Valsamàkis, Nikos

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Valsamàkis, Nikos (1925– ). Greek architect. His early apartment-blocks (e.g. at Semitelou 5, Athens (1951) ) were influenced by the work of Terragni in Italy. The office building, Ermou and Plateia Kapnikareas 9, Athens (1958), had the first curtain-wall in Greece. Other works include his own house (1961) in Philothei, Athens, the Amalia Hostel, Delphi (1963), the Wide Rocks Hotel, Argostolion, Kefallinia (1967–70), Amalia Hotel, Olympia (1977), and the stripped Neo-Classical Hotel Amalia, Navplion (1980—which also has allusions to vernacular themes).


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