy Time, Fox Family Channel, 1999.

Voice of Ultron, Avengers (animated; also known as Avengers: United They Stand), Fox, 1999–2000.

Voices of Father Mordalfus, Three Claws, Skan, old rabbit, and others, Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall (animated; also known as Brian Jacques' "Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall"), PBS, 2000.

Voice of Cap'n Clogg, Martin the Warrior: A Tale of Redwall (animated), PBS, 2001.

Announcer and miscellaneous voices, Kaput and Zoesky: The Ultimate Obliterators (animated),2002–2003.

Voices of Max's dad and others, Beyblade (animated; also known as Beyblade G Revolution, Beyblade V-Force, and Bakuten shoot beyblade), ABC Family Channel, 2002–2004.

Voice, Faireez, Ten Network, 2005.

Voice of Mr. Cube, Mischief City, 2005.

Also performed voice of Melvin, Tales from the Crypt-keeper (animated); and voice of Stanley Leeland, UltraForce (animated).

Television Appearances; Movies:

Fight for Life, ABC, 1987.

The Return of Ben Casey, 1988.

Court clerk, Color of Justice, Showtime, 1997.

Voices of Brother Alf and Cheesethief, Redwall: The Movie (animated), Teletoon (Canada), 2000.

George Cukor, Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (also known as Judy Garland: L'ombred'une etoile), ABC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Animated Specials:

Voice of Curtis, B.C.: A Special Christmas, 1981.

Voice, Barbie and the Rockers, 1987.

Television Appearances; Animated Pilots:

Voice, Meet Julie, syndicated, 1987.

Voice of Newton Gimmick, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, The Family Channel, 1987.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Second Sight," Seeing Things, CBC, 1984.

Voice of Clump, "Buttons," Today's Special, Nickelodeon, 1985.

Cromwell, "The Star," Hot Shots, CBS, 1986.

Crandall J. Crummington III, "Sam and the Robot," Today's Special (animated), Nickelodeon, 1987.

"Dogged Pursuit," Katts and Dog (also known as Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop), The Family Channel, 1988.

Voices of Longarm and P. J. O'Malley, "The Case of the Stuck-up Blimp," C.O.P.S. (animated; also known as C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) and Cyber C.O.P.S.), CBS, 1988.

Voice of Detective Thompson, "Les 7 boules de cristal: Deuxieme partie," The Adventures of Tintin (animated; also known as Les aventures de Tintin), 1990.

Voice of Bartholomew Batt, "Sappiest Place on Earth," Beetlejuice, 1991.

Voice of furnace, "Cold," Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (also known as Black Hole High), The Discovery Channel, 2003.

Voice of Seth/Bedhead, "Creepy Crawly Much?," Totally Spies! (animated; also known as Totally Spies Undercover!), Cartoon Network, 2005.

Voice, "Evil Promotion: Parts 1–3," Totally Spies! (animated; also known as Totally Spies Under-cover!), Cartoon Network, 2005.

Voice of Asle, "Just Voodoo It," Stroker and Hoop (animated), Cartoon Network, 2005.

Kai's uncle and brawny accomplice, "Birdman or Bird-brain?," Time Warp Trio, NBC, 2006.

Voice, "Junkoid Zone Aliens/Batteries Not Included," Garbage Pail Kids (animated), CBS, 2006.

Voice of Rocky, "Night and Day: Cob Fog," Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (animated), Nickelodeon, 2008.

Television Appearances; Other:

Voice of Vix, The Great Heep, 1986.

Voice, Madeline, 1989.

Television Work; Additional Voices for Animated Series:

Ewoks (also known as The All New Ewoks, Ewoks & Droids Adventure Hour, and Star Wars: Ewoks), ABC, 1985.

ALF Tales, 1988.

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, syndicated, 1993.

Tripping the Rift, Sci–Fi Channel, 2004–2007.



Voice of the Rat King, The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite (animated), 1988.

Voice (in archive footage), Tales from the Endor Woods, 1997.

Voice (in archive footage), The Pirates and the Prince, 1997.

Voice (in archive footage), The Haunted Village, 1997.

Voice of Beastley, Care Bears: Forever Friends, UAV Entertainment, 2004.

Voice (in archive footage), Treasure of the Hidden Planet, Twentieth Century–Fox Home Entertainment, 2004.

Voice of Terrible Dactyl/Ankylo for English version, Dinosaucers (animated; also known as Kyoryu senshi dainosasezu).

Video Games:

(As John Stockers) Voice, Hype: The Time Quest, 1999.

Voice, Jagged Alliance 2, 1999.

Voice, Spawn: In the Demon's Hand, 2000.

Voices, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Ubisoft Montreal Studios, 2005.