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Kruse, Doug

(Doug Cruse)


Born in Amityville, NY. Education: Marquette University, B.A., philosophy and English (with honors); studied law at Hofstra University; attended the master thesis class at the Stella Adler Conservatory and studied with others.

Addresses: Agent—Aqua Talent, 9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 515, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actor, director, producer, and writer. Appeared in advertisements. Also conducted acting seminars and spoke at various venues.

Awards, Honors: Director's Award, best director of a short film, Trenton Film Festival, 2005, and other film festival recognition, all for Nod; film festival recognition for his screenplay nee Claudey.


Film Appearances:

Douglas, Rorschach, Fugitive Guy Productions, 1993.

Skinhead speaker, A Low Down Dirty Shame (also known as Mister Cool), Buena Vista, 1994.

Lieutenant Wilson, Shooting Creek (short film), Atom-Films, 1995.

Mani, Hard Justice, Nu-Image Films, 1995.

Freeway police officer, Caught Up, Live Film and Mediaworks, 1998.

(As Doug Cruse) Gerrad, Champions, A-pix Entertainment, 1998.

Detective Carney, I Like to Play Games Too, Mystique Films, 1999.

Sid, A Perfect Little Man, 1999.

Roarke Anders, Nod (short film), Doug Meets, 2004.

Film Work:

Executive producer, director, and editor, Nod (short film), Doug Meets, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Walter's instructor, The Tuskegee Airmen, HBO, 1995.

Reporter, Crime of the Century, HBO, 1996.

Leer, Double Tap, HBO, 1997.

Television Appearances; Specials:

One Love: The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Technician, "Ring around the Nosey," The Parent 'Hood, The WB, 1995.

Dobbs, "Vanished," JAG, CBS, 1997.

Cross, "Val Got Game," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 1998.

Tony, "Hired Guns," Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (also known as SOF, Inc., S.O.F., Inc., and S.O.F. Special Ops Force), syndicated, 1998.

Felix, "Red Storm," Martial Law, CBS, 1999.

Captain Ted Danko, "Genesis," 18 Wheels of Justice, The National Network, 2000.

Cross, "New Val'd Order," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 2000.

DEA supervisor Marzorati, "Jackpot: Part 2," Nash Bridges (also known as Bridges), CBS, 2000.

EV-1 man, "Holy Val," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 2001.

EV-1 man, "South by Southwest," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 2001.

EV-1 man, "The K Files," V.I.P. (also known as V.I.P.—Die Bodyguards), syndicated, 2002.

Al Clarkson, "Love Conquers Al," Cold Case, CBS, 2003.

Patton Birch, "The Getaway," Alias, ABC, 2003.

Agent Downing, "Wing beneath My Wing," Commander in Chief, ABC, 2006.

Appeared as Frank in an episode of America's Most Wanted (also known as America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back and A.M.W.), Fox; as a reenactment actor in Arrest & Trial, syndicated; and as John Grigsby in "This Land Is Your Land" (also known as "This Land …"), an unaired episode of Line of Fire (also known as Lines of Fire), ABC.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Eddie, Hotel, UPN, 2003.

Stage Appearances:

Appeared as a cab driver, Waiting for Lefty, Stella Adler Theatre, New York City. Appeared in several other productions.


Video Games:

Voice of Nazi, Noir (also known as Noir: A Shadowy Thriller), Cyberdreams/Strategic Marketing Partners, 1996.



Nod (short film), Doug Meets, 2004.

Wrote other screenplays, including nee Claudey.



Doug Kruse Home Page,, October 31, 2006.

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