Walker, Peter

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Walker, Peter (1932– ). American landscape-architect. He was a partner (1957) of Sasaki with whom he worked on the grounds of Foothills College, Los Altos, CA (1957–60), the Upjohn Company Offices, Kalamazoo, MI (1961–3), and other projects. He headed (1975–83) the Sasaki Walker offices in San Francisco, and was responsible for the South Coast Plaza Town Center, Orange County, CA. With Martha Schwartz (1983–92) he designed the Tanner Fountain, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (1984–5), and the landscaping for IBM, Westlake/South-lake, Salona, near Dallas, TX (1984–9—with buildings by Legoretta). He collaborated with Isozaki for the Centre of Advanced Technology, Harima Science Garden, Hyogo, Japan (1991–3), and with Melanie Louise Simo (1949– ) he wrote Invisible Gardens (1994).


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