Stamp,Gavin Mark

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Stamp,Gavin Mark (1948– ). English architectural historian and journalist with a particular interest in C19 and C20 architecture. He first came to notice in 1976 when he pointed out in no uncertain terms the shortcomings of Stirling's History Faculty Building, University of Cambridge, in which he himself had worked from the year of its opening (1968). He published pioneering studies of 1914–18 War Memorials (1977), the architecture of electricity (1979), and British architecture in India (1981). One of the organizers of the great Lutyens Exhibition (London 1981–2), he has written extensively about that architect, and, as founder of the Alexander Thomson Society, was instrumental in saving Holmwood, as well as publishing several important studies about him and his works. He has also written about the Scott dynasty, including a major study of ‘Middle’ Scott (2002). He has claimed his most influential writings might be his contributions to Private Eye.


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