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COX, Brian 1946


Full name, Brian Denis Cox; born June 1, 1946, in Dundee, Scotland; son of Charles McArdle Campbell (a weaver) and Mary Ann Guillerline (a spinner; maiden name, McCann) Cox; married Caroline Burt (an actress), 1968 (divorced, 1987); married Nicole Elisabeth Ansari; children: (first marriage) Alan (an actor), Margaret; (second marriage) Orson. Education: Attended London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Avocational Interests: Gymwork, working with drama students.

Addresses: Agent IFA Talent Agency, 8730 Sunset Blvd., Suite 490, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Manager Lesher Entertainment, 800 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035. Contact c/o Conway van Gelder, Ltd., 1821 Jermyn St., London SW1Y 6HP, England.

Career: Actor and director. Appeared with the Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland, 1961; appeared with Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 196667.

Awards, Honors: Laurence Olivier Award, best actor, Society of West End Theatre, and Drama magazine award, 1984, both for Rat in the Skull; Drama magazine award, best actor, 1985, for Strange Interlude; London Critics Circle Theatre Award, best actor, 1987, for The Taming of the Shrew, Titus Andronicus, and Fashion; Laurence Olivier Award, best actor in a revival, and Drama magazine award, best actor in an Royal Shakespeare Company production, 1988, both for Titus Andronicus; International Theatre Institute Award, 1990; TV Award nomination, best actor, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, 1993, for The Lost Language of Cranes; Emmy Award, outstanding supporting actor in a miniseries or movie, Golden Globe Award nomination, best performance by an actor in a miniseries or motion picture made for TV, Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, outstanding performance by a male actor in a television movie or miniseries, 2001, all for Nurem-berg; Boston Society of Film Critics Award, best actor, 2001, Independent Spirit Award nomination, best male lead, Golden Satellite Award, best performance by an actor in a motion picturedrama, American film Institute Film Award nomination, AFI featured actor of the yearmalemovies, 2002, all for L.I.E.; Emmy Award nomination, outstanding guest actor in a comedy series, 2002, for Frasier; awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire, 2002; Screen Actors Guild Award nomination (with others), outstanding performance by the cast of a theatrical motion picture, 2003, for Adaptation.


Film Appearances:

Trotsky, Nicholas and Alexandra, Columbia, 1971.

Steven Shaw, In Celebration, American Film Theatre, 1975.

Dr. Lektor (Hannibal Lecter), Manhunter (also known as Red Dragon: The Pursuit of Hannibal Lecter ), De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, 1986.

Narrator, Regi Andrej Tarkovskij (also known as Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky ), 1988.

Peter Kerrigan, Hidden Agenda, Hemdale Films, 1990.

(English version) Narrator, L'oeil de Vichy (also known as The Eye of Vichy ), 1993.

Aethelwine, Duke of Lindsey, The Prince of Jutland (also known as Royal Deceit, Amled, prinsen af jylland, and Prinsen af Jylland ), 1994.

Angus McTeague, Iron Will, Buena Vista, 1994.

Killearn, Rob Roy, United Artists, 1995.

Argyle Wallace, Braveheart, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1995.

Lyman Earl Collier, Chain Reaction, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1996.

Mr. Smith, The Glimmer Man, Warner Bros., 1996.

Nathan, The Long Kiss Goodnight, New Line Cinema, 1996.

Chief Hatfield, Kiss the Girls (also known as Collector ), Paramount, 1997.

Joe Hamill, The Boxer, Universal, 1997.

A New Window Pane, 1997.

Dr. Nelson Guggenheim, Rushmore, Buena Vista, 1998.

Merchants of Venus (also known as A Dirty Little Business ), 1998.

Captain Jeremiah Cassidy, Desperate Measures, TriStar, 1998.

Doug Durwin, The Minus Man, Tsg Pictures, 1999.

Sean Wallace, The Corruptor, New Line Cinema, 1999.

Gary Wheeler, For Love of the Game, Universal, 1999.

Sidney McLaughlin, Mad about Mambo, Gramercy, 2000.

Dr. Morel, The Invention of Dr. Morel, 2000.

Voice, The Green Man of Knowledge (animated short film), 2000.

Italian bicycler, Whipped, Destination Films, 2000.

Martin Smith, A Shot at Glory, Mac Releasing LLC, 2000.

George Beneventi, Saltwater, 2000.

Inspector McDunn, Complicity (also known as Retribution ), Avalanche Home Entertainment, 2000.

Captain John O'Hagen, Super Troopers (also known as Broken Lizard's Super Troopers ), Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2001.

Big John Harrigan, L.I.E., New Yorker Films, 2001.

Chisolm, Cocozza's Way (also known as Strictly Sinatra ), Universal Focus, 2001.

Rocket Post, 2001.

Minister Baron de Breteuil, The Affair of the Necklace, Warner Bros., 2001.

Cyr, Bug, Curb Entertainment, 2002.

Jim Morris, Sr., The Rookie, Buena Vista, 2002.

Ward Abbott, The Bourne Identity (also known as Die Bourne Identitaet ), Universal, 2002.

