Vallée, Simon de la

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Vallée, Simon de la (c.1590–1642). French architect. In 1637 he was appointed Royal Architect to the Court of Queen Christina of Sweden (1632–54) in Stockholm, and trained his son Jean de la Vallée (1620–96) and Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, both of whom were to exercise considerable influence on the development of Baroque architecture in Sweden. He designed the exquisite Riddarhus (House of the Nobility), Stockholm (c.1641–74—completed by his son and Vingboons). Jean also gained experience in France and Italy before returning to Sweden in 1650. He was responsible for the Axel Oxenstierna Palace, Stockholm (c.1650–4—influenced by the Renaissance Roman palazzi of Raphael and Peruzzi), the octagonal Hedvig Eleonora Church, Stockholm (begun 1656), and the Palladian Villa Mariedal, Västergötland (1666), among other fine buildings.


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Vallée, Simon de la

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Vallée, Simon de la