LaCroix, Peter (Peter LaCoix, Peter Lacroix)

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LaCroix, Peter (Peter LaCoix, Peter Lacroix)


Some sources state that LaCroix is from Canada.



Awards, Honors:

Leo Award nomination, best performance by a male in a motion picture, Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia, 2000, for Noroc.


Film Appearances:

First guard, Chaindance (also known as Common Bonds), New City Releasing, 1990.

First police officer, Mystery Date, Orion, 1991.

(As Peter Lacroix) Robert, Two Brothers, a Girl and a Gun, Black Market Motion Pictures/Katydid Productions, 1993.

Fourth man, For a Few Lousy Dollars, Front Row Communications/IndustryWorks Distribution/ Showcase Entertainment/New Film International, 1996.

Austraat, Bounty Hunters, Dimension Films, 1997.

Officer, Kitchen Party, Cadence Entertainment, 1997.

(As Peter Lacroix) Sanderson, Free Willy 3: The Rescue (also known as Willy 3), Warner Bros., 1997.

Ernest Strick, Disturbing Behavior (also known as Disturbing Behaviour), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1998.

Petru, Noroc, Versatile Pictures, 1999.

Rodeski, The Silencer, Prophecy Entertainment, 1999.

David Parks, They (also known as Wes Craven Presents: "They"), Miramax/Dimension Films, 2002.

(As Peter Lacroix) McAdam, Greenmail, DEJ Productions/Promark Entertainment/Sodona Entertainment, 2002.

Dusty, Spook, Mighty Pharaoh Films, 2003.

General Bulworth, The Thing Below (also known as Ghost Rig 2: The Legend of the Sea Ghost, Sea Ghost, and The Thing Below), DEJ Productions, 2004.

Mature Alan, Riding the Bullet, Innovation Film Group, 2004.

Rod, The Deal, Deal Street Pictures/Front Street Productions, 2005.

Male officer, Mount Pleasant, Christal Films, 2006.

Coburg, Vice, Romar Entertainment, 2008.

Television Appearances; Series:

Martin Walker, North of 60, CBC, c. 1997.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Horse trailer driver, Atomic Train (also known as Atomic Train—Zugfahrt ins Jenseits, Riesgo final, and Zugfahrt ins Jenseits), NBC, 1999.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Helsman Claar, Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster (also known as Disaster at Valdez), HBO, 1992.

First police officer, Born to Run, Fox, 1993.

Corporal, Moment of Truth: To Walk Again, NBC, 1994.

Security guard, Nowhere to Hide, ABC, 1994.

Dr. One, For Hope, ABC, 1996.

First deputy, A Kidnapping in the Family, ABC, 1996.

Fin Gallagher, Sweet Deception (also known as Sweet Lies), Fox Family Channel, 1998.

Lester, Voyage of Terror (also known as The Fourth Horseman and Die Schreckensfahrt der Orion Star), Family Channel, 1998.

Ranger Mike McNulty, The Hunted (also known as Die Gejagte), USA Network, 1998.

Kelsey, Secret of Giving (also known as Christmas in Calico), CBS, 1999.

Martin Walker, In the Blue Ground, CBC, 1999.

Martin Walker, Trial by Fire, CBC, 2000.

Tom Hewitt, My Brother's Keeper (also known as Brother's Keeper), USA Network, 2002.

(As Peter Lacroix) Captain Thorndale, The Colt, The Hallmark Channel, 2005.

Jack Baxter, Anna's Storm (also known as Hell's Rain), Lifetime Movie Network, 2007.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Harry, Domesticide, CBC, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Agent Steve, "Changing Houses," Wiseguy, CBS, 1990.

Detective, "Brrump-Bump," Wiseguy, CBS, 1990.

"Gun Down," Bordertown (also known as Les deux font la loi), Family Channel and CanWest Global Television, 1990.

"A Fugue for Mr. X," Mom P.I., CBC, 1991.

(As Peter LaCoix) "Nowhere Fast," Neon Rider, syndicated, 1991.

First salesperson, The Round Table, NBC, 1992.

Dwight, "Ascension," The X-Files, Fox, 1994.

Examiner, "Dog Days," The Commish, ABC, 1994.

Ranheim and Frank Druce, "E.B.E.," The X-Files, Fox, 1994.

SWAT person, Birdland, ABC, 1994.

Devlin, "Blind Man's Bluff," Strange Luck (also known as Drole de chance, Strange Luck—Dem Zufall auf der Spur, and Um homem de sorte), Fox, 1995.

"Providence," Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years, CTV (Canada) and syndicated, 1995, series originally known as Lonesome Dove: The Series.

Sheriff, "The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy," Sliders, Fox, 1996.

Zach, "Dark Priest," Poltergeist: The Legacy (also known as Poltergeist, El legado, Poltergeist—Die unheimliche Macht, Poltergeist: El legado, and Poltergeist, les aventuriers du surnaturel), Showtime and syndicated, 1996.

Brent Marten, "Hear No Evil," The Sentinel (also known as Sentinel), UPN, 1997.

Nathaniel Teager, "Unrequited," The X-Files, Fox, 1997.

(As Peter Lacroix) Ashrak, "In the Line of Duty," Stargate SG-1 (also known as La porte des etoiles and Stargaate SG-1), Showtime and syndicated, 1998.

(As Peter Lacroix) Ashrak, "Serpent's Song," Stargate SG-1 (also known as La porte des etoiles and Stargaate SG-1), Showtime and syndicated, 1998.

Brian, "Known to the Ministry," Da Vinci's Inquest (also known as Coroner Da Vinci), CBC, 1998.

James Ellerbee, "Trust No One," Viper, syndicated, 1998.

Victor de Jarre, "Christopher Williams," Cold Squad (also known as Files from the Past, Cold Squad, brigade speciale, and Halott uegyek), CTV (Canada), 1998.

Walter Ordway, "Stagecoach Marty," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1998.

Agent Ben Siley, "Chem Lab," The Net, USA Network, 1999.

Petrovitch, "Peacekeepers," Seven Days (also known as 7 Days and Seven Days: The Series), UPN, 2000.

(As Peter Lacroix) Darrell Hansen, "Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine," The Twilight Zone, UPN, 2002.

"Episode 39," Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (also known as Beyond Belief and Strange Truth: Fact or Fiction), Fox, 2002.

Kendrick, "Revisions," Stargate SG-1 (also known as La porte des etoiles and Stargaate SG-1), Sci-Fi Channel and syndicated, 2003.

Sheriff Jim Conrad, "Becoming," The 4400 (also known as 4400), USA Network and Sky One, 2004.

Ron, "You Have to Bleed a Little," Da Vinci's City Hall, CBC, 2005.

Sheriff, "Fierce," Smallville (also known as Smallville Beginnings and Smallville: Superman the Early Years), The CW, 2007.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Assistant director, Diagnosis Murder (also known as A Diagnosis of Murder), CBS, 1992.

Appeared as Deputy Yager in the unaired pilot for Wolf Lake, CBS.