Narrator, The Trials of Henry Kissinger (documentary; also known as Le proces de Henry Kissinger ), First Run Features, 2002.

Richard Morgan, The Ring, DreamWorks, 2002.

Robert McKee, Adaptation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2002.

James Brogan, 25th Hour, Buena Vista, 2002.

William Stryker, X2 (also known as XMen 2, X2, XMen 2: XMen United, and X2: XMen United ), Twentieth CenturyFox, 2003.

Captain Oakes, Sin, Columbia TriStar, 2003.

Himself, Spike Lee's "25th Hour ": The Evolution of an American Filmmaker (documentary short film), Touchstone Home Video, 2003.

Himself, The Second Uncanny Issue of XMen! Making "X2 " (documentary), Twentieth CenturyFox Home Entertainment, 2003.

Tobias, The Reckoning (also known as Morality Play ), Paramount Classics, 2004.

Agamemnon, Troy, Warner Bros., 2004.

Ward Abbott, The Bourne Supremacy, Universal, 2004.

The Ringer, Twentieth CenturyFox, 2004.

Film Work:

Director, Scorpion Spring, 1997.

Director, The Remains of Glory, 2001.

Television Appearances; Series:

Henry II, The Devil's Crown, 1978.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Laurent Raquin, "Therese Raquin," Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1981.

Himself, "Brian Cox on Acting in Tragedy," Acting, BBC, 1987, then Arts and Entertainment, 1992.

Voice of Henrik Ibsen, The Modern World: Ten Great Writers, 1988.

Geoffrey Harrison, Red Fox, 1991.

Edward Hoyland, The Big Battalions, 1992.

Reichmarschall Hermann Goering, Nuremberg, TNT, 2000.

Lord Morton, Longitude, Arts and Entertainment, 2000.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Father Gora, Pope John Paul II (also known as The Pope ), CBS, 1984.

Burgundy, King Lear, 1984.

Johann Sebastian Bach, The Cantor of St Thomas's, 1984.

Dr. McGrigor, Florence Nightingale, NBC, 1985.

Duffy, Shoot for the Sun, BBC, 1986.

Detective Chief Superintendent Haladene, The Fourth Floor, 1986.

Waldemar Chrostowski, The Deliberate Death of a Polish Priest, 1986.

Alexander "Jock" Purves, Beryl Markham: A Shadow on the Sun (also known as Shadow on the Sun ), CBS, 1988.

Colonel Fedorenko Voronov, Murder by Moonlight (also known as Murder on the Moon ), CBS, 1989.

Andrew Neil, Secret Weapon, TNT, 1990.

Carl May, The Cloning of Joanna May, Arts and Entertainment, 1992.

The director, Six Characters in Search of an Author, 1992.

Charlie King, The Negotiator, 1994.

Colonel Yevgeni Grushko, Grushko, 1994.

Judge Freisler, Witness against Hitler, 1996.

Clayton Blackstone, Poodle Springs, HBO, 1998.

Captain Oakes, Sin, Starz!, 2001.

Michael O'Mara, The Biographer, CBS, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

The Family Brood, CBS, 1998.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Lasar Opie, The Year of the Sex Olympics (also known as Theatre 625: The Year of the Sex Olympics ), 1968.

Hastings, She Stoops to Conquer (also known as Stage 2: She Stoops to Conquer ), 1971.

Alsemero, The Changeling (also known as The Play of the Month: The Changeling ), 1974.

Enemy of the State (documentary; also known as Omnibus: Enemy of the State ), 1987.

Owen Benjamin, "The Lost Language of Cranes," BBC, then Great Performances, PBS, 1992.

Hogan, "Sharpe" (also known as "Sharpe's Rifles" and "Sharpe's Eagle"), Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1993.

Voice of Macbeth, "Macbeth," Shakespeare: The Animated Tales, HBO, 1993.

Michael Steppings, "Deadly Slumber," Inspector Morse, Series X, PBS, 1997.

Narrator, Henry V at Shakespeare's Globe, 1997.

Narrator, Rasputin: The Devil in the Flesh (documentary), 2002.

Narrator, Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon, 2002.

Murder by Numbers (documentary), Independent Film Channel, 2002.

XPose: X2 Mutants Uncovered (documentary), Fox, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Stalin, "These Men Are Dangerous: Stalin," ThirtyMinute Theatre, 1969.

Owen, "Hear No Evil," Doomwatch, BBC, 1970.

"Combing Down His Yellow Hair," ThirtyMinute Theatre, 1971.

Billy Voss, "Carve Up," Target, BBC, 1977.

Chuck Spillers, "The Silent Scream," Hammer House of Horror, 1980.

"A Cotswold Death," Play for Today, 1982.

Frank McFadden, "In," Minder, ITV, 1982.

"The Milk of Human Kindness," Perfect Scoundrels, 1990.

Brother Shaw, Sean's Show, Channel 4, 1993.

The king, "Stoke Me a Clipper," Red Dwarf, BBC, 1997.

Voice of Dr. Earl Garver, "Two's a Crowd," Superman (animated), The WB, 1997.

Surgeon, "Type and Cross," Strong Medicine, 2002.

Harry Moon, "The Guilt Trippers," Frasier, NBC, 2002.

