Perry, Jeff 1955–

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Perry, Jeff 1955–

(Jeffrey S. Perry)


Born August 16, 1955, in Highland Park, IL; son of Joe (a high school teacher) and Jane Perry; married Laurie Metcalf (an actress; divorced); married Linda Lowey, 1989; children: (first marriage) Zoe; (second) Leah.

Addresses: Agent—Abrams Artists Agency, 9200 Sunset Blvd., 11th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90060. Manager—Principal Entertainment, 1964 Westwood Blvd., Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Career: Actor and director. Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago, IL, founding member, 1974, artistic director, c. 1987, acting instructor, 2005.

Awards, Honors: Drama Desk Award (with others), outstanding ensemble performance, 1985, for Balm in Gilead.


Stage Appearances:

Boy, Six Characters in Search of an Author, 1968.

Tony, West Side Story, 1971–72.

Guildenstern, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, 1974.

Richard, The Lover, 1976.

Bobby Kraweig, Look We've Come Through, 1976.

Mack, Anything Goes Over the Rainbow, 1977.

Sandbar Flats, 1978.

Jed, Fifth of July, 1978.

Gar O'Donnell, Philadelphia Here I Come, 1978.

Aston, The Caretaker, 1978–79.

The doctor, Exit the King, 1979.

Herbert Fowle, The Dock Brief, 1979.

The Man in 605, 1979.

Sid Stein, Waiting for Lefty, 1979.

James, The Collection, 1980.

Bernard, Death of a Salesman, 1980.

Alan Rome, Quiet Jeannie Green, 1980.

Captain Bluntschli, Arms and the Man, 1981.

Briggs, No Man's Land, 1981.

Greg, Morning Call, 1981.

Curley, Of Mice and Men, 1981.

A hustler, A Prayer for My Daughter, 1982.

Russell, Loose Ends, 1982.

Austin, True West, 1982.

Stage manager, Our Town, 1983.

Betty/Gerry, Cloud Nine, 1983.

Jerry, Say Goodnight, Gracie, 1983.

Franny, Balm in Gilead, Circle Repertory Theatre, New York City, 1984.

Ritchie, Streamers, 1985.

Aston, The Caretaker, Circle in the Square Theatre, New York City, 1986.

Beth's son, A Lie of the Mind, 1987.

Noah/Tom Joad, The Grapes of Wrath, 1988–90, Cort Theatre, New York City, 1990.

Albert Einstein, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, 1993.

Darl, As I Lay Dying, 1995.

Dr. Astrov, Uncle Vanya, 2001.

Stage Work:

Director, Educating Rita, Westside Theater, New York City, 1987.

Film Appearances:

(As Jeffrey S. Perry) Harry, Remember My Name, 1978.

Bunky Lemay, A Wedding, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1978.

Orderly two, Three Fugitives, Buena Vista, 1989.

Drunk, The Grifters, Miramax, 1990.

Pinky, Hard Promises, Columbia, 1991.

Peter Dandridge, Storyville, Lauren Film, 1992.

Ray Nelson, Life on the Edge, 1992.

Gabe, Body of Evidence (also known as Deadly Evidence), Union Films S.A., 1993.

Frat boy, Naked Instinct, Dementia Video, 1993.

Allen, Playmaker (also known as Private Teacher), 1994.

Bryce Hunter, Wild Things (also known as wildthings), Columbia, 1998.

Tennis player, The Human Stain (also known as La couleur de mensonge and Der menschliche makel), Miramax, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Harvey Leek, Nash Bridges (also known as Bridges), CBS, 1996–2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Leonard Fisher, Columbo: Murder, Smoke & Shadows (also known as Murder, Smoke and Murders), ABC, 1989.

Roe vs. Wade, NBC, 1989.

Committee investigator, The Final Days, ABC, 1989.

Randall Everett, A Private Matter, HBO, 1992.

Amy's attorney, Casualties of Love: The "Long Island Lolita" Story, CBS, 1993.

Earl Long, Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long, TNT, 1995.

Doug Hansen, Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (also known as Death on Everest), ABC, 1997.

Rosen, Lansky, HBO, 1999.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Earl Heflin, Murder in the Heartland, ABC, 1993.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Say Goodnight, Gracie, PBS, 1983.

Bud, The Closed Set, PBS, 1988.

Noah Joad, The Grapes of Wrath, PBS, 1991.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Richard Hancke, Civil Wars, 1991.

Harry Tucker, Raines, NBC, 2006.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

David Simmons, "Get Me to the Living Room on Time," Family Ties, 1989.

David Hall, "New Parents," thirtysomething, 1989.

Charlie, "Out of Control," The Flash, 1990.

Tommy McArthur, "Sifting the Ashes," thirtysomething, 1991.

Uncle Joel, "Old Fools," Brooklyn Bridge, CBS, 1991.

Uncle Joel, "Sylvia's Condition," Brooklyn Bridge, CBS, 1991.

Jonah Burgee, "Book of Renovation, Chapter 1," L.A. Law, NBC, 1993.

Jonah Burgee, "Leap of Faith," L.A. Law, NBC, 1993.

Jonah Burgee, "How Much Is That Bentley in the Window," L.A. Law, NBC, 1993.

Richard Katimski, "Self-Esteem," My So-Called Life, ABC, 1994.

Richard Katimski, "Resolutions," My So-Called Life, ABC, 1995.

Richard Katimski, "Betrayal," My So-Called Life, ABC, 1995.

Richard Katimski, "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities," My So-Called Life, ABC, 1995.

Gilbert Weeks, "Cutting Edges," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1995.

Gilbert Weeks, "Full Moon," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1995.

Gilbert Weeks, "From Soup to Nuts," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1995.

Artie Healy, "The Beast Within," American Gothic, CBS, 1996.

John Clayton, "War of the Words," Frasier, NBC, 2002.

Gordon Dillit, "Tranny Get Your Gun," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2003.

Officer Mitch Palnick, "A Thousand Cranes," ER, NBC, 2003.

Lemma, "Where There's Smoke," The District, CBS, 2003.

Burt Ganz, "Privateers," The West Wing, NBC, 2003.

George Stark, "Last Laugh," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Weekends, and Les experts), CBS, 2003.

Randy Markham, "We the People," The Practice, ABC, 2003.

Frank "Sawyer" Duckett, "Outlaws," Lost, ABC, 2005.

Andrew Soin, "Bang & Blame," Law & Order: Trial by Jury, NBC, 2005.

Morton Standbury, "Calculated Risk," Numb3rs (also known as Num3ers), CBS, 2005.

Terrence Gale, "Unnatural Selection," Invasion, ABC, 2005.

Uncle Bill, "Romeo and Juliet Murders," Close to Home, CBS, 2005.

Eric Witt, "Superstar," Cold Case, CBS, 2006.

Thatcher Grey, "Yesterday," Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 2006.

Thatcher Grey, "The Name of the Game," Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 2006.

Kyle Everett, "Mace v. Scalpel," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2006.

Terrence Steadman, "Manhunt," Prison Break, Fox, 2006.

Television Director; Episodic:

"On the Wagon," My So-Called Life, ABC, 1994.

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