Snegoff, Gregory (Greg Snegoff, Greg Snow)

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Snegoff, Gregory (Greg Snegoff, Greg Snow)


Son of Alexandra Kenworthy (a voice artist).


Actor, voice artist, and writer.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Voice of Nick for English version, Car Crash (also known as Thunder Run, Car crash, oi atsides me ta kokkina, Carrera salvaje, Ein Turbo raeumt den Highway auf, L'enfer en 4eme vitesse, and Trans Am kuningasturbo), VPS Film-Entertainment, 1980.

(Uncredited) Voice of Luca for English version, Luca il contrabbandiere (also known as Contraband, Luca the Smuggler, The Naples Connection, The Smuggler, Das Syndikat des Grauens, La guerre des gangs, and Luca, o contrabandista), 1980, Blue Underground, 2003.

First soldier, Monsignor (also known as Monsenhor, Monsenor, Monsignore, and Monsignorul), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1982.

Godan, She (also known as Barbarian, She, a rainha da guerra e do amor, and She—Eine verrueckte Reise in die Zukunft), American National Enterprises, 1982.

Tom Sherman, L'isola del gabbiano (also known as Seagull Island, The Secret of Seagull Island, El secreto de la Isla de la Gaviota, Killermoeven greifen an, Les tigres sont laches, and O segredo da Ilha das Gaivotas), Ulisse Film Produzione, 1982, originally broadcast as the miniseries Seagull Island, Incorporated Television Company, 1981.

Police detective, Mystere (also known as Dagger Eyes and Murder Near Perfect), Tris Film, 1983.

Steward, The Black Stallion Returns (also known as Como una y carne, Czarny rumak powraca, Der Schwarze Hengst kehrt zurueck, El retorno del corcel negro, Le retour de l'etalon noir, Mustan orin paluu, and O regresso do corcel negro), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1983.

(Uncredited) Voice of game show host, Endgame—Bronx lotta finale (also known as Endgame, Duelos mortais, Endgame—Das letze Spiel mit dem Tod, Endgame, gioco finale, Koncowa rozgrywka, Le gladiateur du futur, and Shannon—taistelija), dubbed version, American National Enterprises, 1983.

La casa delle orchidee (also known as The House of Orchids), Clemint, 1983.

Voice of drunken soldier, L'ultimo cacciatore (also known as Hunter of the Apocalypse, The Last Hunter, El ultimo cazador, Heros d'apocalypse, Il cacciatore, Jaeger der Apokalypse, and Viidakkoveriloeyly), dubbed version, World Northal, 1984, originally released in 1980.

(Uncredited) Voice of prison yard announcer, Tuareg—Il guerriero del deserto (also known as Desert Warrior, Tuareg, Tuareg: The Desert Warrior, Aavikkosoturi, Gazel, der Wuestenkrieger, Tuareg—Die toedliche Spur, and Tuareg—O guerreiro do deserto), Aspa Producciones Cinematograficas/Galia Al Bin/San Francisco Film, 1984.

Cart driver, Ladyhawke (also known as A mulher falcao, Der Tag des Falken, Kobieta sokol, La femme de la nuit, Lady Halcon, Lady Netz, Ladyhawke—El hechizo del aguila, Ladyhawke, la femme de la nuit, Ladyhawke—legenda haukasta, Ladyhawke—O feitico de aquila, Ladyhawke og lommetyven, and Solyomasszony), Twentieth Century-Fox/Warner Bros., 1985.

(As Greg Snow) Voice of Colonel B. D. Andrews, Robotech: The Movie (anime), dubbed version, Cannon, 1986.

Voice of Detective Dick Berry, Lily C.A.T. (anime), Victor Musical Industries, 1987.

Voice for English version, Gokiburi-tachi no tsogare (anime; also known as Twilight of the Cockroaches), Streamline Pictures, 1989, originally released in 1987.

