Zeidler, Eberhard Heinrich

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Zeidler, Eberhard Heinrich (1926– ). German-born architect, trained at the Bauhaus after it reopened in Weimar after 1945, he settled in Canada in 1951 (naturalized 1956). From the late 1960s his work turned away from International Modernism and began to show tentative references to a wider range of architectural expression. Best known for the enormous Eaton Centre, Toronto (1969–81—with Bregman and Hamann), essentially a gigantic variation on the C19 shopping arcade expanded on several levels, he also designed Ontario Place, Toronto (1968–71), and Canada Place, Vancouver (1983–6—with others). His work includes many building types. Among his other buildings the Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton (1980–2), Queens Quay Terminal Warehouse, Toronto (1981–3), and the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, West Palm Beach, FL (1985), may be mentioned. He published Healing the Hospital (1974) and Multi-Use Architecture in the Urban Context (1984).


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