Laustsen, Dan 1954–

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LAUSTSEN, Dan 1954–


Born June 15, 1954, in Aalborg, Denmark. Education: National Film School of Denmark, graduated 1979.

Addresses: Agent— Sandra Marsh Management, 9150 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 220, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Career: Cinematographer. Previously worked as stillsman, 1972–?; also worked as a cinematographer on commercials and as a photography apprentice with Schiller–Photography.

Awards, Honors: Bodil Award, best photography, Bodil Festival, 1982, for Gummi–Tarzan; Danish Academy Award, best cinematography, Robert Award, best cinematography, Robert Festival, 1984, for Isfugle; Danish Academy Award, best cinematography, Robert Award, best cinematography, 1989, both for Skyggen af Emma; Danish Academy Award, best cinematography, Robert Award, best cinematography, 1990, both for Miraklet i Valby; Robert Award nomination, best cinematography, 2001, for Dykkerne; Robert Award, best cinematography, Golden Frog Award nomination, Camerimage, 2003, both for I Am Dina.


Film Cinematographer:

Kloden rokker (also known as This Rockin' Globe), 1978.

Skal vi danse foerst? (also known as Do We Start Off with a Dance?), 1979.

Danmark er lukket (also known as Denmark Closed Down), 1980.

Har du set Alice? (also known as Have You Seen Alice?), 1981.

Gummi–Tarzan (also known as Rubber Tarzan), 1981.

Den Ubetaenksomme elsker (also known as The Thoughtless Lover), 1982.

Otto er et naesehorn (also known as Otto Is a Rhino), 1983.

Isfugle (also known as Thunderbirds and Kingfishers), 1983.

Motivation (documentary short film), 1983.

Dansk bladtegning—danske bladtegnere. En dokumentation 1983 (documentary short film; also known as Danish Newspaper Drawings), 1983.

Min farmors hus (also known as My Grandmother's House), 1984.

Elise, 1985.

Johannes' hemmelighed (also known as Johannes' Secret), 1985.

Naar bare han kan taelle koeerne (short film), 1985.

De tavse piger (documentary; also known as The Quiet Girls), 1985.

Jeg ville foerst finde sandheden (documentary; also known as I Wanted to Find the Truth First), 1987.

Ansigt til ansigt (documentary; also known as Face to Face), 1987.

Skyggen af Emma (also know as Emma's Shadow), 1988.

Guldregn (also known as A Shower of Rain and Gold Rain … or Laburnum), 1988.

David or Goliath (documentary), 1988.

(Second unit) Himmel og Helvede (also known as Heaven and Hell), 1988.

(Second unit) Lykeen er en underlig fisk (also known as Happiness Is a Strange Fish), 1989.

Miraklet i Valby (also known as The Miracle in Valby), 1989.

Giselle (documentary), 1991.

Drengene Fra Sankt Petri (also known as The Boys from St. Petri, Rebellerna fraan St. Petri, Sankt Petrin pojat, and St. Petrin sankarit), 1991.

Soeren Kierkegaard (documentary), 1994.

Nattevagten (also known as Nightwatch), 1994.

Carmen & Babyface, 1995.

Mimic, Dimension Films, 1997.

Nightwatch, Dimension Films, 1998.

Qaamarngup uummataa (also known as Hearts of Light and Lysets hjerte), 1998.

Running Free, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1999.

Dykkerne (also known as Beyond, The Divers, and Dykarna), Nordisk Film Biografdistribution, 2000.

Le pacte des loups (also known as Brotherhood of the Wolf), Universal, 2001.

I Am Dina (also known as Jeg er Dina, Dina, Ich bin Dina, and Jag aer Dina), Columbia TriStar, 2002.

The Adventurer, 2002.

Darkness Falls (also known as Don't Peek), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2003.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (also known as LXG, The League, and Die Liga der aussergewoehnlichen Gentleman), Twentieth Century–Fox, 2003.

Film Assistant Camera:

Lille Virgil og Orla Froesnapper (also known as Little Virgil and Frogeater Orla), 1980.

Film Appearances:

Himself, The Making of "Darkness Falls" (documentary short film), Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2003.

Television Cinematographer; Miniseries:

Den Biskop korsikanske (also known as The Corsican Bishop), 1993.

Charlot og Charlotte (also known as Charlot and Charlotte), 1996.

Dybt vand (also known as Deep Water), 1999.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Himself, Le pacte des loups—Les coulisses du tourange (documentary; also known as The Making Of Brotherhood of the Wolf), 2001.

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