McShane, Jamie

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McShane, Jamie

(Jamie Nelson Simon)


Native of New Jersey.

Addresses: Agent—Kim Dorr, Defining Artists, 10 Universal City Plaza, Suite 2000, Universal City, CA 91608.

Career: Actor.

Awards, Honors: Honorable mention, Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, 2002, for Fine.


Television Appearances; Series:

Gerry Whitehorn, a recurring role, 24, Fox, 2003–2004.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Detective, Philly ABC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Second marshal, "Armageddon," Once and Again, ABC, 2001.

"Power Play," Black Scorpion (also known as Roger Corman Presents "Black Scorpion"), Sci-Fi Channel, 2001.

Demon, "Redefinition," Angel (also known as Angel: The Series), The WB, 2001.

Second rebel, "There's No Place like Plrtz Glrb," Angel (also known as Angel: The Series), The WB, 2001.

First police officer, "Virgin Territory," The Division (also known as Heart of the City), Lifetime, 2001.

Paramedic, "Knock, Knock," Six Feet Under, HBO, 2001.

Customer, "Really Good Advice," Becker, CBS, 2001.

Tactical crew member, "The Andorian Incident," Enterprise (also known as Star Trek: Enterprise), UPN, 2001.

Jeff Berlin, "I-15 Murders," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Weekends, and Les Experts), CBS, 2001.

Eaton, "Nariz a Nariz," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2001.

Detective Paul Winslow, "Ho Down," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2002.

Sleazy hotel manager, "Lost and Found," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2002.

Wounded soldier, "Providence," The X-Files, Fox, 2002.

CIA agent, "The Enemy Walks In," Alias, ABC, 2002.

Man, "Serenity: Part 1," Firefly (also known as Firefly: The Series), Fox, 2002.

Wilhelm, "Ghost Dance," Tremors (also known as Tremors: The Series), Sci-Fi Channel, 2003.

Josh Rushing, "Finders Keepers," ER, NBC, 2003.

Iverson, "Mr. Monk Goes Back to School, Monk, FX Channel, 2003.

Father Michael Shannon, "Cara Fitzgerald," Nip/Tuck, 2003.

Member of crime scene unit, "Sinaloa Cowboys," Boomtown, NBC, 2003.

Criminologist, "Inadmissable," Boomtown, NBC, 2003.

Police officer, "Bruno Comes Back," The Handler, CBS, 2003.

Ned Mason, premiere episode, Deadwood, HBO, 2004.

"Frame of Mind," Dragnet (also known as L.A. Dragnet), ABC, 2004.

Dr. Hardin, "Third Day Story," The West Wing, NBC, 2004.

Leroy Lambert, "Mindhunters," Cold Case, CBS, 2004.

Paul Ballard, "Prime Suspect," Numb3rs, CBS, 2005.

Robert Healy, "Transitions," Without a Trace, CBS, 2005.

Greg Hermanson, "Past Imperfect," Blind Justice, ABC, 2005.

Eddie Vonner, "Bodies in Motion," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Weekends, and Les Experts), CBS, 2005.

Captain Andrew Dugan, "Sub Enchanted Evening," Commander in Chief, ABC, 2006.

Captain Andrew Dugan, "No Nukes Is Good Nukes," Commander in Chief, ABC, 2006.

Appeared as Officer Burton in an episode of Fastlane, Fox; also appeared in Strong Medicine, Lifetime.

Film Appearances:

(As Jamie Nelson Simon) First deputy, Macon County Jail (also known as Jailbreak), Concorde, 1997.

(As Jamie Nelson Simon) Michael Jacoby, The Census Taker (short film), 1998.

Miles Vanover, Landspeed, Landspeed Productions, 2002.

Detective, Go for Broke, Artisan Entertainment, 2002.

Victor, Legend of the Phantom Rider, 2002, Planet Media Home Entertainment, 2004.

Ed, Fine. (short film), American Film Institute, 2002.

Father Lonergan, The Gidge (short film), University of Southern California, 2003.

Radio announcer, Chasing Daylight, Hypnotic, 2004.

FBI Special Agent Kyle Vincson, Breach (short film), Storm Factory, 2004.

Federico, You Are So Going to Hell!, Cris Productions, 2004.

Joe Mack, Hostage, Miramax, 2005.

Vincent, Today You Die, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2005.

Dave, Nicky's Birthday Camera, Full-Film-It Entertainment/Two Nice Guys, 2006.

First referee, Gridiron Gang, Columbia, 2006.