Degrees Offered by Sterling College

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Administration of Special Education, B

Agricultural and Domestic Animals Services, AB

Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding, AB

Agricultural Animal Breeding, AB

Agricultural Business and Management, B

Agricultural Communication/Journalism, B

Agricultural Production Operations, AB

Agricultural Public Services, AB

Agricultural Teacher Education, B

Agriculture, AB

Agriculture, Agriculture Operations and Related Sciences, AB

Agronomy and Crop Science, B

Animal Health, AB

Animal Nutrition, AB

Animal Sciences, AB

Animal Training, B

Animal/Livestock Husbandry and Production, AB

Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Operations, AB

Area, Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies, B

Biological and Physical Sciences, AB

Canadian Studies, B

Conservation Biology, B

Crop Production, AB

Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis, B

Curriculum and Instruction, B

Dairy Husbandry and Production, AB

Dairy Science, B

Ecology, AB

Ecology, Evolution, Systematics and Population Biology, B

Education, B

Educational Leadership and Administration, B

Educational, Instructional, and Curriculum Supervision, B

Energy Management and Systems Technology/Technician, B

Environmental Biology, B

Environmental Design/Architecture, B

Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology, B

Environmental Studies, AB

Equestrian/Equine Studies, B

Ethnic, Cultural Minority, and Gender Studies, B

Farm/Farm and Ranch Management, B

Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management, AB

Forest Management/Forest Resources Management, AB

Forest Resources Production and Management, AB

Forest Sciences and Biology, AB

Forestry, AB

Greenhouse Operations and Management, AB

Horse Husbandry/Equine Science and Management, B

Horticultural Science, B

Human Ecology, AB

Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies, B

International Agriculture, B

International and Comparative Education, B

International/Global Studies, B

Land Use Planning and Management/Development, B

Liberal Arts and Sciences Studies and Humanities, AB

Livestock Management, AB

Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, AB

Natural Resources and Conservation, AB

Natural Resources Conservation and Research, AB

Natural Resources Management/Development and Policy, AB

Natural Sciences, AB

Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management, B

Parks, Recreation, Leisure and Fitness Studies, B

Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management, AB

Plant Sciences, AB

Poultry Science, B

Range Science and Management, AB

Scandinavian Studies, B

Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education, B

Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, B

Soil Science and Agronomy, AB

Soil Sciences, AB

Solar Energy Technology/Technician, B

Systems Science and Theory, B

Waldorf/Steiner Teacher Education, B

Water, Wetlands, and Marine Resources Management, B

Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management, AB

Wildlife Biology, B

Wood Science and Wood Products/Pulp and Paper Technology, B

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Degrees Offered by Sterling College

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    Degrees Offered by Sterling College