Russo, James 1953–(Jim Russo)

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RUSSO, James 1953(Jim Russo)


Full name, James Vincent Russo; born April 23, 1953, in borough of Queens, New York, NY. Education: Attended New York University.

Addresses: Agent Peter Strain, Peter Strain and Associates, 5724 West Third St., Suite 302, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Manager Hillard Elkins, Elkins Management, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 438, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Career: Actor, producer, and writer. Also worked as a cab driver and gravedigger.

Awards, Honors: Theatre World Award, 1983, for Extremities.


Film Appearances:

Robber, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Universal, 1982.

Ronald Thompson, A Stranger Is Watching, United Artists, 1982.

Nick, Exposed, United Artists, 1983.

Anthony Demmer, Vortex, B Movies, 1983.

Bugsy, Once upon a Time in America (also known as C'era una volta in America ), Warner Bros., 1984.

Mikey Tandino, Beverly Hills Cop, Paramount, 1984.

Vince's hood, The Cotton Club, Orion, 1984.

Joe, Extremities, Atlantic, 1986.

Alberto "Alby" Monte, China Girl, Vestron, 1987.

Reno, The Blue Iguana, Paramount, 1988.

Frank Quinn, Freeway, New World Entertainment, 1988.

Vittorio, La cintura (also known as The Belt ), 1989.

Teddy, The Vineyard, 1989.

Bobby, We're No Angels, Paramount, 1989.

(Uncredited) DeMarco, State of Grace, Orion, 1990.

Richard Waters, My Own Private Idaho, Fine Line, 1991.

Dan Corelli, A Kiss before Dying, Universal, 1991.

Daniel Corvin, Cold Heaven, Hemdale Releasing, 1992.

Bill Tanner, Illicit Behavior (also known as Criminal Intent ), Prism Entertainment, 1992.

Captain Travis, Trauma (also known as Dario Argento's Trauma ), Worldvision Home Video, 1992.

Francis Burns, Dangerous Game, MetroGoldwynMayer, 1993.

Mintz, Da Vinci's War, Triboro Entertainment, 1993.

Kid Jarrett, Bad Girls, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1994.

Rodgers, Panther, Gramercy, 1995.

Dan Cappelli, Condition Red (also known as Condition RedHaelytystila and Draussen lauert der Tod ), Arrow, 1995.

Jerry, Small Time (also known as Waiting for the Man ), 1995.

Eddie (some sources cite Harv), American Strays, APix Entertainment, 1996.

Rupert Little, Livers Ain't Cheap (also known as The Real Thing ), Windy City International, 1997.

Idaho, The Postman, Warner Bros., 1997.

Paulie, Donnie Brasco, TriStar, 1997.

Tommy, No Way Home, Back Alley Productions, 1997.

Nick the Stick, Heist, Trident Releasing, 1997.

Warren Erickson, Under Oath (also known as Blood Money and Urban Justice ), Concorde/New Horizons, 1997.

Joe Massa, BitterSweet, Pioneer Entertainment, 1998.

Jukebox Danny, Butter (also known as Never 2 Big ), Live Entertainment, 1998.

Ziggy Rotella, Detour (also known as Too Hard to Die ), October Films/Shoreline Entertainment, 1998.

Max Targenville, Charades (also known as Felons and First Degree ), York Entertainment, 1998.

Luc, Fait Accompli (also known as VooDoo Dawn ), Cutting Edge Entertainment, 1998.

Otis Campbell, Jimmy Zip, Highland Crest Pictures/Asylum, 1999.

Bernie, The Ninth Gate (also known as La neuvieme porte and La novena puerta ), Live Entertainment, 1999, Artisan Entertainment, 2000.

(Uncredited) Damian, Diamonds, Miramax, 1999.

Agent Nick Halton, Sonic Impact, New City Releasing, 1999.

Mickey, The Unscarred (also known as Everybody Dies ), Storm Entertainment, 1999.

John Rourke, Paper Bullets (also known as American Samurai ), MTI Home Video, 1999.

Darryl Simmons, Deep Core (also known as Deep Core 2000 ), Paramount/New City Releasing, 2000.

Edward Mills, Pendulum, DEJ Productions, 2001.

Snake, Double Deception (also known as 24 Hours to Die ), Phaedra Cinema, 2001.

Sam, Shattered Lies, F.T.L. Films, 2002.

Carl Schmidt, The House Next Door, Trinity Home Entertainment, 2002.

Mr. Quinn, My Daughter's Tears (also known as Against All Evidence ), Capture Film, 2002.

Frank Sinatra, Sr., Stealing Sinatra, Ron Ziskin Production, 2003.

Roy, A Good Night to Die, Regent Entertainment, 2003.

Leon King, Paris, Cinemavault Releasing, 2003.

The Box, Local Talent Productions, 2003.

Captain Grill, Redemption, 2003.

Sheriff Poole, Open Range, Buena Vista, 2003.

Also appeared in prizewinning short film Candy Store at New York University.

Film Producer:

The Box, Local Talent Productions, 2003.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Charlie Van, In the Shadow of a Killer, NBC, 1992.

Nick Ciccini, Intimate Stranger, Showtime, 1992.

Don Feeney, Desperate Rescue: The Cathy Mahone Story, NBC, 1992.

Joshua Kane (some sources cite Jon Kane), Double Deception, NBC, 1993.

Ted Burke, The Secretary, CBS, 1995.

Kliff, The Set Up, Showtime, 1995.

Sal Bianculli, My Husband's Secret Life, USA Network, 1998.

Brannagin, The Girl Gets Moe (also known as Love to Kill ), HBO, 1998.

Gino Carlucci, Laws of Deception, Cinemax, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(As Jim Russo) "China Rain," The Equalizer, 1985.

Sacco, "Prodigal Son," Miami Vice, NBC, 1985.

Nat Martino, "Ground Zero," Crime Story, 1987.

Janos Korda, "Symphony in B#," Friday the 13th, syndicated, 1988.

Charles Crowley, "Belly of the Beast," Gabriel's Fire, 1991.

Frank Saretti, "Eight Pounds of Pressure," C16, ABC, 1997.

Appeared as Tommy Bats in an episode of Dellaventura, CBS.

Television Appearances; Other:

Chicago Story, 1981.

Matt Forman, Hidden War, 2000.

Victor Mura, Falcone (pilot), CBS, 2000.

Stage Appearances:

Welcome to Andromeda, 1975.

Raul, Extremities, Westside Arts Center, Cheryl Crawford Theatre, New York City, 19821983.

Also appeared in Deathwatch and Marat/Sade.



The Box, Local Talent Productions, 2003.

Author of the prizewinning short film Candy Store.