Rebhorn, James 1948–

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REBHORN, James 1948–

(James R. Rebhorn)


Born September 1, 1948, in Philadelphia, PA. Education: Wittenberg University, graduated 1970; Columbia University, M.F.A., 1972.


Agent—SMS Talent, Inc., 8730 West Sunset Blvd., Suite 440, West Hollywood, CA 90069.


Actor. Whole Theatre Company, Montclair, NJ, guest artist, 1977–78; Mirror Repertory Company, New York City, member of company, 1983–86; Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York City, member of company.


Actors' Equity Association.

Awards, Honors:

Soap Opera Digest Award nomination, outstanding supporting actor in daytime, 1992, for As the World Turns.


Film Appearances:

Casting director, The Yum–Yum Girls (also known as Bright Lights), 1976.

Professor Carl Mason, He Knows You're Alone (also known as Blood Wedding), Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer/United Artists, 1980.

Lawyer, Soup for One, Warner Bros., 1982.

Los Alamos doctor, Silkwood, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1983.

Drunk businessperson, "Wuitters Inc.," Cat's Eye (also known as Stephen King's "Cat's Eye"), Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer/United Artists, 1985.

Michael Manion, Whatever It Takes, Aquarius Films, 1986.

The official, The House on Carroll Street, Orion, 1988.

Richard, Heart of Midnight, Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1988.

Prosecutor, Desperate Hours, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer/United Artists, 1990.

Dr. Sultan, Regarding Henry, Paramount, 1991.

George, Wind, TriStar, 1992.

Mr. Trask, Scent of a Woman, Universal, 1992.

Ellard Muscatine, Lorenzo's Oil, Universal, 1992.

Vigilante, Shadows and Fog, Orion, 1992.

George Wilbur, My Cousin Vinny, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1992.

Dr. McElwaine, Basic Instinct (also known as Ice Cold Desire), TriStar, 1992.

Flynn, White Sands, Warner Bros., 1992.

District Attorney Norwalk, Carlito's Way, Universal, 1993.

Clyde Frost, 8 Seconds (also known as The Lane Frost Story), New Line Cinema, 1994.

Fred Waters, Blank Check (also known as Blank Cheque), Buena Vista, 1994.

Howard Shaeffer, Guarding Tess, TriStar, 1994.

Mando, I Love Trouble, Buena Vista, 1994.

How to Make an American Quilt (also known as An American Quilt), Universal, 1995.

Tyler, White Squall, Buena Vista, 1996.

John Merino, Up Close & Personal, Buena Vista, 1996.

Simon Ackerman, If Lucy Fell, TriStar, 1996.

Albert Nimzikj, Independence Day (also known as ID4), Twentieth Century–Fox, 1996.

Charlie Reynolds, My Fellow Americans, Warner Bros., 1996.

Jim Feingold, The Game, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1997.

Bill Holbeck, All of It (also known as Marriage Material), 1999.

Herbert Greenleaf, The Talented Mr. Ripley (also known as The Mysterious Yearning Secretive Sad Lonely Troubled Confused Loving Musical Gifted IntelligentBeautiful Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley), Paramount, 1999.

Alvin Hooks, Snow Falling on Cedars, MCA/Universal, 1999.

Mr. Corcoran, Last Ball, Sugar Pond Films, 2000.

Larry Banks, Meet the Parents, Universal, 2000.

Voice of President Signoff, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (animated; also known as Die abenteuer von Rocky und Bullwinkle), Universal, 2000.

Norm Duncan, Scotland, Pa., Lot 47 Films, 2001.

Dirk Bentley, Vacuums (also known as Stealing Bess), BVI Bust the Dust/Cobalt Media Group/MediaPro Pictures/Middle Fork Productions/Quincy Jones Media Group, 2002.

Belcher, The Adventures of Pluto Nash (also known as Pluto Nash), Warner Bros., 2002.

Dr. Bowman, Far from Heaven (also known as Loin du paradis), Focus Features, 2002.

John Torman, The Trade, Lantern Lane Entertainment, 2003.

Senator Bill Arnot, Head of State, DreamWorks, 2003.

