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Parker, F. William




Awards, Honors:

L.A. Weekly Award nomination, best male comedy performance, 2000, for Van Gogh's Ear.


Film Appearances:

William Hobbs, The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope, 1972.

Crazy Joe, 1974.

Watch commander, The Hunter, Paramount, 1980.

Art, Jinxed!, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1982.

Frances, Universal, 1982.

Doctor, Terms of Endearment, 1983.

Kimball, A Minor Miracle (also known as Young Giants), Entertainment Enterprises, 1983.

Sergeant, Revenge of the Nerds, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.

Lawyer, The Buddy System, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.

Mr. Hartigan, Mass Appeal, 1984.

Kingsley's dad, Iron Eagle, TriStar, 1986.

Principal, Personal Foul, 1987.

Mayor of Pasadena, Sunset, TriStar, 1988.

Hotel manager, Gleaming the Cube (also known as A Brother's Justice and Skate or Die), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1989.

Judge, Pacific Heights, 1990.

Uncle Olaf, He Said, She Said, 1991.

Barber, Switch, Warner Bros., 1991.

Mayor Kelly, Little Giants, 1994.

Hostage, Sydney (also known as Hard Eight), Rysher Entertainment, 1996.

Captain Luneau, Lost Highway, October Films, 1997.

Paul Davrow, Jack Frost, Frost Bite Films, 1997.

Warm Blooded Killers, 2001.

Mr. Bartlett, The Wedding Planner (also known as Wedding Planner—verliebt, verlobt, verplant), Buena Vista, 2001.

Butcher, Lamb to the Slaughter, Kilpatrick, 2002.

Phil, Restive Planet, 7 Digits, 2004.

Norman Thubador, Twixter, Gothic, 2007.

Man in overalls, Dark Streets, Capture Film, 2007.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Buyer, A Woman Called Moses, NBC, 1978.

VFW manager, Roots: The Next Generations, 1979.

Coroner, Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills, CBS, 1994.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Judge Guerin, Kill Me If You Can (also known as The Caryl Chessman Story), NBC, 1977.

Warden Hale, Portrait of a Rebel: Margaret Sanger, CBS, 1980.

George Meuschke, The Children Nobody Wanted, CBS, 1981.

Victims, NBC, 1982.

Dr. Ulster, Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal, CBS, 1982.

Park custodian, Your Place or Mine, CBS, 1983.

Car dealer, Toughlove, ABC, 1985.

Daniel Frost, She Stood Alone, NBC, 1991.

The judge, A Child Lost Forever: The Jerry Sherwood Story (also known as A Child Lost Forever), 1992.

First businessman, Babylon 5: The Gathering (also known as B5 and Babylon 5), TNT, 1993.

Ira Harris, Barbarians at the Gate, HBO, 1993.

Brent Avery, State of Emergency, HBO, 1994.

Older Stanton, Roswell (also known as Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up), Showtime, 1994.

Judge, The Client (also known as John Grisham's "The Client"), CBS, 1995.

Callahan, Mary and Tim, CBS, 1996.

Dr. Vibor, Legalese, TNT, 1998.

Coroner, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, HBO, 1999.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Billingsley, Mitchell and Woods, 1981.

Banker Sedgewick, All the Money in the World, ABC, 1983.

Mr. Coombs, Herndon and Me, ABC, 1983.

Chameleon, CBS, 1986.

Owner, An Enemy Among Us, CBS, 1987.

Arnold Le Borg, Tales from the Hollywood Hills: The Old Reliable (also known as The Old Reliable), PBS, 1988.

Voice, The U.S.-Mexican War, PBS, 1998.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

A minister, The Golden Girls, 1985.

The West Wing, NBC, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Man number two, "The Fledgling," The Waltons, 1976.

Detective number two, "J. J.'s New Career: Part 2," Good Times, 1976.

Mad trucker, "Breaker, Breaker," Good Times, 1977.

Counterman, "Sanctuary," Serpico, 1977.

"All the Money in the World," ABC Weekend Specials, ABC, 1977.

"I Quit," Eight Is Enough, 1977.

Mr. Marcus, "Grand Delusion," The Bob Newhart Show, 1977.

Mr. Stockwell, "George's Help," The Jeffersons, 1977.

"Isaac's Double Standard/One More Time/Chimpanzeeshines," The Love Boat, 1978.

Sheriff, "As Long as We're Together: Part 1," Little House on the Prairie, 1978.

Harry, "Dandruff," Starsky and Hutch, 1978.

Gus, "High Explosive," CHiPs, 1978.

