London, Jerry 1937-

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London, Jerry 1937-


Full name, Jerome R. London; born January 21, 1937, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Micky and Ann (maiden name, Rae) London; married Marilynn Landau, June 15, 1958; children: Lisa Monet, Todd Mitchell (an actor and producer). Education: Attended University of California, Los Angeles.


Manager—Don Klein, Don Klein Management Group, 8840 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 207, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.


Director, producer, and film editor. Desilu Productions, Los Angeles, apprentice film editor, 1955, film editor, 1955-65; Bing Crosby Productions, associate producer, 1965-71; Jerry London Productions, founder, 1984.

Awards, Honors:

Emmy Award nomination, outstanding directing in a limited series or special, and Directors Guild of America Award (with others), outstanding directorial achievement in specials, both 1981, for Shogun; Emmy Award nominations (with others), outstanding limited series, 1984, for Chiefs, and 1985, for Ellis Island.


Television Director; Movies:

Killdozer, 1974.

McNaughton's Daughter (also known as Try to Catch a Saint), 1976.

Cover Girls, 1977.

Swan Song, 1980.

Father Figure, 1980.

(And producer) The Ordeal of Bill Carney, CBS, 1981.

(And executive producer) Manhunt for Claude Dallas, CBS, 1986.

(And executive producer) Kiss Shot, CBS, 1989.

(And executive producer) The Haunting of Sarah Hardy, USA Network, 1989.

Vestige of Honor, CBS, 1990.

Victim of Love (also known as Raw Heat), CBS, 1991.

(And producer) Calendar Girl, Cop Killer: The Bambi Bembenek Story (also known as The Heart of the Lie), ABC, 1992.

Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story, CBS, 1993.

A Twist of the Knife, CBS, 1993.

The Return of I Spy (also known as I Spy Returns), CBS, 1993.

A Mother's Gift (also known as A Lantern in Her Hand), CBS, 1995.

A Promise to Carolyn, CBS, 1996.

A Holiday for Love (also known as Christmas in My Hometown), CBS, 1996.

Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story, CBS, 1997.

I'll Be Home for Christmas, CBS, 1997.

Stolen Women, Captured Hearts (also known as Stolen Women), CBS, 1997.

Beauty, CBS, 1998.

As Time Runs Out (also known as Course contre le temps), CBS, 1999.

Take Me Home: The John Denver Story, CBS, 2000.

(And producer) Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within, CBS, 2001.

Counterstrike, TBS, 2003.

Television Executive Producer; Movies:

With Intent to Kill (movie; also known as Urge to Kill), CBS, 1984.

Family Sins (movie), CBS, 1987.

Television Director; Miniseries:

Wheels (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Wheels"), 1977.

Evening in Byzantium, 1978.

Women in White, 1979.

Shogun (also known as James Clavell's "Shogun"), NBC, 1980.

The Scarlet and the Black (also known as The Vatican Pimpernel and Scarlatto e nero), 1982.

(And supervising producer) Chiefs (also known as Once Upon a Murder), CBS, 1983.

(And supervising producer) Ellis Island, CBS, 1984.

(And supervising producer) If Tomorrow Comes, CBS, 1985.

(And producer) Dadah Is Death (also known as Barlow and Chambers: A Long Way from Home and Deadly Decision), CBS, 1988.

A Season of Giants (also known as Michelangelo: The Last Giant), TNT, 1991.

Grass Roots, NBC, 1992.

Television Director; Series:

The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, multiple episodes, 1973.

The Rockford Files (also known as Jim Rockford, Private Investigator), NBC, multiple episodes, between 1974 and 1977.

Television Series Work; Other:

Editor, Hogan's Heroes, CBS, 1965-66.

Editorial supervisor, Hogan's Heroes, CBS, 1965-69.

Producer, Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1983.

Producer, Hollywood Beat, ABC, 1985.

Associate producer of The Doris Day Show.

Television Director; Episodic:

"Home Is Where the Heart Is," The Partridge Family, 1972.

"Waiting for Bolero," The Partridge Family, 1972.

"My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage," The Partridge Family, 1972.

"The Partridge Papers," The Partridge Family, 1972.

"Career Fever," The Brady Bunch, 1972.

"Fright Night," The Brady Bunch, 1972.

"Ellen's Flip Side," Temperatures Rising (also known as The New Temperatures Rising Show), 1972.

"Good Luck, Leftkowitz," Temperatures Rising (also known as The New Temperatures Rising Show), 1972.

"Love and the Return of Raymond," Love, American Style, ABC, 1972.

"Love and the Old Lover," Love, American Style, ABC, 1973.

"Love and the Model Apartment," Love, American Style, ABC, 1973.

"Adios Johnny Bravo," The Brady Bunch, 1973.

"The Elopement," The Brady Bunch, 1973.

"Lou's Second Date," Mary Tyler Moore (also known as The Mary Tyler Moore Show), CBS, 1974.

"Burning Bright," The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC, 1974.

"Nuclear Alert," The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC, 1974.

"You Go to My Head," Happy Days (also known as Happy Days Again), ABC, 1974.

"Mayday," Harry O, ABC, 1975.

"Hostage," Harry O, ABC, 1976.

"Canyon of Death," The Bionic Woman, 1976.

"Say Goodbye to Yesterday," City of Angels, 1976.

"Sarah Who?," Police Woman, 1976.

"Tour de Force—Killer Aboard," Hawaii Five-0 (also known as McGarrett), 1976.

"Pressure Point," Police Story, NBC, 1977.

Premiere episode, Hollywood Beat, ABC, 1985.

"My Darlin' Clementine," Tall Tales and Legends (also known as Shelley Duvall's "Tall Tales and Legends"), Showtime, 1987.

California, 1997.

"Hostage," 100 Centre Street, Arts and Entertainment, 2001.

"And Justice for Some," 100 Centre Street, Arts and Entertainment, 2001.

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished," 100 Centre Street, Arts and Entertainment, 2001.

"Killer Instinct," JAG, CBS, 2001.

"Dog Robber: Part 2," JAG, CBS, 2001.

"What It Means to You," The Guardian, CBS, 2003.

"Maternal Mirrors," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2003.

"Life in the Balance," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2004.

"What About What Was Supposed to Be …," What About Brian, ABC, 2006.

Also directed episodes of Chicago Hope, CBS; Delvecchio, CBS; Diagnosis Murder, CBS; Dream On, HBO; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; The Feather and Father Gang, ABC; The Flying Nun; Here We Go Again, ABC; Hogan's Heroes, CBS; Joe Forrester, NBC; Kojak, CBS; Lucas Tanner, NBC; Marcus Welby, M.D. (also known as Robert Young, Family Doctor), ABC; The Paul Lynde Show; Petrocelli, NBC.

Television Director; Pilots:

The Chicago Story, NBC, 1981.

(And producer) Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1983.

(And producer) MacGruder and Loud, ABC, 1984.

(And producer) Dark Mansions, ABC, 1986.

(And producer) Harry's Hong Kong (also known as China Hand), ABC, 1987.

The Cosby Mysteries (also known as Guy Hanks I), NBC, 1994.

Television Producer; Pilots:

Bridget Loves Bernie, 1972.

Television Director; Specials:

Ma and Pa, 1974.

The World of Darkness, CBS, 1977.

Escapade, CBS, 1978.

(And producer) The Gift of Life, CBS, 1982.

Television Associate Producer; Episodic:

"Bombsight," Hogan's Heroes, CBS, 1969.

Film Director:

(And executive producer) Games Guys Play, 1975.

Rent-a-Cop, Kings Road Productions, 1988.