Doctor, Cold Mountain, Miramax, 2003.

Abe White, The Last Shot, Buena Vista, 2004.

Television Appearances; Series:

Tom Carroll, The Doctors, 1977.

John Brady, Texas (also known as Another World: Texas), NBC, 1981–82.

Bradley Raines, The Guiding Light, CBS, 1984–85, 1989.

Al Miller, Search for Tomorrow, 1985–86.

Henry Lange, As the World Turns, CBS, 1988–91.

Captain Elchisak, a recurring role, Third Watch, NBC, 1999–2000.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Federal prosecutor, Kane and Abel, CBS, 1985.

Major Anderson, North and South, ABC, 1985.

Lieutenant Lloyd Butler, Deadly Matrimony (also known as Shattered Promises), 1992.

St. John, J.F.K.: Reckless Youth, 1993.

Mr. Closson, "The Buccaneers," Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1995.

Harrison Storms, From the Earth to the Moon, HBO, 1998.

Erno Erdai, Reversible Errors (also known as Scott Turow's "Reversible Errors"), CBS, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Peter Maroulis, Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy, NBC, 1982.

Harry, Sessions, ABC, 1983.

Man on phone, He's Fired, She's Hired, 1984.

Corbett, A Deadly Business, CBS, 1986.

Arthur Reardon, Rockabye, CBS, 1986.

Henry Quibro, Kojak: The Price of Justice, 1987.

Slusher, Kojak: Ariana (also known as Ariana), 1989.

Slusher, Kojak: Fatal Flaw, ABC, 1989.

William Wheaton, "Sarah, Plain and Tall," Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 1991.

(As James R. Rebhorn) Ezra, Plymouth, ABC, 1991.

William Wheaton, Skylark (also known as Sarah, Plain and Tall: Skylark), CBS, 1993.

Timothy Lanigan, Mob Justice (also known as Dead and Alive, Dead and Alive: The Race for Gus Farace, and In the Line of Duty: Mob Justice), ABC, 1995.

Mayor Taylor, Mistrial, CBS, 1996.

American ambassador to Vietnam, A Bright Shining Lie, HBO, 1998.

Avery Clark, Amy & Isabelle (also known as Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle), ABC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Ira Smith, Song of Myself, CBS, 1976.

Charlie Riley, The Adventures of Con Sawyer and Hucklemary Finn, ABC, 1985.

Dan Jensen, A Town's Revenge, 1989.

Dr. Franklin Gibbs, Our Town, PBS, 1989.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Paul Manning, "Blood Money," Spenser: For Hire, ABC, 1985.

Derek, "The Reunion," Kate & Allie, 1985.

Derek, "Privacy," Kate & Allie, 1986.

Father Hoyt, "On the Night He Was Betrayed," Spenser: For Hire, ABC, 1987.

Agent White, "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree: Parts 1 & 2," Wiseguy, CBS, 1990.

Agent White, "La Mina," Wiseguy, CBS, 1990.

I'll Fly Away, NBC, 1991.

Albert Lawrence Cheney, "Vengeance," Law & Order, NBC, 1992.

Charles Garnett, "Progeny," Law & Order, NBC, 1995.

Will Garrett, The Wright Verdicts, CBS, 1995.

Tucker (some source cite Tuckett), "The Promised Land," New York Undercover, Fox, 1997.

Charles Garnett, "Denial," Law & Order, NBC, 1997.

District Attorney Hoyt, "The Finale: Parts 1 & 2," Seinfeld, NBC, 1998.

Charles Garnett, "Patsy," Law & Order, NBC, 1999.

General Irving, "Deep in My Heart Is a Song," Now and Again, NBC, 2000.

General Irving, "Everybody Who's Anybody," Now and Again, NBC, 2000.

Hanson Garnett, "A Losing Season," Law & Order, NBC, 2001.

Attorney John Rapherson, "Home of the Brave," The Practice, ABC, 2001.

Attorney John Rapherson, "The Case of Harland Bassett," The Practice, ABC, 2001.

