Hall, Donald (Andrew), (Jr.)

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HALL, Donald (Andrew), (Jr.)

HALL, Donald (Andrew), (Jr.). American, b. 1928. Genres: Children's fiction, Poetry, Art/Art history, Literary criticism and history. Career: Paris Review, Paris and NYC, poetry editor, 1953-62; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Society of Fellows, junior fellow, 1954-57; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, assistant professor, 1957-61, associate professor, 1961-66, professor of English, 1966-76. Publications: Poems, 1952; Exile, 1952; To the Loud Wind and Other Poems, 1955; Exiles and Marriages, 1955; The Dark Houses, 1958; Andrew the Lion Farmer, 1959; String Too Short to Be Saved: Childhood Reminiscences, 1961; A Roof of Tiger Lilies: Poems, 1964; An Evening's Frost (play), 1965; Henry Moore: The Life and Work of Great Sculptor, 1966; The Alligator Bride, 1968; Marianne Moore: The Cage and the Animal, 1970; As the Eye Moves: A Sculpture by Henry Moore, 1970; The Yellow Room Love Poems, 1971; The Gentleman's Alphabet Book, 1972; Playing Around, 1974; A Blue Wing Tilts at the Edge of the Sea, 1975; Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball, 1976; Remembering Poets, 1978; Goatfoot Milktongue Twinbird: Interviews, Essays, and Notes on Poetry 1970-76, 1978; Kicking the Leaves, 1978; Ox Cart Man, 1979; To Keep Moving, 1980; The Weather for Poetry, 1982; The Man Who Lived Alone, 1984; Fathers Playing Catch with Sons, 1985; The Happy Man, 1986; The Ideal Bakery, 1987; The Bone Ring, 1987; Seasons at Eagle Pond, 1987; Poetry and Ambition, 1988; The One Day, 1988; Anecdotes of Modern Art, 1990; Old and New Poems, 1990; Here at Eagle Pond, 1990; Their Ancient Glittering Eyes, 1991; The Museum of Clear Ideas, 1993; Life Work, 1993; When Willard Met Babe Ruth, 1996; Without, 1998; The Old Life, 1996; The Painted Bed, 2002; Willow Temple, 2003; Breakfast Served Any Time All Day (essays), 2003. EDITOR: The Harvard Advocate Anthology, 1950; (with R. Pack and L. Simpson) New Poets of England and America, 1957; Whittier, 1961; (with R. Pack) New Poets of England and America: Second Selection, 1962; Contemporary American Poetry, 1962; (with S. Spender) The Concise Encyclopedia of English and American Poets and Poetry, 1963; (with W. Taylor) Poetry in English, 1963; The Faber Book of Modern Verse, rev. ed., 1965; A Choice of Whitman's Verse, 1968; The Modern Stylists, 1968; Man and Boy: An Anthology, 1968; American Poetry: An Introductory Anthology, 1969; The Pleasures of Poetry, 1971; Writing Well, 1973, 5th ed., 1985; A Writer's Reader, 1976, 9th ed., 2002; To Read Literature, 1981; The Oxford Book of American Literary Anecdotes, 1981; Claims for Poetry, 1982; To Read Poetry, 1982; The Contemporary Essay, 1984, 3rd ed., 1995; The Oxford Book of Children's Verse in America, 1985; To Read Fiction, 1987; The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems, 1999. Address: Eagle Pond Farm, 24 US Rte 4, Wilmot, NH 03287, U.S.A.