Cox, Charles Brian

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COX, Charles Brian

COX, Charles Brian. British, b. 1928. Genres: Poetry, Education, Literary criticism and history. Career: Emeritus Professor, 1993-, Professor of English Literature, 1966-93, and Pro-Vice Chancellor, 1987-91, University of Manchester. Co-Ed., Critical Quarterly, 1959-; Director, Manchester Poetry Centre, 1971. Lecturer, and Sr. Lecturer, University of Hull, 1954-66; Visiting Professor, King's College, London and Sheffield Hallam University, 1993-98. Honorary Fellow, Westminster College, Oxford, 1993. Chair, North West Arts, and Chair, Arvon Foundation, 1994-2000. Publications: The Free Spirit, 1963; (with A.E. Dyson) Modern Poetry, 1963; Conrad's Nostromo, 1964; (with A.E. Dyson) The Practical Criticism of Poetry, 1965; Joseph Conrad: The Modern Imagination, 1974; Conrad, 1977; Every Common Sight (verse), 1981; Two Headed Monster (verse), 1985; Cox on Cox: An English curriclum for the 1990s, 1991; The Great Betrayal, 1992; Collected Poems, 1993; The Battle for the English Curriculum, 1995; Emeritus (verse), 2001. EDITOR: (with A.E. Dyson) Poems of This Century, 1968; (with A.E. Dyson) Word in the Desert, 1968; (with A.P. Hinchliffe) The Waste Land: A Casebook, 1968; (with A.E. Dyson) The Black Papers on Education, 1971; (with A.E. Dyson) The Twentieth Century Mind, 3 vols., 1972; Conrad: Youth, Heart of Darkness, and The End of the Tether, 1974; (with R. Boyson) Black Paper 1975, 1975; (with R. Boyson) Black Paper 1977, 1977; African Writers, 2 vols., 1997; Literacy Is Not Enough, 1998. Address: 20 Park Gates Dr, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, Cheshire SK8 7DF, England.