Conference of State Bank Supervisors

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Conference of State Bank Supervisors

1155 Connecticut Ave. NW, 5th Fl.
Washington, DC 20036-4306
Ph: (202)296-2840
Fax: (202)296-1928

Conference of State Bank Supervisors Graduate School Scholarships (Graduate/Award/Prize)

Purpose: To encourage and assist qualified bank and trust examiners to prepare themselves for expanded duties and responsibilities in their banking departments; broaden the examiner’s understanding of banking or trust operations; encourage excellence in bank and trust examination; provide the opportunity for State Bank Supervisors to recognize their outstanding examiners; and raise the level of proficiency of state banking departments. Focus: Banking. Qualif.: Program is open to outstanding and deserving examiners who demonstrate excellence in their work by supporting their attendance at the graduate banking or graduate trust school of their choice. Nominees must have 3 years of experience in bank or trust supervision as examiners-in charge or 3 years of experience as bank or trust examiners plus 2 years of experience in a bank or trust company; must have a degree from an accredited college and must have successfully completed the CSBS Senior School; must have demonstrated fully to the State Bank that they have the potential to assume senior level responsibilities; must continue to be employed by a state banking department. Criteria: Recipients are selected based on experience, education, promotion potential and other requirements set by the schools and the banking departments.

Funds Avail.: $3,000. To Apply: State Bank Supervisors must nominate candidates using nomination forms provided by the Foundation. Contact: Roger Stromberg, Senior VP -Education, Conference of State Bank Supervisors; 1155 Connecticut Ave., Ste. 500, Washington, DC 20036-4306; 800-886-2727 ext. 714 Toll Free; 202-728-5714 Direct; FAX 202-296-1928; [email protected].

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Conference of State Bank Supervisors

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