Mr. Biletti, "Albert Hodges," The White Shadow, 1979.

Vernon, "Shotgun Wedding: Part 1," Happy Days, 1979.

Vernon, "Shotgun Wedding: Part 2," Laverne and Shirley, 1979.

Voice, Hello, Larry, NBC, 1979.

Man number two, "A Night to Remember," The Jeffersons, 1980.

"The Moonshiners," Enos, 1981.

Billingsley, "Mitchell and Woods," CHiPs, 1981.

Captain Rufus Pinkerton, Bret Maverick, ABC, 1981.

Richards, "Train of Thought," The Greatest American Hero, 1982.

Parent number two, "Sex and the Single Parent," Archie Bunker's Place, 1982.

"Landmark: Part 3," Barney Miller, 1982.

Maury, "Vera on the Lam," Alice, 1982.

"Mel's Dream Car," Alice, 1982.

Judge, "Jim's Inheritance," Taxi, 1982.

Boss Hopkins, "The Hazzardgate Tape," The Dukes of Hazzard, 1982.

Desk clerk, "The Will," Dynasty, 1982.

Mr. Blair, "Murder One," Falcon Crest, 1982.

Groyden night clerk, General Hospital, ABC, 1982.

Defense attorney, "The Custody Suit," Gimme a Break!, 1983.

"The Out-of-Towner," Goodnight, Beantown, 1983.

"Mr. Smith Gets Physical," Mr. Smith, 1983.

"Vickie's Song," Mike Hammer (also known as Mickey Spillane's "Mike Hammer" and The New Mike Hammer), 1984.

Jailer, "Go, Grandma, Go," Newhart, 1984.

Sergeant Bryant, "The American Dream," Airwolf (also known as Lobo del aire), 1985.

Dr. Harley Thorpe, "Knight by a Nose," Knight Rider, 1985.

Funeral home director, "In God We Strongly Suspect," Moonlighting, 1986.

Byron Adams, "Cease and Desist," Falcon Crest, 1986.

Byron Adams, "Cataclysm," Falcon Crest, 1986.

"Queen's Gambit," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), 1986.

"A Point of View," Our House, 1987.

Henson, "The Gift of Life," Highway to Heaven, 1987.

Mr. Harris, "Full Disclosure," Knots Landing, 1988.

A. Holding Coe, "The View from the Rear Terrace," Mathnet, 1988.

Ralph, "A Happy Guy's Christmas," Mr. Belvedere, 1989.

Mr. Dodd, "The Traveler," Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise), 1989.

Mr. Vandergelder, "The Gypsy Cried," Married … With Children, Fox, 1989.

Mr. Dodd, "Hour of the Wolf," Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise), 1989.

Mr. Dodd, "Common Good," Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise), 1989.

Mayor Quail, "The Case of the Ersatz Earthquake," Mathnet, 1990.

Mayor Quail, Square One TV, 1990.

Dr. Klien, "With a Mighty Heart," Life Goes On, 1990.

Ed, "Crate Expectations," Wings, NBC, 1991.

"Split Decision," MacGyver, 1991.

Harold, "Anchor Rancor," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1992.

Mr. Dagget, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished," Coach, ABC, 1992.

Civil Wars, ABC, 1992.

Mr. Waxman, Family Matters, ABC, 1993.

Admiral Hooker, Key West, Fox, 1993.

Mr. Waxman, "The Looney Bin," Family Matters, ABC, 1994.

Sid, Tom, ABC, 1994.

Ben Franklin, The George Carlin Show, Fox, 1994.

Archbishop MacGuire, "Father Connie," Pointman, 1995.

Billy Bob, Cleghorne!, The WB, 1995.

Wally Marshall, "The Brotherhood," Real Ghosts, UPN, 1995.

Country doctor, "The Package," Seinfeld, 1996.

Dr. Stanley, "Nice Work If You Can Get It," Melrose Place, Fox, 1996.

Walter Phillips, Murder One, ABC, 1996.

Dr. Varees, "Birthright," The Profiler, NBC, 1998.

"Dying to Dance," Fantasy Island, 1998.

Dr. Blankenship, "Chimera," The X-Files, Fox, 2000.

Victor Epps, "Roll Out the Barrel," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2000.

Providence, NBC, 2000.

Judge Chapman, "Recovery," Family Law, CBS, 2001.

Stage Appearances:

Beethoven/Karl, Playwrights Horizon Theatre, New York City, 1975.

Van Gogh's Ear, Fremont Center Theatre, Los Angeles, 2000.

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