Degrees Offered by Stevens Institute of Technology

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Applied Mathematics, MD

Biochemistry, B

Biomedical/Medical Engineering, B

Business Administration and Management, B

Business Administration, Management and Operations, MDO

Chemical Engineering, BMDO

Chemistry, BMDO

Civil Engineering, BMDO

Computational Mathematics, B

Computer Engineering, BMDO

Computer Science, BMDO

Construction Engineering and Management, M

Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, B

Electrical Engineering, MDO

Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, B

Electronic Commerce, MO

Engineering and Applied Sciences, MDO

Engineering Physics, BMDO

Engineering/Industrial Management, B

English Language and Literature, B

Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology, MDO

Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering, B

History, B

History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, B

Humanities/Humanistic Studies, B

Industrial and Manufacturing Management, MO

Information Science/Studies, MO

Intermedia/Multimedia, B

Management Information Systems and Services, MDO

Management of Technology, MDO

Management Strategy and Policy, M

Marine Affairs, M

Materials Engineering, MDO

Materials Sciences, MDO

Mathematics, BMD

Mechanical Engineering, BMDO

Music Performance, B

Music Theory and Composition, B

Near and Middle Eastern Studies, B

Ocean Engineering, MD

Philosophy, B

Physics, BMDO

Pre-Dentistry Studies, B

Pre-Law Studies, B

Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies, B

Project Management, MO

Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education, O

Software Engineering, O

Statistics, BMO

Systems Engineering, B

Telecommunications Management, MDO

Ural-Altaic and Central Asian Studies, B

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Degrees Offered by Stevens Institute of Technology

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Degrees Offered by Stevens Institute of Technology