Beck, John 1943-

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Beck, John 1943-


Born January 28, 1943, in Chicago, IL; married Tina Shillibeer, April 24, 1971; children: three.




Television Appearances; Series:

Sam Wilson, Days of Our Lives (also known as Days and DOOL), 1966.

Sam Curtis, Flamingo Road, NBC, 1981-82.

Mark Graison, Dallas, CBS, 1983-84, 1985-86.

Judge David Raymond, Santa Barbara, NBC, 1991-92.

Bruce, Passions, NBC, 2001-2003.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Billy Reed, The Silent Gun, ABC, 1969.

Gene Casey, The Law, NBC, 1974.

Nourish the Beast, 1974.

John Thornton, The Call of the Wild, NBC, 1976.

Neil Perry, The Time Machine, NBC, 1978.

Buzz Gregory, Gridlock (also known as The Great American Traffic Jam), NBC, 1980.

Dorian Blake, Peyton Place: The Next Generation, NBC, 1985.

Doug Vickers, Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake, NBC, 1988.

Captain Edward Connors, Fire and Rain, USA Network, 1989.

Detective Les Zoeller, Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders (also known as Honor Thy Father & Mother: The Menendez Killings), Fox, 1994.

Paul Cox, Matlock: The Idol, ABC, 1994.

CIA director, Suspect Device (also known as Roger Corman Presents "Suspect Device"), Showtime, 1995.

Jeremy, Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart, NBC, 1995.

Captain Strickland, Black Scorpion, Sci-Fi Channel, 1995.

Rebel general, Dark Planet, Sci-Fi Channel, 1997.

Dale Tucker, Steel Chariots, Fox, 1997.

President Fallbrook, The Alternate (also known as Agent of Death), Cinemax, 2000.

Simpkins, Project Viper, Sci-Fi Channel, 2002.

Also appeared in Time Express.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

George Greg, Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan, CBS, 1975.

Peter Flodenhale, Wheels (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Wheels"), NBC, 1978.

Samson, Greatest Heroes of the Bible, 1978.

Robert Philips, Trade Winds, NBC, 1993.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Micah Brucker, Lock, Stock and Barrel, NBC, 1971.

Luke, Sidekicks, CBS, 1974.

Colonel Frank "Buckshot" O'Connor, Buffalo Soldiers, NBC, 1979.

Sam Curtis, Flamingo Road, NBC, 1980.

Partners in Crime (also known as 50/50), 1984.

Dan Gatlin, Crazy Dan, NBC, 1986.

Time Well Spent, ABC, 1995.

Television Appearances; Specials:

NBC team member, Battle of the Network Stars IX, ABC, 1980.

CBS team member, Battle of the Network Stars XIV, ABC, 1983.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Sergeant, "Russian Roulette," I Dream of Jeannie, 1965.

Noogy Winkler, "The Ten Letterman," Hank, 1966.

Bill, "A Seat by the Window," The Mod Squad, 1969.

Boyes, "Color Her Missing," Mannix, CBS, 1969.

Harvey George Windsor, "Boomerang," The F.B.I., 1969.

"Love and the Roommate," Love, American Style, ABC, 1969.

Walt Nagel, "The Medal," Bonanza (also known as Ponderosa), NBC, 1969.

Chad Lancer, "Chad," Lancer, CBS, 1970.

Chad Lancer, "Dream of Falcons," Lancer, CBS, 1970.

Albert Vail, "Kiowa," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), CBS, 1970.

Luke, "What Are Pardners For?," Bonanza (also known as Ponderosa), NBC, 1970.

Steve Phipps, "The Assassin," Dan August, 1971.

John Hecker, "The Missile," Mission: Impossible, 1971.

Moody Fowler, "The Tycoon," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), CBS, 1971.

Mark Bradbury, "The Bradbury War," The Young Lawyers, 1971.

Ketcham, "The Siege," Nichols (also known as James Garner and James Garner as Nichols), NBC, 1971.

Pilot, "Wings of an Angel," Nichols (also known as James Garner and James Garner as Nichols), NBC, 1972.

Ketcham, "Bertha," Nichols (also known as James Garner and James Garner as Nichols), NBC, 1972.

Walter Stark, "Nightmare in Blue," Hawaii Five-0 (also known as McGarrett), CBS, 1974.

Mitch Hansen, "The Busters," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), CBS, 1975.

Clay Wesley, "The Scavengers," How the West Was Won, 1979.

Roy Culper, "Rodeo/Cop," Time Express, 1979.

Jack, "A Glowing Future," Tales of the Unexpected (also known as Roald Dahl's "Tales of the Unexpected"), 1980.

Dandy Randy Haines, "Killing Isn't Everything," Matt Houston, 1982.

"Candy Kisses/Operation Breakout," Fantasy Island, 1983.

Lieutenant Frank Logan, "Old Friends," For Love and Honor, 1983.

Ray Powell, "Portraits," Finder of Lost Loves, 1984.

Louis Upton, "Golden Opportunity," Cover Up, 1984.

Web McCord, "Sudden Death," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1985.

Peter Brackin, "Burn Out," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1985.

Tom Sherman, "Sleeping Dogs," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1985.

Brad Bingham, "The Seduction," Matlock, NBC, 1986.

