London String Quartet

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London String Quartet. Founded 1908 by Warwick Evans, cellist, with Albert Sammons and Thomas Petre, vns., and H. Waldo Warner, va. First public concert Bechstein Hall, London, 26 Jan. 1910. Sammons succeeded by James Levey 1917–27, in turn succeeded by John Pennington, 1927–35. Petre absent 1914–19. Warner succeeded 1929 by Philip Sainton, in turn succeeded by William Primrose 1930–5. Toured USA and Canada annually 1920–35. Set high standards. Disbanded Jan. 1935. Gave of several British works and in 1914 perf. 3 movts. of Schoenberg's 2nd str. qt. Name acquired 1958 by qt. comprising Erich Gruenberg and Lionel Bentley (vns.), Keith Cummings (va.), and Douglas Cameron (vc.). They had been New London Quartet 1950–6. Disbanded 1961.