Hansen, Peter 1921– (Peter Hanson)

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HANSEN, Peter 1921
(Peter Hanson)


Born December 5, 1921, in Oakland, CA; married Betty Moe (deceased); children: three. Education: Studied acting at Pasadena Playhouse; studied at University of Michigan College of Design and Architecture. Avocational Interests: Traveling, golf.

Addresses: Agent Stone Manners Agency, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550, Los Angeles, CA 90048. Office c/o General Hospital, ABC Television Center, 4151 Prospect Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Career: Actor. Appeared in television commercials as Mr. Plymouth, c. 1950s; KCOPTV, director of news and special events, beginning 1961; flight instructor, Corpus Christi, TX. Military service: Naval Air Corps, World War II, Marine fighter pilot; three air medals, Distinguished Flying Cross.

Awards, Honors: Emmy Award nomination, outstanding actor in a daytime drama, 1973, Daytime Emmy Award, outstanding supporting actor in a daytime drama series, 1979, both for General Hospital.


Television Appearances; Series:

Rezin Bowie, The Adventures of Jim Bowie (also known as Jim Bowie ), ABC, c. 1956.

Peter Morrison, Ben Jerrod, NBC, 1963.

Lieutenant colonel Van Pelt, a recurring role, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., CBS, 19641965.

Mr. Parkson, Mr. Novak, NBC, 19641965.

Lee Baldwin, General Hospital, ABC, 19651986, 1992.

Lee Baldwin, Port Charles (also known as Port Charles: Miracles Happen, Port Charles: Tempted, and Port Charles: Time in a Bottle ), ABC, 19971999, and 2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Dr. Innes, In the Best Interest of the Child, CBS, 1990.

Doctor, Daddy (also known as Danielle Steel's "Daddy "), NBC, 1991.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Jim Roberts, "The Lamp", Letter to Loretta, NBC, 1954.

Marshall Jim, "Homer with a High Hat", The Lone Ranger, ABC, 1954.

"Duel at the O.K. Corral", Cavalcade of America, ABC, 1954.

"The Unknown", Your Favorite Story, 1954.

Captain Chuck Boske, "Armed", Stage 7, CBS, 1955.

Deputy Bill Taylor, "The Law Lady", The Lone Ranger, ABC, 1955.

Dr. Dan Scott, "Beyond Return", Science Fiction Theater, syndicated, 1955.

Peter Sawtelle, "Sawtelle's Saga's End", The Lone Ranger, ABC, 1955.

Sheriff Jack Morrison, "Sheriff's Sale", The Lone Ranger, ABC, 1955.

Simms, "The Sapphire Mink", The Public Defender, CBS, 1955.

Smiley Phillips, "Death Goes to Press", The Lone Ranger, ABC, 1955.

"The Two Dollar Bettor", Lux Video Theatre, NBC, 1955.

Dr. Edgar Barnes, "Doctor Robert", Science Fiction Theater, syndicated, 1956.

Dr. Henry Maxton, "The Unguided Missile", Science Fiction Theater, syndicated, 1956.

Dr. Warren Stark, "Signals from the Heart", Science Fiction Theater, syndicated, 1956.

(As Peter Hanson) Lawyer, "Faceless Adversary", Climax!, CBS, 1956.

Professor Norman Hughes, "The Throwback", Science Fiction Theater, syndicated, 1956.

Smith, "Grandpa Changes the World", Telephone Time, CBS, 1956.

"Medicine Man", Broken Arrow, ABC, 1956.

(As Peter Hanson) Barry, "The Marines Have Landed", Navy Log, ABC, 1957.

Dr. Jim Wallaby, "The Strange Lodger", Science Fiction Theater, syndicated, 1957.

Holton, "Village of Fear", Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1957.

Sam Travis, "TwentySix Hours to Sunrise", Panic!, NBC, 1957.

(As Peter Hanson) Tim Wilson, "The Homicide Habit", Richard Diamond, Private Detective, CBS, 1957.

"The Lady and the Atom", Navy Log, ABC, 1957.

"The Sea Dragon", The Silent Service, syndicated, 1957.

"The Seahorse Story", The Silent Service, syndicated, 1957.

"White Man's Magic", Broken Arrow, ABC, 1957.

Bennett, "Mark of the Octopus", Sea Hunt, syndicated, 1958.

Dr. Harvey, "Operation Greta", How to Marry a Millionaire, syndicated, 1958.

Frank Bonner, "The Payoff", Richard Diamond, Private Detective, CBS, 1958.

George Camden, "Triangle of Death", Tombstone Territory, ABC, 1958.

Howard Black, "The Case of the HalfWakened Wife", Perry Mason, CBS, 1958.

Phillip Tyler (Scott's partner), "San Francisco Story", Frontier Doctor, syndicated, 1958.

(As Peter Hanson) Quent Todd, "A Pressing Engagement", The Restless Gun, NBC, 1958.

"The Accuser", Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1958.

"The Amphibian", Sea Hunt, syndicated, 1958.

"Dead Man's Cove", Sea Hunt, syndicated, 1958.