Voice of Admiral Haynes for English version, SF Shinseiki Lensman (anime; also known as Lensman and Lensman: Secret of the Lens), subtitled version, Streamline Picturess, 1990, originally released by Morning Glory, 1984.

Third reporter, Misery (also known as Lida, Louca obsessao, Miseria, Misery non deve morire, and Piina), Columbia, 1990.

Voices of Rei and Uygle, Hokuto no ken (anime; also known as Fist of the North Star), dubbed version, Streamline Pictures, 1991, originally released in 1986.

(As Greg Snegoff) Voices of Duke "Golgo 13" Toto (title role) and Snake for English version, The Professional: Golgo 13 (anime; also known as Golgo 13 and The Professional), Streamline Pictures, 1992, originally released in 1983.

(As Greg Snow) Voice of Mo for English version, Basu (anime; also known as Birth, Planet Busters, and World of the Talisman), Streamline Pictures, 1992, original version released in Japan by Idol Company, 1984.

Voice of Bash, Cool World (live action and animated; also known as Cool world: el mundo de Holli, Cool world: una rubia entre dos mundos, Fuga dal mondo dei sogni, Le monde de cool, Mundo proibido, Outro mundo, and Zimny swiat), Paramount, 1992.

Voices of T. R. Edwards and Emil Lang for English version, Robotech II: The Sentinels (anime), Streamline Pictures, 1992.

(Uncredited) Voice of Sung Tse-Ho for English version, Ying hung boon sik (also known as A Better Tomorrow, City Wolf, City Wolf 1, The Color of a Hero, The Essence of Heroes, Gangland Boss, Rapid Fire, True Colors of a Hero, Amenaza final, Crime em Hong Kong, Le syndicat du crime, Otoko tachi no banka, Otoko tachi no banka I, Un manana mejor, and Ying xiong ben se), Rim, 1993, originally released by Golden Princess, 1986.

Voice of Taki Renzaburo for English version, Yoju toshi (anime; also known as Supernatural Beast City and Wicked City), Streamline Pictures, 1993, originally released by Japan Home Video, 1987.

Voice of father for English version, Tonari no Totoro (anime; also known as My Neighbor Totoro, My Neighbour Totoro, Il mio vicino Totoro, Komsum Totoro, Magiska aeventyr med Totoro, Mein Nachbar Totoro, Mi vecino Totoro, Min granne Totoro, Min nabo Totoro, Mon voisin Totoro, Naapurini Totoro, and Naekymaetoen ystaevae), dubbed version, 50th Street Films, 1993, originally released by Toho Company, 1988.

(As Greg Snegoff) Voices of Fritz and Geoffrey, Titanic: The Animated Movie (animated; also known as Titanic mille e una storia), 2001.

Voice of Scott Bernard, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (animated; also known as Robotech: Shadow Force), FUNimation Entertainment, 2006.

Film Voice Work; as Greg Snegoff:

Additional voices, Dad (also known as Isae, Meu pai, Meu pai, uma licao de vida, Mi padre, Mon pere, O babas mou ki ego, Papa, and Tata), Universal, 1989.

Additional voices, Driving Miss Daisy (also known as Miss Daisy, A spasso con Daisy, Chaufor for Miss Daisy, Conduciendo a Miss Daisy, Conduzindo Miss Daisy, Ha-Na'hug Shel Miss Daisy, Miss Daisy et son chauffeur, Miss Daisy sofoerje, Miss Daisy und ihr Chauffeur, Paa vaeg med miss Daisy, Palveluksessanne, Miss Daisy, Paseando a Miss Daisy, Tot passejant Miss Daisy, and Wozac pania Miss Daisy), Warner Bros., 1989.

Voice, The Spirit of '76 (also known as El espiritu del 76, I visitatori del sabato sera, Verano del 76, and Vizi e virtu d'altri tempi), Columbia, 1990.

Member of automated dialogue replacement group, Oscar (also known as A mala das trapalhadas, L'embrouille est dans le sac, Oscar czyli 60 klopotow na minute, Oscar—Minha filha quer casar, Oscar, quita las manos, Oscar—un fidanzato per due figlie, and Oscar—Vom Regen in die Traufe), Buena Vista, 1991.