Harry Moon, "Moons over Seattle," Frasier, NBC, 2002.

Himself, Richard and Judy, Channel 4, 2003.

Himself, Today with Des & Mel, ITV, 2003.

Himself, "Vince Vaughn, Cole Hauser, Rory Cochrane, Brian Cox," Dinner for Five, 2003.

Television Appearances; Other:

Churchill's People: The Wallace, 1972.

The Master of Ballantrae, 1976.

Dalhousie's Luck, 1980.

Bothwell, 1980.

The Silent Scream, 1980.

Bach, 1981.

Blow Your Mind, See a Play, 1995.

Also appeared in Shades of Green.

Stage Appearances:

Orlando, As You Like It, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, England, 1966, then (London debut), Vaudeville Theatre, 1967.

Title role, Peer Gynt, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 1967.

Ulfhejm, When We Dead Awaken, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1968.

Steven, In Celebration, Royal Court Theatre, London, 1969.

Gregers Werle, The Wild Duck, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, 1969.

Alan, The Big Romance, Royal Court Theatre, 1970.

Norman, Don't Start without Me, Garrick Theatre, London, 1971.

Knight of Riprafratta, Mirandolina, Gardner Centre Theatre, Brighton, England, 1971.

Brian Lowther, Getting On, Queen's Theatre, London, 1971.

Gustav, The Creditors, Open Space Theatre, London, 1972.

Eilert Lovborg, Hedda Gabler, Royal Court Theatre, 1972.

Berowne, Love's Labour's Lost, Playhouse, Nottingham, England, 1972.

Title role, Brand, Playhouse, 1972.

Sergeant Match, What the Butler Saw, Playhouse, 1972.

D'Artagnan, The Three Musketeers, Playhouse, 1972.

Proctor, Cromwell, Royal Court Theatre, 1973.

Sergius, Arms and the Man, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England, 1974.

Sir Henry Harcourt Reilly, The Cocktail Party, Royal Exchange Theatre, 1975.

Emigres, National Theatre Company, Young Vic Theatre, 1976.

Theridamas, Tamburlaine the Great, Olivier Theatre, London, 1976.

Brutus, Julius Caesar. Olivier Theatre, 1977.

De Flores, The Changeling, Riverside Studios, London, 1978.

Title role, Herod, National Theatre, London, 1978.

Ireton, The Putney Debates, National Theatre, 1978.

Mickey, On Top, Royal Court Theatre, 1979.

Macbeth, Cambridge Theatre, 1980.

Summer Party, Crucible Theatre, 1980.

Vicomte Robert de Trivelin, Have You Anything to Declare?, Royal Exchange Theatre, then Round House Theatre, London, 1981.

Title role, Danton's Death, National Theatre Company, Olivier Theatre, 1982.

Edmund Darrell, Strange Interlude, Duke of York Theatre, London, 1984, then (Broadway debut), Nederlander Theatre, New York City, 1985.

D. I. Nelson, Rat in the Skull, Royal Court Theatre, 1984, then New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, New York City, 1985.

The Danton Affair, 1986.

Misalliance, 1986.

Penny for a Song, 1986.

The Taming of the Shrew, 1987.

Paul Cash, Fashion, Royal Shakespeare Company, The Pit, London, 1988.

Title role, Titus Andronicus, Royal Shakespeare Company, London, 1988.

Johnny, Frankie and Johnny in the ClairdeLune, Comedy Theatre, London, 1989.

The Three Sisters, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1989.

The Master Builder, Edinburgh, 1993.

Riverside, 1994.

Richard III, Royal National Theatre, 1995.

Harold Hill, The Music Man, Open Air Theatre, 1995.

St. Nicholas, Bush Theatre, 1997.

Also appeared as Captain Ahab, Moby Dick, Manchester.

Major Tours:

Christian, The Pilgrim's Progress, Prospect Theatre Company, 1974.

Macbeth, tour of India, 1980.

Title role, Titus Andronicus, Royal Shakespeare Company, Madrid, Paris, and Copenhagen, 1988.

Richard III, world tour, 19901991.

Title role, King Lear, world tour, 19901991.

Also toured in Rogues and Vagabonds.

Stage Director:

The Man with a Flower in His Mouth, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England, 1973.

The Stronger, Royal Exchange Theatre, 1973.

I Love My Love, Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, England, 1982.

The Crucible, Moscow Arts Theatre, London, then Edinburgh, 19881989.

Mrs. Warren's Profession, Orange Tree Theatre, 1989.

The Philanderer, Hampstead Theatre Club, 1991.

The Master Builder, Royal Lyceum Edinburgh and Riverside, 19931994.

Richard III, Regent's Park, London, 1995.

St. Nicholas, London, Dublin, New York City, 1997, then Primary Stages, 1998.

Art, The Royale Theatre, New York City, 1998.

Dublin Court, Royal Court, London, 1998.

St. Nicholas, Nice Drama Festival, 1999.


Video Games:

Voice of the director, Manhunt, 2003.



Scorpion Spring, 1997.


Salem to Moscow: An Actor's Odyssey, 1991.

The Lear Diaries, 1992.