Mcshane, Mark

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MCSHANE, Mark. Also writes as Marc Lovell. British (born Australia), b. 1929. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Humor/Satire. Publications: The Straight and Crooked, 1960; The Passing Evil, 1961; Seance on a Wet Afternoon, 1961; Untimely Ripped, 1962; The Girl Nobody Knows, 1965; Night's Evil, 1966; Way to Knowhere, 1967; Crimson Madness of Little Doom, 1968; Ill Met by a Fish Shop on George Street, 1968; Singular Case of the Multiple Dead, 1969; The Man Who Left Well Enough, 1970; Seance for Two, 1972; The Othello Complex, 1974; The Headless Snowman, 1974; Lifetime, 1977; The Hostage Game, 1979; The Spy Game, 1980; The Halcyon Way, 1982. AS MARC LOVELL: Ghost of Megan, 1968; Imitation Thieves, 1971; Lashed but not Leashed, 1976; A Presence in the House, 1973; An Enquiry into the Existence of Vampires, 1974; Dreamers in a Haunted House, 1975; The Blind Hypnotist, 1976; The Second Vanetti Affair, 1977; The Guardian Spector, 1977; Fog Sinister, 1977; A Voice from the Living, 1978; And They Say You Can't Buy Happiness, 1979; Hand over Mind, 1979; Shadows and Dark Places, 1980; The Spy with His Head in the Clouds, 1982; Spy on the Run, 1982; Apple Spy in the Sky, 1982; Apple to the Core, 1983; Looking for Kingford, 1983; How Green Was My Apple, 1984; The Only Good Apple in a Barrel of Spies, 1984; The Spy Who Got His Feet Wet, 1985; The Spy Who Barked in the Night, 1985; Good Spies Don't Grow on Trees, 1986; Just a Face in the Dark, 1987; That Great Big Trenchcoat in the Sky, 1988; The Spy Who Fell off the Back of the Bus, 1988; Ethel and the Naked Spy, 1989; Comfort Me with Spies, 1990; Once upon a Fairy Tale, 1990; Mourning Becomes the Hangman, 1991; The Fourth Nail, 2002; The Man Who Made Love, 2003. Address: Can Tumi, La Cabaneta, Majorca, Spain.