Neil Jordan, "The Castro Connection," Hunter, NBC, 1986.

Carter Welles, "Shadow Play," Hotel (also known as Arthur Hailey's "Hotel"), ABC, 1986.

Edward T. Durant, "Limbo," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1987.

Major Alexander McAndrews, "The Wall," The Twilight Zone, 1988.

Matthew Grady, "Hard Choices," Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise), CBS, 1989.

Matthew Grady, "Squaring Off," Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise), CBS, 1989.

"Dangerous Cargo," Paradise (also known as Guns of Paradise), CBS, 1990.

Rupert Hill, "Based on a True Story," Midnight Caller, NBC, 1990.

Michael Hayworth, "Blind Ambition," Hunter, 1990.

Ben Olston, "Thursday's Child," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1991.

"Shrink," Dark Justice, 1992.

Roger Perry, "Wheel Man," Renegade, 1993.

Detective Eugene Vickers, "Vanishing Act: Parts 1 & 2," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1993.

Buzz Buchannon, "Coronado Del Soul: Parts 1 & 2," Baywatch, 1994.

"Gettysburg Change of Address," Thunder in Paradise, 1994.

Boone, "Tribunal," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (also known as Deep Space Nine, DS9, and Star Trek: DS9), 1994.

Lyle Edwards, "Really Big Problems," Models Inc., Fox, 1995.

Captain Meyers, "Trust," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1995.

Carnie Matthews, Extreme, ABC, 1995.

Dr. Everett Carmichael, "Family Affairs," Silk Stalkings, USA Network, 1995.

Voice of Frank Castle (The Punisher), "Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 7: Enter the Punisher," Spider-Man (animated), 1996.

Voice of Frank Castle (The Punisher), "Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 8: Duel of the Hunters," Spider-Man (animated), 1996.

Voice of Frank Castle (The Punisher), "Partners in Danger Chapter 8: The Return of the Green Goblin," Spider-Man (animated), 1996.

Sergeant Lou Ross, "The Brotherhood," Walker, Texas Ranger (also known as Walker), CBS, 1996.

Max Elson, "Rainbow's End," Walker, Texas Ranger (also known as Walker), CBS, 1997.

Commander Keever, "Tight Spot," Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (also known as SOF, Inc. and S.O.F. Special Ops Force), 1998.

Al Craven, "Old Gold," Air America, syndicated, 1999.

Jake Foley, "Showdown at Casa Diablo: Part 1," Walker, Texas Ranger (also known as Walker), CBS, 2000.

Martin Deveaux, "Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit," Martial Law, CBS, 2000.

Mason Fawkes/Forrester Purdue, "Father Figure," The Invisible Man (also known as I-Man), Sci-Fi Channel, 2001.

Ted Granger, "Dead Heat," Hunter, NBC, 2003.

According to some sources, also appeared in an episode of Arli$$, HBO, and in What Really Happened to the Class of '65?, NBC, c. 1977.

Film Appearances:

Skinny, Cyborg 2087 (also known as Man from Tomorrow), Features, 1966.

(Uncredited) Cowboy, A Good Time with a Bad Girl (also known as A Good Time, a Bad Girl), 1967.

Jake, Three in the Attic, American International Pictures, 1968.

Jason Bronson, Lawman, United Artists, 1971.

Sergeant Lulash, Mrs. Pollifax—Spy, United Artists, 1971.

Pov, Paperback Hero (also known as Last of the Big Guns and Le coq du village), Rumson, 1973.

John W. Poe, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1973.

Erno Windt, Sleeper, United Artists, 1973.

Lee, Nightmare Honeymoon (also known as Deadly Honeymoon), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1973.

The Bat People (also known as It Lives by Night and It's Alive), 1974.

Reverend Philip Norman, Only God Knows, Canart/Queensbury, 1974.

Moonpie, Rollerball, United Artists, 1975.

Ben, Sky Riders, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1976.

Shoulders O'Brien, The Big Bus, Paramount, 1976.

Larry Douglas, The Other Side of Midnight, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1977.

Bill Templeton, Audrey Rose, United Artists, 1977.

Alex Burton, Deadly Illusion (also known as I Love You to Death and Love You to Death), Cinetel Films, 1987.

Rudy, In the Cold of the Night, 1989.

Sheriff Kyle Shipp, A Climate for Killing (also known as A Row of Crows), 1991.

Joe Dolan, Last Time Out, 1994.

Paul Shuler, A Place to Grow, 1995.

Chief Morris Reed, Black Day Blue Night, 1995.

President Fallbrook, The Alternate (also known as Agent of Death), Replacement Productions, Inc., 1999.

Anderson, Militia, Cinetel Films, 2000.

Dr. Maurice Hunter, Crash Point Zero (also known as Extreme Limits and Final Crash), 2000.

(Uncredited) General Peterson, Chain of Command, 2000.

Deputy Director Anderson, Militia, 2000.

O'Rourke, Timecop: The Berlin Decision (also known as Timecop 2), Universal, 2003.

General McClaren, Crash Landing, Cinetel Films, 2005.

Stage Appearances:

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Center Theatre Group, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1973.

Also performed in regional theatre productions.



Himself, Return to the Arena: The Making of "Rollerball," Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists Home Entertainment, 2000.



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