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HALL, Anthony Michael 1968


Full name, Michael Anthony Thomas Charles Hall; born April 14, 1968, in Boston, MA; son of Mercedes (an actress and singer) and Larry (an auto bodyshop owner) Hall; stepson of Thomas Chestaro (a show business manager and producer); common law marriage to Teresa De Saint, 1990 (separated). Education: Attended the Professional Children's School, New York City.

Addresses: Agent International Creative Management, 8942 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Manager MBST Entertainment, 345 N. Maple Dr., Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Contact 574 West End Ave., Suite 4, New York, NY 10024.

Career: Actor, producer, and director. Appeared in numerous television commercials; AMH Entertainment Group (a production company), owner, 1994; Hall of Mirrors (a rock band), drummer, singer, and composer, 1998.

Awards, Honors: Young Artist Award, best young actor in a motion picture, 1985, for Sixteen Candles; Saturn Award nomination, best actor in a television series, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, 2003, for The Dead Zone.


Film Appearances:

Doc, Six Pack, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1982.

Rusty Griswold, National Lampoon's Vacation (also known as Vacation ), Warner Bros., 1983.

Farmer Ted, Sixteen Candles, Universal, 1984.

Brian Johnson, The Breakfast Club, Universal, 1984.

Gary, Weird Science, Universal, 1985.

Daryl Cage, Out of Bounds, Columbia, 1986.

Johnny Walker, Johnny Be Good, Orion, 1988.

Jim, Kim's boyfriend, Edward Scissorhands, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1990.

Voice, Whatever Happened to Mason Reese, 1990.

Tom Slade, Into the Sun, Trimark Pictures, 1992.

Trent Conway, Six Degrees of Separation, MetroGoldwynMayer, 1993.

Jimmy's friend, Me and the Mob (also known as Who Do I Gotta Kill? ), Bullseye Video, 1994.

Casey, A Gnome Named Gnorm (also known as The Adventures of a Gnome Named Gnorm and Up-world ), PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1994.

Ripple, 1995.

Bus driver, Trojan War (also known as No Night Stand and Rescue Me ), Warner Bros., 1997.

Eddie Rodgers, Cold Night into Dawn (also known as The Bomb Squad ), Showcase Entertainment, 1997.

Art Styles, The Killing Grounds, APix Entertainment, 1998.

Jeffery Allen Spacy, Dirt Merchant (also known as Dirt Merchant: Alternative Investigator ), Quantum Entertainment, 1999.

Mr. Burggins, 2 Little, 2 Late, Deadpool, 1999.

Brian Cutler, Revenge (also known as Eternal Revenge and Fallen Angel ), Libra, 1999.

Famous actor, Happy Accidents, IFC Films, 2000.

Greg, The Photographer, Skouras, 2000.

Bob, The Caveman's Valentine, MCA/Universal, 2001.

Mr. Dave Davidson, Freddy Got Fingered, Twentieth CenturyFox, 2001.

Lil J, All about the Benjamins, Warner Bros., 2002.

Josh, Funny Valentine, Watermelon Patch, 2002.

Searching for Bobby De Niro, Independent Images, 2004.

Film Work:

Coproducer, Funny Valentine, Watermelon Patch, 2002.

Television Appearances; Series:

Regular performer, Saturday Night Live (also known as NBC's Saturday Night, Saturday Night, and SNL ), NBC, 19851986.

Johnny Smith, The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's Dead Zone ), USA Network, 2002.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Yancey Quimper, Texas (also known as James A. Michener's Texas ), ABC, 1994.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Michael, Jennifer's Journey, 1979.

Boy, Gold Bug, ABC, 1981.

Orphans, Waifs and Wards, 1981.

Huckleberry "Huck" Finn, Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, CBS, 1982.

Kylie, Running Out, CBS, 1983.

Julius Caesar MacGruder, Hail Caesar, Showtime, 1994.

Walter Paisley, Bucket of Blood (also known as Dark Secrets, The Death Artist, and Roger Corman Presents Bucket of Blood ), Showtime, 1995.

Peter Cronin, Hijacked: Flight 285, ABC, 1996.

Travis Purcell, The Grave (also known as The Secret ), HBO, 1996.

Nick Phillips, Exit in Red, The Movie Channel, 1996.

High Voltage, HBO, 1998.

Dean Kraft, A Touch of Hope, NBC, 1999.

Bill Gates, Pirates of Silicon Valley, TNT, 1999.

Whitey Ford, 61* (also known as 61 ), HBO, 2001.

Mutt Lange, Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story, VH1, 2001.

Ted Robbins, Hitched, USA Network, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

The Body Human: Facts for Boys, 1980.

Judge, The 1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant, 1997.

The Brat Pack: The E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 1999.

Interviewee, Sixteen Candles: The E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 2001.

The Greatest Summer of My Life: Billy Crystal and the Making of "61*, " HBO, 2001.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Johnny Smith, The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's Dead Zone ), USA Network, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Reggie Skulnick, "Creep Course," Tales from the Crypt, HBO, 1993.

Hanson Riker, "Travels with Andy," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1995.

Chuck Manley, "The Camp Counselor: Parts 1 & 2," Deadly Games, UPN, 1995.

Thomas Prescott, "Flesh and Blood," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1996.

Les Franklin, "What You Don't Know Can Kill You," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1996.

Dr. Johnson, "Looks Can Kill," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1997.

Tim, "Do the Write Thing," The Jamie Foxx Show, The WB, 1997.

John Griffin, "Debt of Honor," Poltergeist: The Legacy, Showtime, SciFi Channel, and syndicated, 1998.

Officer Reid Truax, "Dead to Rights," The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, syndicated, 1998.

Thomas Prescott, "Full Circle," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1999.

Chris/Dr. Gigglebones, "Billy," Chicken Soup for the Soul, PAX TV, 1999.

"Wrath of God," The Hunger, 2000.

The View, 2003.

The New Tom Green Show, 2003.

Television Work; Movies:

Director, Hail Caesar, Showtime, 1994.

Television Work; Series:

Coproducer, The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's Dead Zone ), USA Network, 2002.

Television Work; Episodic:

Director, The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's Dead Zone ), USA Network, 2002.

Stage Appearances:

The Wake, Philadelphia, PA, 1977.

St. Joan of the Microphone, Lincoln Center Festival, New York City, 1977.

Segments of a Contemporary Morning, Griffin Repertory Theatre, 1977.


Albums; with Hall of Mirrors:

Composed, produced, and played on album Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors, RAM Records.



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