May, Bradford (Brad May)

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May, Bradford (Brad May)


Married Lisa Eilbacher (an actress).


Agent—Susan Sussman, Diverse Talent Group, 1925 Century Park E., Suite 880, Los Angeles, CA 90067.


Director and cinematographer. Also worked as photographer and camera operator, sometimes credited as Brad May.

Awards, Honors:

Emmy Award nomination, outstanding cinematography for a miniseries or special, 1989, for Favorite Son; Emmy Award, outstanding cinematography, 1992, for Lady Against the Odds.


Television Director and Cinematographer; Movies:

Fatal Friendship, NBC, 1991.

Amy Fisher: My Story (also known as Lethal Lolita and Lethal Lolita—Amy Fisher: My Story), NBC, 1992.

Lady Against the Odds, NBC, 1992.

It's Nothing Personal, NBC, 1993.

Marilyn & Bobby: Her Final Affair, USA Network, 1993.

Fight for Justice: The Nancy Conn Story, NBC, 1995.

Gramps (also known as Lethal Intent and Relative Fear), 1995.

The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A., NBC, 1995.

Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice, NBC, 1996.

Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, HBO, 1996.

The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood, NBC, 2000.

Hunter: Return to Justice, NBC, 2002.

Film Director; Movies:

The Lady Forgets, CBS, 1989.

(And producer) Drive Like Lightning, USA Network, 1992.

Legacy of Lies, USA Network, 1992.

Mortal Sins, USA Network, 1992.

Trouble Shooters: Trapped beneath the Earth, NBC, 1993.

Gargantua, Fox. 1998.

Millennium Man (also known as No Escape—Der Kampf mit der bestie), UPN, 1999.

Mask of the Ninja, Spike, 2008.

Television Cinematographer; Movies:

Brotherly Love, CBS, 1985.

Do You Remember Love, CBS, 1985.

Downpayment on Murder, NBC, 1987.

Private Eye, NBC, 1987.

Who Gets the Friends?, NBC, 1988.

Television Work; Series:

Director, JAG (also known as JAG: Judge Advocate General), CBS, multiple episodes, between 2000 and 2004.

Director and producer, First Monday, CBS, 2002.

Director and cinematographer, Tremors, Sci-Fi Channel, 2003.

Director, supervising producer, and cinematographer, Wildfire, ABC Family Channel, 2007-2008.

Executive producer of Over My Dead Body, CBS; Me and Mom, ABC, Otherworld, CBS, and Simon & Simon, CBS.

Television Work; Miniseries:

Cinematographer, Out on a Limb, ABC, 1987.

Director and cinematographer, Favorite Son (also known as Target: Favorite Son), NBC, 1988.

Director, Asteroid (also known as Asteroid: The Sky Is Falling), NBC, 1997.

Television Work; Specials:

Cinematographer, My Dissident Mom, CBS, 1987.

Director and cinematographer, Madonna: Innocence Lost, Fox, 1994.

Director, Ring of Death, Spike, 2008.

Television Work; Pilots:

Cinematographer, Things Are Looking Up, CBS, 1984.

Executive producer and director, Over My Dead Body, CBS, 1990.

Director, Hawaii-Five 0, CBS, 1997.

Television Director; Episodic:

"Gramma," The Twilight Zone (also known as The New Twilight Zone), CBS, 1986.

"Nightsong," The Twilight Zone (also known as The New Twilight Zone), CBS, 1986.

"The Card," The Twilight Zone (also known as The New Twilight Zone), CBS, 1987.

"The Baron's Bride," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday's Curse and Friday the 13th: The Series), syndicated, 1988.

"Evil Is Live Spelled Backward: Parts 1 & 2," Midnight Caller, 1989.

(And cinematographer) The Burning Zone, UPN, 1996.

The Net, USA Network, 1998.

"Double Trouble," Nash Bridges (also known as Bridges), CBS, 2000.

"Something Borrowed," Nash Bridges (also known as Bridges), CBS, 2001.

"Ubique," Witchblade, TNT, 2002.

Haunted, UPN, 2002.

"Sea Dog," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as NCIS and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2003.

"Aqua," Smallville (also known as Smallville Beginnings and Smallville: Superman the Early Years), UPN, 2005.

"Tall Tales," Supernatural, CW Network, 2007.

Also directed episodes of The Equalizer, CBS; (and cinematographer) Hawaii Five-0 (also known as McGarrett); Mancuso, F.B.I., NBC; Midnight Caller, NBC; and Tour of Duty, CBS.

Television Cinematographer; Episodic:

"Dead Woman's Shoes/Wong's Lost and Found Emporium, " The Twilight Zone (also known as The New Twilight Zone), CBS, 1985.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Man backstage, Madonna: Innocence Lost, Fox, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Agent Brad, "Deleted," The Net, USA Network, 1998.

Film Director:

The Mystery of Manon, 1989.

(And cinematographer) Darkman II: The Return of Durant, Universal, 1994.

The Return of Hunter (also known as The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A.), 1994.

Devil's Prey, Studio Home Entertainment, 2001.

Film Cinematographer:

The Monster Squad, TriStar, 1987.

Internet Director; Series:

Wildfire Webisodes, 2008.



Monster Squad Forever!, Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment, 2007.