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Pike, Nicholas


Education: Studied at the Berklee College of Music.

Addresses: Agent—Soundtrack Music Associates, 2229 Cloverfield Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Career: Composer, conductor, and orchestrator. Sang with the Canterbury Choir, England, from the ages of seven to nine; St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa, head chorister; played flute with the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra; played with HAMMAK (a South African band); played flute with bands in the United States; began scoring films, 1986.

Awards, Honors: Elmer Bernstein Award, Woodstock Film Festival, 2003, for Love Object.


Film Work:

Conductor, Breaking In, Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1989.

Orchestrations, The Prince and the Pauper (animated; also known as Mickey's "The Prince and the Pauper"), Buena Vista, 1990.

Music arranger, Sleepwalkers (also known as Sleep-stalkers and Stephen King's "Sleepwalkers"), Columbia, 1992.

Musician: synchronization programmer, Telling Lies in America, 1997.

Orchestrations, Star Kid, Imperial Entertainment, 1997.

Conductor and orchestrator, Return to Me, 2000.

Music conductor, FeardotCom (also known as Fear Dot Com), Warner Bros., 2002.

Music mixer, The I Inside, 2003.

Film Appearances:

Himself, Danse Macabre: Nicholas Pike on Scoring "Love Object" (documentary), Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment, 2004.



Sleepwalkers: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Milan, 1992.

Original Music from "Tales From the Crypt" (1989–1994 Television Series), Warner Bros., 1992.

Star Kid: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Sonic Images, 1998.

FeardotCom, Varese Sarabande, 2002.

Recorded a suite with the London Symphony Orchestra, 1985; also recorded numerous soundtracks, including Love Object, Content Film; Return to Me, RCA Victor; The Shining; Captain Ron; Tales from the Crypt, Big Screen Records; Critters 2—The Main Course.


Film Scores:

Mission Manila, All Video, 1987.

Graveyard Shift (also known as Central Park Drifter), Virgin Video, 1987.

Critters 2: The Main Course, New Line Cinema, 1988.

C.H.U.D. II—Bud the Chud, Lions Gate Films, 1989.

The Prince and the Pauper (animated; also known as Mickey's "The Prince and the Pauper"), Buena Vista, 1990.

Sleepwalkers (also known as Sleepstalkers and Stephen King's "Sleepwalkers"), Columbia, 1992.

Captain Ron, Buena Vista, 1992.

Blank Check (also known as Blank Cheque), Buena Vista, 1994.

Ghosts (also known as Michael Jackson's "Ghosts"), 1997.

Telling Lies in America, Banner Entertainment, 1997.

Star Kid, Imperial Entertainment, 1997.

Delivered (also known as Death by Pizza), Edie Films LLC, 1998.

Return to Me, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2000.

The Caretaker (short), 2001.

Virginia's Run (also known as La chevauchee de Virginie), Virginia's Run Productions, Inc., 2002.

FeardotCom (also known as Fear Dot Com), Warner Bros., 2002.

The I Inside, Dimension Films, 2003.

FeardotCom: Visions of Fear (documentary; also known as The Making if "FearDotCom"), Warner Bros., 2003.

Love Object, Vitagraph Films LLC, 2003.

Riding the Bullet, Innovation Film Group, 2004.

Checking Out, Allumination Filmworks, 2005.

The L.A. Riot Spectacular, Visionbox Pictures, 2005.

Television Scores; Series:

Gideon Oliver (also known as By the Rivers of Babylon), ABC, 1989.

The Lot, AMC, 1999.

Life with Bonnie, ABC, 2002.

Masters of Horror, Showtime, 2005–2006.

Television Themes; Series:

Freddy's Nightmares (also known as Freddy's Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series), syndicated, 1988.

Max Monroe: Loose Cannon, CBS, 1990.

The Lot, AMC, 1999.

Life with Bonnie, ABC, 2002.

Television Scores; Miniseries:

Salem's Lot, CBS, 1979.

The Shining (also known as Stephen King's "The Shining"), ABC, 1997.

The Judge (also known as Steve Martini's "The Judge"), NBC, 2001.

Desperation (also known as Stephen King's "Desperation"), ABC, 2006.

Television Scores; Movies:

A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story, NBC, 1989.

I'm Dangerous Tonight, USA Network, 1990.

The Secret Passion of Robert Clayton, USA Network, 1992.

Perfect Family, USA Network, 1992.

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, HBO, 1993.

In the Shadow of Evil, CBS, 1995.

The Surrogate, ABC, 1995.

W.E.I.R.D. World, Fox, 1995.

A Child Is Missing, CBS, 1995.

Host (also known as Virtual Obsession), ABC, 1998.

Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge (also known as Outrage at Glen Ridge), ABC, 1999.

Let Go, ABC, 2006.

Television Scores; Pilots:

Fast Company (movie), NBC, 1995.

Television Scores; Specials:

Open Window, Showtime, 1991.

Haunted Lives … True Ghost Stories, CBS, 1991.

Real Ghosts II, UPN, 1996.

Baghdad ER (documentary), HBO, 2006.

Television Theme Music; Specials:

Real Ghosts, UPN, 1995.

Television Scores; Episodic:

Tales from the Crypt (also known as HBO's "Tales from the Crypt"), HBO, 1989–96.

Television Additional Music; Episodic:

"Split Second," Tales from the Crypt (also known as HBO's "Tales from the Crypt"), HBO, 1991.

"Pick Me Up," Masters of Horror, Showtime, 2006.



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