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Jones International University

Englewood, Colorado


Jones International University offers all degree programs, certificate programs, and individual courses entirely online. As such, JIU is "the world's university," an international institution that brings together a diverse and rich faculty and student population from more than 70 countries around the globe, creating a community of highly motivated students, business executives, and instructors. This collection of perspectives, cultures, and experiences offers an unprecedented education and global perspective like no other university, from the convenience and comfort of the student's own home.


JIU's courses are conducted entirely online. They take full advantage of the Internet, streaming audio, video, and other emerging technologies to foster communication and skill acquisition. Even the Jones e-global Libraryt, Inc. is entirely online. Students work collaboratively with instructors and classmates using e-mail and asynchronous forums. This international community of learners offers a highly interactive exchange of ideas and experiences for a truly innovative learning experience. Using the Internet, students may learn at home, at work, or even while traveling.


JIU's M.B.A. students work both independently and collaboratively with classmates to analyze and resolve real business problems. Students translate business theory into action steps for professional success. JIU offers eight high-demand M.B.A. programs: global enterprise management, health-care management, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology management, negotiation and conflict management, and project management.

Keeping up to speed with emerging e-learning techniques and technologies has never been more challenging. JIU offers three skill-packed e-learning M.Ed. programs: corporate training and knowledge management, technology and design, and generalist studies. Three K–12 education programs are also available: educational leadership and administration; elementary curriculum, assessment, and instruction; and secondary curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

Students in the Master of Arts in business communications degree program master the valuable skills of human communication, emerging communication technologies, and oral and written communication skills. Through this course of study, students learn the tools and expert knowledge that lead to improved workplace performance, creativity, and leadership.

JIU's Bachelor of Arts in business communication degree completion program blends theory and practice for the effective management of communication. This program teaches students the skills that are necessary for creative thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Jones International University also offers a Bachelor of Business Administration program, which helps students to acquire a keen understanding of the methods and strategies used by businesses in today's marketplace as they implement technology to meet their goals.

Jones International University (JIU) offers degree programs, certificate programs, and individual courses entirely online. JIU is for students who are serious about receiving a real-world education and don't want to put their lives on hold to obtain it. All programs are based on a widely accepted principle: Students learn best when they gain knowledge that is relevant and applicable to the demands of their careers. That's why the Jones International University programs are skill-based, so students take what they learn in the classroom and put it to use on the job immediately. JIU courses are developed specifically for online delivery by highly respected faculty members from leading universities around the world. The programs offer an exciting option for individuals who are committed to making an investment in their future, enabling their professional success, and tackling the challenges of working in today's rapidly changing business environment.


JIU offers more than fifty Certificate programs, ranging from corporate financial management to team strategy. These focused programs are ideal for students who want to explore a new area of interest or sharply hone their skills for increased success in a targeted area of business. Students receive an outstanding education while taking advantage of the convenience, quality, and cost efficiency of online learning. Credits earned in these programs can be transferred toward the completion of a JIU degree program. Students can get the education they need to maintain their edge in today's rapidly changing marketplace in diverse programs such as entrepreneurship, information technology management, project management, using the Internet in public relations, financial management in the digital age, managing the global enterprise, health-care administration, cyber marketing, and facilitating online learning.


Students purchase textbooks through JIU's online bookstore and use the Jones e-global Libraryt, a Web-based library, to access reference resources and other support materials online. Student advisers provide academic guidance to students, including establishing academic and career goals. JIU offers technical assistance for issues relating to the JIU Web site and courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Students in the bachelor's programs may transfer up to 90 credits that they have earned through other regionally accredited institutions toward their JIU degree. Students in JIU's master's programs may transfer up to 9 credits earned through regionally accredited institutions toward their degree. JIU also awards credit for prior learning and accepts credit earned through AP, CLEP, and DANTES tests.


JIU has 6 full-time faculty members and approximately 100 part-time faculty members. Eighty-seven percent of the faculty members hold doctorates.


Students seeking admission to JIU's degree programs must submit a completed application package, including a nonrefundable $50 application fee, a resume, official transcripts from all colleges previously attended, and an application form.


Tuition for 3-credit courses at the bachelor's level is $960. Tuition for 3-credit courses in Master of Education program is $1250, and $1500 for a 3-credit course in the M.B.A. or Master of Arts in business communication programs. An application fee and a per-course technology fee may also apply.


JIU makes every effort to make education an achievable goal for its students. As a result, the University has aligned itself with organizations and agencies in order to make various financial aid options available.

JIU offers its students access to federal student aid. These loan and grant programs allow qualified students to take advantage of need-and non-need-based funds to help them finance their educations. Other options for financing include SLM Financial Loans and P.L.A.T.O. Loans, which are available to U.S. citizens and U.S. national or permanent residents who have demonstrated credit-worthiness; corporate tuition assistance; VA benefits; JUI's special program for military personnel; and scholarships.


Jones International University
9697 East Mineral Avenue
Englewood, Colorado 80112
Telephone: 303-784-8904 800-811-5663 (toll-free, U.S. and Canada)
Fax: 303-799-0966
E-mail: [email protected]
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Admission applications are accepted on a continual basis throughout the year. Courses start every month, and students may begin courses before their applications are complete. Course orientation is available at all times, entirely online.

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