"Invisible Enemy", Man without a Gun, syndicated, 1958.

Dr. Charles Cooper, "Space Trap", Men into Space, CBS, 1959.

Mike Walker, "The Golden Shanty", Goodyear Theatre, NBC, 1959.

Teddy Wright, "Election Day", Bat Masterson, NBC, 1959.

Lawrence Deville, "The Cactus Switch", Maverick, ABC, 1961.

"Dead Man's Tale", Death Valley Days, syndicated, 1961.

"Miracle at Boot Hill", Death Valley Days, syndicated, 1961.

Harry, "Snowball", The Untouchables, ABC, 1963.

Dr. Sidney Oliver, "Interlude", The Lieutenant, NBC, 1964.

Flood control officer, "Nature's Way", Lassie, CBS, 1964.

Mr. Sloan, "Why Won't Anybody Listen?", Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1964.

Steve, "Local Girl Makes Good", Petticoat Junction, CBS, 1964.

Flood control officer, "High Water", Lassie, CBS, 1965.

Lee Haynes, "The Monster", The F.B.I., ABC, 1965.

Major Locke, "The Brain of Colonel Barham", The Outer Limits, ABC, 1965.

George Conners, "The Predators", The F.B.I., ABC, 1968.

Dunlap, "Tender Soldier", Police Woman, NBC, 1976.

Major Drake, How the West Was Won (multiple episodes), ABC, 1978.

Dr. Elliot Clayton, "The Triangle", The Golden Girls, NBC, 1985.

Officer, "Blood and Honor", Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1985.

Wells, "Enter the Jaguar", Simon & Simon, CBS, 1985.

"Exit Stage Center", Cagney & Lacey, CBS, 1986.

General Elliot, "Starscape: Part 2", Starman, ABC, 1987.

Miles Cameron, "Judgment Call", Simon & Simon, CBS, 1987.

Daniel T. Collier, "And God Created Woodman", Cheers, NBC, 1988.

Judge Jeffrey Liddle, "Romancing the Drone", L.A. Law, NBC, 1988.

Lloyd Grant, "First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers", Simon & Simon, CBS, 1988.

Mr. Littlefield, "Carol's Promotion", Growing Pains, ABC, 1989.

Ted, "This Old Man", Night Court, NBC, 1989.

Edgar, "The Celebrity", Matlock, NBC, 1991.

Jack, "Rizzendough Revisited", Coach, ABC, 1992.

Older lawyer, Home Free, ABC, 1993.

Also appeared in Day in Court, ABC.

Television Appearances; Other:

Major Drake, How the West Was Won (miniseries), ABC, 1977.

Marshall, Bar Girls (pilot), CBS, 1990.

The General Hospital 35th Anniversary Show (special), ABC, 1998.

Film Appearances:

Dr. Steven Clark, Darling, How Could You! (also known as Rendezvous ), Paramount, 1951.

Dr. Tony Drake, When Worlds Collide, Paramount, 1951.

Lieutenant Crosby, The Last Outpost (also known as Cavalry Charge ), Paramount, 1951.

Michael Karns, Passage West (also known as High Venture ), Paramount, 1951.

Ted, The Goldbergs (also known as Molly ), Paramount, 1951.

Tonio, Branded, Paramount, 1951.

Lieutenant Weston Hathersall, The Savage, Paramount, 1952.

(Uncredited) Stage cast member, Something to Live For, Paramount, 1952.

(Uncredited) Captain Fred Osborne, Prisoner of War, MetroGoldwynMayer, 1954.

Lieutenant Goodsall, Drum Beat, Warner Bros., 1954.

Captain Cochrane, Top of the World, United Artists, 1955.

Detective Connors, Hell on Frisco Bay, Warner Bros., 1955.

Fred (a Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP] officer or mountie), A Bullet for Joey, United Artists, 1955.

(Uncredited) George Menefee, The Violent Men (also known as The Bandits and Rough Company ), Columbia, 1955.

Dr. Frazee, A Cry in the Night, Warner Bros., 1956.

Lieutenant junior grade Hutchins, The Proud and Profane, Paramount, 1956.

(Uncredited) The Ten Commandments, Paramount, 1956.

Karl Plesser, 5 Steps to Danger, United Artists, 1957.

Lieutenant Marr, Three Violent People, Paramount, 1957.

Lieutenant Dooley, The Deep Six, Warner Bros., 1958.

(Uncredited) Governor's aide, Pocketful of Miracles, United Artists, 1961.

Assistant director, Harlow, Paramount, 1965.

Police lieutenant, The Man Who Wasn't There, Paramount, 1983.

Electrician, Junior (also known as Hot Water ), Prism Pictures, 1985.

Mr. Marshall, The War of the Roses, Twentieth Century Fox, 1989.

Phillip Darrow, Dragonfly (also known as Im Zeichen der Libelle ), MCA/Universal, 2002.

Jake Kuhlmann, One of the Oldest Con Games, 2004.

Stage Appearances:

Appeared in Elizabeth and This Happy Breed, both Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA; and in The Bat, Broadway production.

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