Pellegrino, Mark 1965-

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Pellegrino, Mark 1965-


Born April 9, 1965, in Los Angeles, CA.


Agent—Domain, 9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 415, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Lawyer—Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, 2049 Century Park East, Suite 1800, Los Angeles, CA 90067.


Actor. Playhouse West, North Hollywood, CA, teacher.

Awards, Honors:

Screen Actors Guild Award nomination (with others), outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture, 2006, for Capote.


Film Appearances:

Punk, Death Wish 4: The Crackdown, Media Home Entertainment, 1987.

Frankenstein, Fatal Beauty, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1987.

Randy Thomas, No Holds Barred, New Line Cinema, 1989.

Allen Patumbo, Night Life, RCA/Columbia, 1989.

Bingo, Prayer of the Rollerboys, Castle Hill, 1991.

Bart, Blood and Concrete (also known as Blood and Concrete, a Love Story), IRS Media, 1991.

Jack, Inside Out (video; also known as Inside Out: Tales of the Unexpected), 1992.

Billy Phelps, Lethal Weapon 3, Warner Bros., 1992.

Deputy Roy, Trouble Bound, Fox Video, 1992.

Patterson, Midnight Witness (also known as Maximum Force 2), Cine 360, 1992.

Motorcycle cop, Bank Robber, IRS Releasing, 1993.

Deputy Sommers, F.T.W. (also known as Last Ride), 1994.

Aaron Gillespie Will Make You a Star, 1996.

For Life or Death, 1996.

The boytoy, Dick Richards, 1996.

Naked Ambition, 1997.

Dodd, The Temple of Phenomenal Things, 1997.

Movies Kill, 1997.

(Uncredited) Sixth tourist, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Universal, 1997.

Soul of the Avenger, 1997.

Dan Oldum, Macon County Jail (also known as Jailbreak), Concorde, 1997.

Treehorn thug, The Big Lebowski, Gramercy, 1998.

Honest Injun, 1999.

Professor Arthur Corvus, A Murder of Crows (video), 1999.

Julian, Something Else (video), 2000.

Murph, Drowning Mona, Destination Films, 2000.

Tripper, Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel, 2000.

Cal, Certain Guys, 2000.

Sally Spinelli, Monsters, Going to the Sun, 2001.

Justin, Ellie Parker, 2001.

Jimmy, Say It Isn't So, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2001.

Joe, Mulholland Drive, Imagine Entertainment, 2001.

Fault Lines, 2001.

The actor, Treading Water, 2002.

Keith Schwann, Ronnie (also known as The Killer Next Door), Trinity, 2002.

Dale Hewitt, The Hunted, Paramount, 2003.

Alan Kennard, Moving Alan, Destiny, 2003.

Reginald, Zelda, 2003.

Convict, Spartan, Warner Bros., 2004.

Jimmy Schmidt, Twisted, Eagle, 2004.

Agent Johnson, National Treasure (also known as Sonomo), Buena Vista, 2004.

Justin, Ellie Parker, Strand, 2005.

Dick Hickock, Capote, Sony Pictures Classics, 2005.

Tom, Caffeine, One Movie, 2006.

Kyle Finch, The Number 23, Warner Bros., 2007.

Graham Caswell, Boy of Pigs, Astrakan, 2007.

Bodyguard, Disappearing in America, String and a Can, 2007.

Television Appearances; Movies:

David Lee, What Price Victory, ABC, 1988.

Skinner, Class of '61, ABC, 1993.

Robert Lee, Knight Rider 2010, syndicated, 1994.

Frank Bonner, The Cherokee Kid, HBO, 1996.

Walter Wiley, Born into Exile, NBC, 1997.

Andrew Corvus, A Murder of Crows, Cinemax, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Punk, "The Wizards of Odds," L.A. Law, 1987.

Dude, Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC, 1989.

"Brotherly Love," Hunter, 1990.

Rolf Hauser, "Nothing's Perfect," Northern Exposure, 1992.

D. W. Strong, "Family Business," The Hat Squad, CBS, 1992.

Joe Edward Lund, "The Ides of March," The Commish, ABC, 1993.

Yuri, Viper, NBC, 1994.

Marker, UPN, 1995.

Ross Logan, "Car Mechanic," Deadly Games, UPN, 1995.

Nathan, "The Right Thing," ER, NBC, 1996.

Ferguson, "Genesis," Nash Bridges, CBS, 1996.

Ray Weston, "Out of the Past," The Sentinel, UPN, 1996.

Fran Watkins, "Dead Man Talking," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1997.

Busch, Brimstone, Fox, 1998.

Stanley Strull, "Brother's Keeper," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1998.

Rabbi Samuel Weisburg, "Ashes," Brimstone, Fox, 1998.

Derwood Spinks, "Hungry," The X-Files, Fox, 1999.

Zack Jamison, Family Law, CBS, 1999.

Bobby James/Robert Tibideau, "The Price," The Beast, ABC, 2001.

Bobby James/Robert Tibideau, "The Damage Done," The Beast, ABC, 2001.

Bobby James/Robert Tibideau, "The Delivery," The Beast, ABC, 2001.

Bill, "The General," Thieves, ABC, 2001.

Steve Dansick, "Better Laid Than Never: Parts 1 & 2," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2002.

Herrick Smoltz, "Character Evidence," The Practice, ABC, 2003.

Jed Gold, "Hurricane Anthony," CSI: Miami, CBS, 2003.

Elliot Perolta, "Gum Drops," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I, C.S.I. Las Vegas, C.S.I. Weekends, and Les Experts), CBS, 2005.

Gary Soto, "Exposure," The Unit, CBS, 2006.

Sadik Marku, "Requiem," Without a Trace (also known as W.A.T.), CBS, 2006.

Sadik Marku, "The Damage Done," Without a Trace (also known as W.A.T.), CBS, 2006.

Paul, a recurring role, Dexter, Showtime, 2006.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Punk, The Switch, CBS, 1990.

Jack, Little Surprises, 1995.

Hollywood, Astronauts, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

NYPD 2069, Fox, 2004.

Jack Lambroso, Suspect, ABC, 2007.



Hulkmania 4, 1989.

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