Degrees Offered by Stony Brook University, State University of New York

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African-American/Black Studies, B

Allopathic Medicine, PO

American/United States Studies/Civilization, BO

Anatomy, D

Anthropology, BMD

Applied Mathematics, BMD

Art History, Criticism and Conservation, BMD

Astronomy, B

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, B

Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, MD

Biochemistry, BD

Biological and Biomedical Sciences, DO

Biology/Biological Sciences, B

Biomedical Engineering, MDO

Biomedical/Medical Engineering, B

Biophysics, D

Biopsychology, D

Business Administration and Management, B

Business Administration, Management and Operations, MO

Cell Biology and Anatomy, MD

Chemistry, BMD

Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist, B

Clinical Psychology, D

Community Health and Preventive Medicine, MO

Comparative Literature, BMD

Computer Education, MO

Computer Engineering, MD

Computer Hardware Engineering, B

Computer Science, BMDO

Cultural Studies, O

Cytotechnology/Cytotechnologist, B

Dentistry, PO

Developmental Biology and Embryology, D

Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, B

Ecology, D

Economics, BMD

Educational Administration and Supervision, O

Educational Media/Instructional Technology, O

Electrical Engineering, MD

Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, B

Engineering, B

Engineering and Applied Sciences, MDO

English, MD

English as a Second Language, MD

English Education, M

English Language and Literature, B

Environmental and Occupational Health, O

Environmental Policy and Resource Management, MO

Environmental Studies, B

Evolutionary Biology, D

Experimental Psychology, D

Fine Arts and Art Studies, M

Fine/Studio Arts, B

Foreign Language Teacher Education, M

French Language and Literature, BMD

Genetics, D

Geology/Earth Science, B

Geosciences, MD

German Language and Literature, BMD

Gerontological Nursing, M

Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Technology/Technician, O

Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, B

Health Psychology, D

Health Services Administration, MDO

Hispanic Studies, MD

History, BMD

Human Resources Management and Services, O

Humanities/Humanistic Studies, B

Immunology, D

Industrial and Manufacturing Management, O

Industrial/Management Engineering, MO

Information Science/Studies, B

Italian Language and Literature, BMD

Liberal Studies, M

Linguistics, BMD

Management Information Systems and Services, O

Management of Technology, MO

Marine Sciences, MD

Materials Engineering, MD

Materials Sciences, MD

Maternal/Child Health and Neonatal Nurse/Nursing, MO

Maternity Nursing, MO

Mathematics, BMD

Mechanical Engineering, BMDO

Medical Physics, D

Microbiology, D

Molecular Biology, MD

Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, B

Music, BMD

Neuroscience, D

Nurse Midwife/Nursing Midwifery, MO

Nursing, MO

Nursing - Adult, MO

Nursing - Advanced Practice, MO

Nursing - Registered Nurse Training, B

Occupational Therapy/Therapist, M

Oral and Dental Sciences, O

Oral Biology, D

Oral Pathology, D

Orthodontics, O

Pathology/Experimental Pathology, D

Pediatric Nurse/Nursing, MO

Performance, MD

Periodontics, O

Pharmacology, BD

Philosophy, BMD

Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, O

Physical Sciences, B

Physical Therapy/Therapist, MD

Physician Assistant, B

Physics, BMD

Physiology, D

Planetary Astronomy and Science, MD

Political Science and Government, BMD

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse/Nursing, MO

Psychology, BMD

Public Health, M

Public Policy and Administration, M

Religion/Religious Studies, B

Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist, B

Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, M

Russian Language and Literature, BMD

Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education, M

Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, M

Social Psychology, D

Social Sciences, BM

Social Studies Teacher Education, M

Social Work, BMD

Sociology, BMD

Software Engineering, O

Spanish Language and Literature, B

Statistics, MD

Structural Biology, D

Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling, M

Systems Engineering, M

Theater, M

Women's Health Nursing, MO

Women's Studies, BO

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Degrees Offered by Stony Brook University, State University of New York

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    Degrees Offered by Stony Brook University, State University of New York