Additional voices, Glengarry Glen Ross (also known as Glengarry, Americani, Glengarry Glen Ross: Exito a cualquier precio, Myyntitykit, O sucesso a qualquer preco, and Sucesso a qualquer preco), New Line Cinema, 1992.

Member of custom loop group, Dead On: Relentless II (also known as Dead On, Relentless II: Dead On, Sunset Killer 2, Rituaalimurhat, Senza limiti 2, and Sunset Killer 2—skoningsloes haemnd), Cinetel Films, 1992.

Additional voices, Entre chiens et loups (also known as Break of Dawn), 2003.

Film Work; Other:

(As Greg Snegoff) English-language dialogue director, The Professional: Golgo 13 (anime; also known as Golgo 13 and The Professional), Streamline Pictures, 1992, originally released in 1983.

Television Appearances; Series:

Voice of Professor Alex Brown, Fushigi na koala Blinky (anime; also known as Noozles, The Wondrous Koala Binky, and Les koalous), Fuji Television Network (Japan), beginning 1984, Nickelodeon, 1989-93, also broadcast on BBC.

Voices of Khyron, Scott Bernard, Dr. Emil Lang, and Alan Fredericks, Robotech (anime), syndicated, c. 1985-88.

Abominable snowman, The Mr. Zed Show, Orbit Satellite Television and Radio Network, beginning 1994.

Voice of title character, Cocco Bill (animated), Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI, Italy), beginning 2002.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Tom Sherman, Seagull Island (also known as The Secret of Seagull Island, El secreto de la Isla de la Gaviota, Killermoeven greifen an, L'isola del gabbiano, Les tigres sont laches, and O segredo da Ilha das Gaivotas), Incorporated Television Company, 1981, released as the feature film L'isola del gabbiano, Ulisse Film Produzione, 1982.

Francisco Pinzon, Christopher Columbus (also known as Cristoforo Colombo), CBS, 1985.

Television Appearances; Movies:

(Uncredited) Voice of Cicero, Imperium: Augustus (also known as Augustus, Augustus: The First Emperor, My Father the Emperor, August—pierwszy Cesarz, Augustus—El primer emperador, Augustus—O primeiro imperador, Imperium: Augusto, Mein Vater, der Kaiser, and Mi padre, el emperador), multiple networks, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Bellboy, "The Bartender's Tale," Cheers, NBC, 1985.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Various voices, including Khyron and Dr. Emil Lang, Codename: Robotech (anime), syndicated, 1985.

Television Work; Series:

(As Greg Snegoff) Dialogue director, Robotech (anime), syndicated, c. 1985-88.

Television Work; Movies:

Member of automated dialogue replacement group, Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (also known as Maniac Cop 3, Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence, MC3: Maniac Cop 3, Le flic de l'enfer 3, Maniac Cop 3: O cracha do silencio, and Mielipuoli kyttae 3), HBO, 1993.

Television Work; Pilots:

Dialogue director, Codename: Robotech (anime), syndicated, 1985.



Himself, Robotech: Birth of a Sequel (also known as The Making of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles), FUNimation Entertainment, 2007.

Video Games:

Voices of Locke, Xed, and Scott, Robotech: Invasion, Take Two Interactive Software, 2004.


Teleplays; Episodic:

Robotech (anime), syndicated, episodes beginning c. 1985.

(As Greg Snow) "Kill or Cure," Casualty, BBC, 1993.

Wrote teleplays for other programs, including Emmerdale Farm (also known as Emmerdale and Hem till gaarden), Yorkshire Television.

Teleplays; Pilots:

Codename: Robotech (anime), syndicated, 1985.


(As Greg Snow) Adaptor of English version, Basu (anime; also known as Birth, Planet Busters, and World of the Talisman), Streamline Pictures, 1992, original version released in Japan by Idol Company, 1984.