Frandsen, Jano

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Film Appearances:

Policeman, Possession (also known as Possession until Death Do You Part), Marathon Video, 1987.

McShane, Xtro II: The Second Encounter, Image, 1990.

Second henchman, North of Pittsburgh, 2nd Canoe, 1992.

SWAT leader, Suspicious Agenda (also known as Under the Gun), WarnerVision, 1994.

Svee, Suddenly Naked (also known as Miseanu), Pantheon, 2001.

Janus, Beauty Shot (short film), Red Hall, 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Senator Killian, Dead Reckoning, USA Network, 1990.

Runner #47, I Still Dream of Jeannie, NBC, 1991.

Harry Lennox, The House on Sycamore Street (also known as Murder on Sycamore Street and Diagnosis Murder: The House on Sycamore Street), CBS, 1992.

Meyers, The Comrades of Summer, HBO, 1992.

Sid's father, Past Perfect, HBO, 1996.

Bill Webb, Volcano: Fire on the Mountain (also known as Fire on the Mountain), ABC, 1997.

Anthony Springer, The Right Connections, Showtime, 1997.

George, The Christmas List, The Family Channel, 1997.

Homeowner, The Spree, The Movie Channel, 1998.

Trip Davis, Golf Punks (also known as National Lampoon's Golf Punks), Fox Family, 1998.

Broker, Love Lessons, CBS, 2000.

Hotel manager, Trapped, USA Network, 2001.

John Rogers, Jack, Showtime, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Technician, "New Blood," Wiseguy, CBS, 1987.

Policeman, "Brainwashed," MacGyver, ABC, 1989.

Jameson, "Nahanni," Bordertown, 1989.

"You Can Run," Neon Rider, CTV and syndicated, 1990.

Kyle Brickman, "This Ain't No Summer Camp," 21 Jump Street, Fox, 1990.

Chauffeur, "Argo the Venusian," Broken Badges, 1991.

Simpson, "Partner in Crime," Street Justice, 1992.

"Walking Tall," Neon Rider, CTV and syndicated, 1993.

Rutger, "The Return of Amanda," Highlander, syndicated, 1993.

Policeman #1, "Tango Blue," M.A.N.T.I.S., Fox, 1994.

Fuller, "In the Shadows of the Gallows," The Commish, ABC, 1995.

Taylor, "I Hear You Calling," The Outer Limits, Showtime and syndicated, 1996.

Joseph Biacchi, "Greatfellas," Sliders, Fox, 1996.

(Uncredited) Older agent, "Tunguska," The X–Files, Fox, 1996.

Cavalry captain, "The Resurrection of Joe Wheeler," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1998.

Dj'nor, "Family," Stargate SG–1, Showtime and syndicated, 1998.

Sheriff, "Bad Boys," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1999.

"Honey, "I'm Not Up to Par," Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, 1999.

Burt Murphy, "The Cure," Seven Days, UPN, 2000.

"Underworld," First Wave, Sci–Fi Channel, 2000.

Kennedy, "Sleepers," Secret Agent Man, UPN, 2000.

"Along Came a Spider, "Hollywood Off–Ramp, E! Entertainment Television, 2000.

Salesman, "Flight 666," The Immortal, syndicated, 2000.

FBI guard, "The Lying Game," The Lone Gunmen, Fox, 2001.

Jeff Pilote, "Karma," Breaking News, Bravo, 2002.

Jeff Pilote, "My Suspect Vinny," Breaking News, Bravo, 2002.

Jack Fremont, "Cui Bono," Andromeda, syndicated, 2002.

C. J. Mattson, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, 2002.

Also appeared as Douglas Fredericks, The Hat Squad, CBS.


Video Games:

Voice of Frank Luger, Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory, Rockstar Games, 2001.

Voice of General Ryker, Hulk, Vivendi Universal Games, 2003.