Simms, Michael David (Michael D. Simms, Michael David Sims)

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Simms, Michael David (Michael D. Simms, Michael David Sims)



Actor. Taught acting classes in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Also known as Michael D. Simms.


Television Appearances; Series:

Senior agent, The X-Files, Fox, between 1994 and 1996.

Sergeant Casey, Cold Squad (also known as Files from the Past, Cold Squad, brigade speciale, and Halott uegyek), CTV (Canada), between 2000 and 2002.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Colonel Nasher, Pandora's Clock (also known as Doomsday Virus, Destination inconnue, Pandoran kello, Pandora's Clock—Killerviren an Bord der 747, and Pandora's clock—la terra e in pericolo), NBC, 1996.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Beverly Hills Madam (also known as Ladies of the Night), 1986.

Byron James, Someone Else's Child (also known as Lost and Found), 1994.

Franklin Dunn, The Final Cut, 1995.

Dr. Swift, Doctor Who (also known as Doctor Who: Enemy Within, Doctor Who: The Movie, Enemy Within, Dr. Who—O senhor do tempo, and Le seigneur du temps), BBC and Fox, 1996.

Allan "Al" Disanto, Indefensible: The Truth about Edward Brannigan (also known as A Father's Betrayal), CBS, 1997.

Mr. Dionne, Out of Nowhere, ABC, 1997.

Y2K (also known as Countdown to Chaos and Y2K: The Movie), NBC, 1999.

Brody, Love Lessons (also known as A Time to Decide), 2000.

Captain Salt, Children of Fortune, 2000.

Mr. Cox, Inspectors 2: A Shred of Evidence (also known as The Inspectors—Killer ohne Namen, The Inspectors—Zerrissene Beweise, and Le faussaire), Showtime, 2000.

Dr. David Scarwood, Damaged Care, Showtime, 2002.

Don Taffner, Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of "Three's Company," NBC, 2003.

(As Michael David Sims) Dr. Jamieson, Premonition (also known as The Psychic and Premonicao), 2004.

Judge, Chasing Freedom, truTV, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Director, "The Pro," Matlock, NBC, 1990.

Ernie Abramson, "Time Served," Bodies of Evidence, CBS, 1992.

Lawyer, "Zeppo Marks Brothers," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1994.

Frankie Guardian, "Unprotected Witness," The Marshal, ABC, 1995.

Arthur, "Between the Lines," Two (also known as Gejagt—Das zweite Gesicht), CTV (Canada) and syndicated, 1997.

Roger Maddox, "Whistle Blower," Viper, syndicated, 1997.

Special agent Tom Babich, "Lamentation," Millennium, Fox, 1997.

Zack Spencer, "My Brother's Keeper," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1997.

Ed, "Black Box," The Outer Limits (also known as The New Outer Limits), Showtime, Sci-Fi Channel, and syndicated, 1998.

Henry Jarett, "Four of a Kind," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1999.

Lieutenant colonel Gilovich, "Leviathan," Harsh Realm, Fox, 1999.

Secretary of Defense Arthur Simms, "Fair Game," Stargate SG-1 (also known as La porte des etoiles and Stargaate SG-1), Showtime and syndicated, 1999.

General Briggs, "A View through the Window," Night Visions, Fox, 2001.

Police captain, "Radar Love," Dark Angel (also known as James Cameron's "Dark Angel"), Fox, 2001.

Sal, "Honor among Thieves," UC: Undercover (also known as Undercover), NBC, 2001.

Doug Martin, "Here There Be Monsters," The Dead Zone (also known as Dead Zone, Stephen King's "Dead Zone," The Dark Half, La morta zona, La zona morta, La zona muerta, and Zona smrti), USA Network, 2003.

Dr. Marks, "Placebo Effect," The Twilight Zone, UPN, 2003.

Dr. Neil Moore, "Fever," Smallville (also known as Smallville Beginnings and Smallville: Superman the Early Years), The WB, 2003.

General Waverly, "Letters from the Other Side: Parts 1 & 2," Jeremiah (also known as Jeremiah—Krieger des Donners), Showtime, 2003.

Mason Clark, "The Bomb," Tom Stone (also known as Stone Undercover), CBC, 2004.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Lieutenant colonel Gilovich, Harsh Realm, Fox, 1999.

Film Appearances:

John Zachary, Zack, Victory International Productions, 1983.

Don Matson, Hard Rock Zombies (also known as Rock Zombies), Cannon, 1984.

Stud, Cross My Heart (also known as Jak boga kocham, Paa heder och semvete, Prendi il mio cuore, and Was nun?), Universal, 1987.

Curry, Scarecrows (also known as Paratrooper), Sandstar, 1988.

Human dealer, Alien Nation (also known as Future Tense, Outer Heat, Spacecop L.A. 1991, Alien nacion, Alien nation, Nazione di alieni, Futur immediat, Futur immediat, Los Angeles, Lebkouni, Missao alien, Muukalaiset, Obca rasa, Obcy przybysze, Os novos invasores, and Przybysze), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1988.

Ike's lawyer, What's Love Got to Do with It? (also known as Tina, Tina—What's Love Got to Do With It, Tina: What's Love Got to Do With It, TinaWhat's Love Got to Do With It, Peu importe l'amour, and Tina: kaj ima ljubezen s tem), Buena Vista, 1993.

Commander Clarke, White Tiger, Evergreen Entertainment/Gail Force Films/Keystone Pictures, 1996.

Colonel Duke, Masterminds (also known as Smart Alec, Trouble Border, Aelypaeaet, Les sourdoues, Masterminds—Das Duell, Masterminds—la guerra dei geni, Masterminds—puolesta ja vastaan, Mente diabolica, and Mentes maestras), Columbia, 1997.

Mitch Reed, Underworld (also known as Bajo submundo, Underworld—Vendetta sotterranea, and Vatertag—Ein guter Tag zum Sterben), Trimark Pictures, 1997.

Mr. Hernandez, Zacharia Farted, Jupiter Films/ Windowshot Productions, 1998.

Sal, Liberty Stands Still (also known as Liberty stands still—Im Visier des Moerders), Lions Gate Films, 2002.

Lead White House agent, X2 (also known as X-2, X-Men 2, X-Men 2: X-Men United, X2: X-Men United, X-Mehed 2, and X2: X-Men unis), Twentieth Century-Fox, 2003.

Armin Butler, Eight Below (also known as Antarctica, 8 Below, Antarctica—Gefangen im Eis, Antarktiki, sta oria tou adynatou, Antartica, prisonniers du froid, Bajo cero, 8 amici da salvare, Kutup macerasi, Rescate en la Antartida, and Resgate abaixo de zero), Buena Vista, 2006.

Captain Caulk, Santa's Slay (also known as Santa Claus, Santa's Slay—Blutige Weihnachten, and Santa's slay—paholaispukki), Lions Gate Films, 2006.

Stage Work:

Director, Speed-the-Plow, Shaw Theatre, Deep Cove, British Columbia, Canada, 1998.



Senior FBI agent, The X-Files: The Unopened File (also known as Akte X: Die ungeoeffnete Akte, Arquivo X: Arquivo 1—Sigilo absoluto, Aux frontieres du reel: le dossier secret, and Expediente X: Unopened File (Expediente secreto)), 1996.

Video Games:

Voice of Dr. Marek, Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh, Sierra Online, 1996.

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