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Continuing Education
Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado State University has served the people of Colorado as the state's land-grant university since 1870. Today, the campus in Fort Collins is home to 25,000 students pursuing degrees at all levels in a wide range of subjects in the liberal arts, engineering, business, natural resources, agriculture, and the sciences. The University's instructional outreach activities go far beyond the campus and the state of Colorado.

Distance Learning Program

Colorado State University's distance education courses are designed to begin or to finish a degree, to explore new topics, to enrich life, and to give students an opportunity to develop a level of proficiency in professional development. Approximately 2,500 individuals from all over the country and overseas are enrolled in distance education courses from Colorado State University.

Delivery Media

Colorado State offers courses in online, print, and video formats. All courses are supported by Colorado State University faculty members. Students may contact course faculty members via telephone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail. Students should call Continuing Education or visit the Web site for contact information for an instructor.

Programs of Study

As an institution, Colorado State has been involved in distance education since 1967 and was one of the first schools to utilize technology in distance education.

Independent Study: Correspondence Study, Telecourses, and Online Courses removes the traditional boundaries of time and location for the distance learner. Through the use of a study guide, textbooks, videotapes, the Internet, and applicable reference materials, students have the opportunity to participate in an individualized mode of instruction offering a high degree of flexibility. Students interested in correspondence courses and telecourses may enroll at any time, set their own pace, and choose the most convenient time and place to study. Online courses are taught according to the regular University semester schedule.

Distance degrees offer working professionals the opportunity to earn credit from Colorado State without coming to campus. These are semester-based courses that use videotape, online, and mixed-media formats. Whether students are working on their degree or taking courses to stay current in their field, distance degrees offer the flexibility to pursue educational objectives as work schedules permit.

Courses are available in several disciplines, including agriculture, business, communication/public affairs, computer science, engineering, fire service, human resource development, statistics, and telecommunications. Distance degree students are located throughout the United States and Canada and at U.S. military APO and FPO addresses. At this time, only correspondence courses and online courses and degrees are available to overseas students. Thousands of motivated people have earned their degrees, and countless others have taken individual courses to enhance their skill base or keep current with the latest technology.

Special Programs

Colorado State also provides other distance education opportunities. These courses are open-entry/open-exit, meaning students may register at any time and take six months to complete the course. Many of the courses can be used for specific programs, such as Child Care Administration Certification or Seed Analyst Training.

The state of Colorado requires certification of all child-care center directors and substitute directors by the State Department of Human Services. Certification requires both experience working with young children and specific education. Colorado State University is proud to offer courses through distance education that may satisfy some of the educational requirements. Other states may have individual specific educational requirements. Students should contact the appropriate agency in their area for further information.

For instructors wanting to enhance their teaching, Colorado State offers a Postsecondary Teaching Certificate Program, consisting of three 3-credit courses: Models of Teaching, Communication and Classrooms, and Educators, Systems, and Change. In this program, new instructors acquire a practical overview of a range of effective teaching models, ideas for engaging students while addressing measurable learning objectives, and approaches to promote critical and creative thinking. Experienced instructors update and energize their teaching repertoires, connecting personal knowledge with established research on effective classroom practices. Students in the program can earn graduate credit for advanced course work in postsecondary education and apply the 9 credits toward a master's or doctoral degree.

An innovative Seed Analyst Training Program consisting of four distance learning (correspondence) courses has been developed by the National Seed Storage Laboratory and Colorado State University. The courses were prepared over a two-year period by University professors and other experts with the support of the Colorado seed industry. The four courses cover the basics of seed analyst training: 1) Seed Anatomy and Identification, 2) Seed Development and Metabolism, 3) Seed Purity Analysis, and 4) Seed Germination and Viability.

Counseling through the University Center for Advising and Student Achievement is offered to all those interested in continuing their learning. There is no fee for academic advising services. Students may schedule an appointment with an academic adviser by calling 970-491-7095. The Extended University Programs librarian is available to assist students with identifying and accessing library materials. Students should call 970-491-6952 to speak with the librarian.

Credit Options

All credits earned through distance education are recorded on a Colorado State University transcript. Distance education courses are the same as on-campus courses and are accredited by the same organizations as the University. A student currently enrolled in a degree program elsewhere is responsible for checking with the appropriate official at the degree-granting institution to make certain the course applies.


Distance education faculty members must meet the same high standards any Colorado State University faculty member must meet. Most of the distance faculty members are faculty members within the department granting the course credit. Faculty members are available to answer questions and give feedback via telephone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail.


Anyone who has the interest, desire, background, and ability may register for distance learning courses. However, if prerequisites are listed for a course, they must be met. Registration in distance learning courses does not constitute admission to Colorado State University.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for distance degrees for the 2005–06 academic year was $523 per credit (business courses), $520 per credit (weekly videotaped courses), or $403 per credit (online courses). Tuition for other distance education courses for the 2005–06 academic year was $198 per credit for undergraduate courses and $222 per credit for graduate courses. For current tuition information, students should visit the Web site.

Financial Aid

Colorado State University courses are approved for the DANTES program. Eligible military personnel should process DANTES applications through their education office. For information regarding veterans' benefits, students should contact the VA office at Colorado State University. With the exception of distance degrees, distance learning is not a degree-granting program and is therefore not eligible for federal grants. Students are encouraged to seek scholarship aid from organizations and local civic groups that may sponsor such study.


To complete a distance degree, admittance to the University is required. There is no application for distance education. Students should simply register for the course(s) of interest by mail or fax or online and pay the tuition. For more information about these and other distance courses from Colorado State University, or for registration information, students should contact the University.


Phone: 970-491-5288 877-491-4336 (toll-free)
Fax: 970-491-7885
E-mail: [email protected]
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