Deputy Warden Petrocelli, "The Siege" (also known as "Prison Riot"), UC: Undercover, NBC, 2001.

Captain Elchisak, "Thicker than Water," Third Watch, NBC, 2002.

Charles Garnett, "Dazzled," Law & Order, NBC, 2002.

"Head of State," HBO First Look, HBO, 2003.

Richard Farrell, "See No Evil," Hack, CBS, 2003.

Richard Farrell, "The Looking Glass," Hack, CBS, 2003.

Appeared as Jack McFlemp, "Goodbye My Little Viking: Parts 1 & 2," The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Captain Elchisak, Third Watch, NBC, 1999.

John Melville, Hopewell, CBS, 2000.

Television Appearances; Other:

Jim, Everyday Heroes, 1990.

Stage Appearances:

Understudy, Blue Boys, Martinique Theatre, New York City, 1972.

Frank, Dearly Beloved, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York City, 1976.

Father Gerry Powers, Ballymurphy, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1976.

Ed, "A Long Story," Bosom Buddies, Three Muses Theatre, New York City, 1978.

Sterling Hayden, Elliott Sullivan, and Arthur Miller, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, Rutgers Theatre Company, 1978–79, then Century Theatre, New York City, 1979.

Roderigo, Othello, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte Theatre, Public Theatre, New York City, 1979.

The Last Few Days of Willie Callendar, Philadelphia Drama Guild, Philadelphia, PA, 1979–80.

President Lehman, Ben Bragge, and first underworld figure, The Trouble with Europe, Marymount Manhattan Theatre, Phoenix Theatre, New York City, 1980.

George, Period of Adjustment, Perry Street Theatre, New York City, 1980–81.

The Front Page, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, 1980–81.

Dr. Wesley Ketchum, The Freak, Workshop of the Players Art Theatre, New York City, 1981, then Douglas Fairbanks Theatre, New York City, 1982.

Tobias, "Half a Lifetime," Triple Feature, Stage 73, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1983.

David, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York City, 1983, then Circle in the Square Downtown, New York City, 1984.

Harry, Husbandry, Stage 73, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1984.

Robert, "Blind Date," Marathon '86: Series A, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 1986.

Danforth, I'm Not Rappaport, Booth Theatre, New York City, c. 1986.

Leon, Cold Sweat, Playwrights Horizons Theatre, New York City, 1988.

Marathon '88, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 1988.

Dr. Gibbs, Our Town, Lyceum Theatre, New York City, 1988–89.

Charlie, Jerry, and Lance, Ice Cream with Hot Fudge, Estelle R. Newman Theatre, Public Theatre, New York City, 1990.

John Calvin, Fielding, Lieutenant Waters, and DeVries, Life During Wartime, Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II, 1991.

Karl, The Innocent's Crusade, Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II, 1992.

Tramp and Gil, On the Bum, Playwrights Horizons Theatre, 1992.

Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird, Peterborough Players, 1994.

Kyle, Oblivion Postponed, Second Stage Theatre Company, McGinn–Cazale Theatre, New York City, 1995–96.

Austin, Later Life, Peterborough Players, 1998.

Ancestral Voices (staged reading), Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre, New York City, 1999.

Far East, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre, 1999.

Patterson "Pat" Beeves, The Man Who Had All the Luck: A Fable, Roundabout Theatre Company, American Airlines Theatre, New York City, 2002.

Oliver Jordan, Dinner at Eight, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, Lincoln Center, New York City, 2002–2003.

Fourth juror, Twelve Angry Men, Roundabout Theatre Company, 2004–2005.

Appeared in Nebraska, La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA; also appeared in productions of The Hasty Heart, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Isn't It Romantic?, Rain, Spoils of War, and Touch Black.



(Uncredited) Stranger, "Bad Girl," Madonna: The Video Collection 93:99, Warner Reprise, 1999.

Spotlight on Location: Meet the Parents, Universal, 2001.

Appeared in the music video "Bad Girl" by Madonna.

Audio Books:

Reader (with others), From a Buick 8: A Novel, by Stephen King, Simon & Schuster Audio, 2002.