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Online Education Degrees

Get an Education Degree Online

Working students who have families may find it difficult to attend school in an on-site classroom. Now there are online options that make it easy for adults to receive an education and earn a teaching degree while fulfilling other necessary life obligations. Online classes allow students to complete coursework on their own schedule and earn a degree in education. Rather than worry about daily distractions and schedules, students can work at their own pace in the comfort of their home. Research shows that students who are enrolled in online courses do better than students who attend only on-site courses, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Finding an Online Program

Before students enroll in an online teaching degree program, it is important to look at several different schools to see which program best fits their needs. Various online programs have different admissions requirements, tuition costs and courses that are required to receive a degree. Students should consider the following when looking at different online programs:

  • What is required to enroll in the program? Does the student meet all of the requirements?
  • What courses does the program offer?
  • Does the program require student teaching in a classroom setting?
  • How do students contact their instructors?
  • What are the tuition costs? Is there financial assistance available?
  • What does the student need to get started?

Students should also do their research and assess the school’s reputation before enrolling in a program. Potential students may want to ask other teaching professionals if a degree from the school would benefit their career. It is crucial to determine whether graduates from the prospective online program are able to find positions once they finish. Another factor to consider is the institution’s loan default rate, retention rate and overall graduation rate. Finding the right online program can increase the student’s chances of successfully earning his or her teaching degree.

How long will it take to earn an online teaching degree?

Some online teaching programs offer rigorous, full-time studies. This enables students to finish the program quickly and begin their careers in a timely manner. Other programs, however, allow students to work at their own pace. Students may find it beneficial to dedicate at least 20 hours a week to their studies. It could take approximately one year to earn a teaching certificate, while master’s degrees can take a little over a year. The time period to earn a bachelor’s degree can range from four to five years, depending on the specific program.

Are there different education degree options?

Different online programs may offer different teaching degrees. Most bachelor’s degrees require new teachers to complete a student teaching experience. These degrees may be harder to find in a strictly online program. There are, however, graduate degree programs and add-on certificate programs available for teachers who wish to further their education. These additional degrees and certificates may help teachers achieve a pay raise, promotion, or open the door to other career opportunities for current teachers.

What can students expect with an online program?

Instruction methods in online programs will change depending on the type of school the student chooses. Furthermore, each instructor may have different teaching techniques and requirements when it comes to online coursework. It is important to look at these factors before applying to a program. Many online instructors will use textbooks, online discussion boards, streaming videos and even online webcams to conduct their classes. Written assignments, reports and online tests may also be required. Just as in on-site courses, students must be able to adjust to different teaching styles and methods of instruction.

An online teaching program can help people who want to explore job opportunities in education or further their career in teaching. Students must weigh the benefits of an online program with those of on-site courses in order to determine which type of education is best for them.

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